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Our pains and hurts that used to remain below the surface are coming out gangbusters. Why? To be seen, acknowledged, loved and released. To evolve us…to lighten us up…to become aware beings and awakened to a much bigger understanding of self.

Today we’ll talk about an acceptance for clearing dense emotions from our beings and our lineage while neutralizing the duality within. It is not the type of acceptance associated with tolerance in such a way that you accept something because you have to tolerate it.

It is an acceptance that begins in the head and is tricky when the more “dense or deep” emotions come up to be seen and healed. Being used to tolerating things, it is harder for the mind to unconditionally accept them for what they are…simple energy. So we’ll use a floor as an example:

Stand and look at the floor beneath you. You are standing on it, you observe, and it is indeed there. This is easy to accept because it’s true. It’s not good or bad, right or wrong that the floor is beneath you, it just is…It just is and thus your mind totally accepts it. So just say to yourself, “It’s true. The floor is beneath me and I accept it.” Take a breath and feel the total acceptance in the mind. Easy…

Next, move beyond your mind to your heart. Once the floor is accepted without condition into your mind, you must then cross the chasm and take the observation into the heart for acceptance. Place your hand on your heart and feel. When you look at the floor, you don’t feel any pull saying that it might not be true or that it’s bad or wrong. The floor is just there, period. Say to yourself, “I accept the floor” and allow your heart to open up and literally hug it simply because it is there. (Again, it’s only a floor- but the goal will be to see your hurts like you would a floor by being an un-attached and clear observer to yourself.) Feel the difference while internally accepting, “hugging” and truly LOVING a simple truth.

In the simplicity of this type of acknowledgment and love, all imbalanced, lower and dense qualities of that held hurt (other than the pure experience related to it) are neutralized - set free –

Because energy cannot die, but can only be transformed…you’re the one transforming it through your own consciousness, only instead of it happening during death, you can do it while having coffee.

This is not to understate how difficult it is being in the middle of an emotion and feeling trapped by it. Very challenging to stop, breathe and become the observer to it for true acceptance. You literally have to pull yourself out of the “tar” that surrounds it and step aside when everything is telling you that you are justified with this emotion or this pain! The energy being balanced, however, doesn’t care if you look at it like it’s a floor.

What matters is seeing it because it’s there, and loving it with an open heart and without judgment.

When you see all emotions as gifts, observe them, accept them and love them with breath, then balance occurs rather quickly. When the emotion shows up again, go deeper – love it more. With some you’ll find yourself being visited several times before they are truly neutralized. So what? You’re actively clearing out lifetimes of energetic holdings that would have normally taken several lifetimes to clear.

My Heart is One with Yours.



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