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As we ascend we expand. I think of ascension as less of a ladder and more of a panoramic view that keeps expanding.
Expansion means that our awareness expands – we begin to see more, know more, sense more - the energy of every living thing – people, places, events, animals, and thoughts become more poignant and recognizable. Ascension brings to us enlightenment and like Buddha said the 10,000 doors begin to open, the lotus flower blossoms and we see much more.

But as we see much more, all of what we see is not nirvana. Unless we are living in a sanctuary we will often see the negative that the world is offering up and purging, whether it be through individuals, corporations or groups.
Our awareness opens our perception to the energy fields of everything and in doing so our minds often make decisions about what we are experiencing. In making those decisions to act, react, experience or not experience sometimes our minds return to third dimension thinking. Third dimension way of thinking tends to have less trust in the universe as a whole and employs ingrained fight or flight responses. Third dimension thinking also implores us to “do” more than to ‘be.” It often has us look at what is and give it greater value than to what we believe. It can reflect back to us a state of loneliness, a state of lack or a state of inadequacy.

As our awareness expands from our 5d acceleration and we begin to see more of the energy that surrounds everything, it becomes more challenging not to make negative judgments, for we may in seeing the energy realize the source of any negativity. As an example of this, when someone comes to me for a healing I can often see the creation of their pain may be associated with their behavior, thought process or their refusal to change. This becomes a challenge to find a way so that they are empowered to expand their own awareness and thus be a partner in their healing process. From the 5d perspective we seek never to blame and always empower change.

We may more clearly see the negative intentions and acts of institutions we once trusted. We may hear clearly knowing that statements we are being told in the media are indeed lies or propaganda. We may know when someone is hurting another without being able to explain why. We may easily identify egoic energy pulls or identify the energy pulls from pain (often the same). This expanded awareness is our expanded intuition no longer limited to our third eye but embraces our entire being. We may know and experience wonderful love and happiness in the world. Yet when we distinctly know the negative it can feel like a conflict to our higher intent of harmony and of being one with spirit that ascension brings us.

So for some of us it may want us running to the hills, find that sanctuary where all is beautiful and reflect upon the wonderful feelings we feel when connected to spirit and our awareness of the beauty of life is unsurpassed. But our 5d natures may nag at us to leave our sanctuary and return to the 3d in order to help, heal, and be a force of change.

This is where lies the challenge that I feel compelled to speak about. We are 5d people forced to respond to 3d situations with others who may not be at all on the same path. The challenge lies in our responses to what may come before us.

Many spiritual theories say that there is a mirror factor in place that what comes to us is a mirror of our inner lives. I believe that when we ascend to 5d that mirror factor expands like a raindrop during a flood. We can no longer see only our reflection because our reflection is the reflection of the whole now. In 5d we are much more interconnected so our reflection is the reflection of all. In that reflection we see the negative as well as the positive, the heartaches as well as the joy.

As we grow in understanding of the interconnectedness we also realize we become more co-creators of the universe and in doing so can choose at any time to create joy, love and harmony. Manifesting abundance becomes not about the material gain but about a way of life that supports all life.

There becomes a need to retrain our actions and reactions become aligned with our higher selves, that reflect the intentions of our 5d natures and work to spread light to everyone.

In the retraining of our responses we encounter real 3d problems such as money, love relationships, and family issues to name a few. But we have to find new ways, 5d ways to respond to the 3d problems personal and worldly, in order to thus change the 3d to 5d.

Here are some suggestions to act/react in 5d:
* At all times try to sense the energy of the intent behind what you see – the root of the pain or ego. This takes practice and any energy healing work will heighten this ability as well as meditation. Your higher perception will help you choose the best response to any situation.
* Use your thoughts – use your thoughts to visualize, create, imagine peace and harmony.
* Use your words carefully – see the energy of your words – does the energy carry peace and love to another or not.
* As you are vigilant in your thoughts and words do not be fearful of what strays you from happy thoughts – there is much to learn in the dark corners of the rooms of your life – don’t deny what is there – work to change it.
* Support love not fear – if you must choose a side – choose the side that will promote love.
* Honor your truth – do not placate another nor sugar coat – if you mean it say it and stand by it. Courage is a practice and is often practiced most by those who can feel fear but refuse to succumb.
* Walk your talk – every day be of the light in as many ways as you can.
* Take responsibility for your life – choose the path of being responsible for what you say and do.
* Find the most compassionate path, answer or response to take at any time.
* Don’t dwell in pain, in misery, or in even joy – feel your feelings then release – feel them honestly and honor them as you would a visiting friend then – release them – don’t deny them or pretend they don’t exist.
* Lighten up yourself, your load, make your day filled with experiences of joy and laughter. Find the humor in yourself, your life and what you encounter.
* Be willing to change what you need to change to effect the desired outcome. Be willing to work at it.
* Spend time in 5d listening, learning, expanding your awareness to integrate that into your very being through every willful action – thoughts and deeds.
* Understand your power – you may have more energy swirling in and around you and at all times that energy can be easily directed to others by your intentions.
* Empower others along the way being the source of inspiration for them to expand their awareness.
* Be, not always do, be. Just allow the wonder of you to be what you express to the world. As we develop we learn that we can manifest more goodness simply by being goodness, manifest love simply by being love and manifest abundance by being abundant with our lives.
* Practice gratitude and forgiveness - they are the feet of those who can walk with humility.
* Lastly, but not least, realize you need not do any of this alone – spirit – in the form of guides, angels, light beings are all around to help but you must ask. When you attempt to do this alone too often it becomes unbearable and the egoic needs of your lower self may try to take over. Ask and it is given to all.

Since this is a summary I am going to spend more time with each point I raised and give concrete, practice ideas on how to fully utilize each suggestion made very soon.
Mary Ann