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GOD did create Satan and the other Angels with Freedom of Choice (free-will). GOD did know the possibility did exist within Free-Will that any of GOD's intelligent creation (Angels or Human) could choose evil over GOD and His GODliness.

Satan's ego and desire for greater glory was growing. Satan did realize and know that he might possibly have to turn from GOD to fulfill those growing desires for greater glory.
Satan also did realize and know that if he did turn from GOD that he did not have a *Soul* through which he could possibly obtain forgiveness or attain eternal living existence within the Universe.

Satan's ego and desire had gotten the best of him... he took it upon himself to alter GOD's Planned Workings within the Universe. Satan had become puffed up in pride thinking he can do things just as good or even better than GOD. Satan caused much destruction to GOD's Planned Workings. GOD cast Satan out-of-Heaven.
GOD never stopped loving Satan (GOD hates the sin, not the sinner). This action GOD had to take, hurt GOD deeply. GOD knew Satan had no remorse. GOD also knew He could never trust Satan again.

The folly of an Angel does have a far greater affect and effect upon GOD's Planned Workings within the Universe, than the folly of any Planetary Individual upon a Planet. Angels that do choose to folly can never become Forgiven, nor ever be trusted again within GOD's Universe.
To whom much is given, much is expected.

There were many Fallen Angels who chose to follow Satan into perdition.
The Fallen Angels were cast-out-of-Heaven, but they still have much of their powers and abilities.
GOD did not want for those powers or abilities to become united, so GOD did restrict (chain) the Fallen Angels to the same geographical areas in the Universe where they did choose to folly.

Satan being the Leader of the Fallen Angels who chose to follow him into perdition was the only Fallen Angel that could control all the other Fallen Angels, and what they did or would possibly do.
Therefore, GOD permitted Satan to travel the Universe to make sure that all the other Fallen Angels throughout the Universe were controlled and did not overstep their allowed bounds/restrictions.
If this did happen, then GOD would become forced to make an end to them and their existence.
Something GOD did not want or desire to do.

Angels have been created with both Physical and Spiritual abilities. They can be either Physical or Spiritual at their own discretion. They can enter the Physical or Spiritual realm.
Fallen Angels **have not** lost this ability when they chose to leave their first estate (Heaven- total allegiance to GOD) following Satan into perdition.
Fallen Angels do have restrictions/boundaries given to them by GOD. If a Fallen Angel continues to rebel by going outside those restrictions/boundaries, GOD then takes away his ability to be physical.
A Fallen Angel then becomes what is known as a... Demon (or Entity).
That Fallen Angel is then forced to exist as a mere spiritual Being in the spiritual realm waiting on GOD's Final Judgment.
Not all Fallen Angels have lost their ability to be physical. Many Fallen Angels can still be either physical or spiritual at any given time.

GOD does allow Satan to travel throughout the Universe, but is watched very closely at all times. Satan does nothing without GOD's permission.

After being cast-out-of-Heaven, Satan does desire and begin seeking his own glory and kingdom.
Satan realized and knew that he could not establish a kingdom unto Good and GODliness within the Universe, because that is GOD.
Satan knew he could still possibly carve-out his own kingdom for habitation within the Universe in ways other than that of GODliness. A kingdom of evil and ungodliness did become his passion.
Satan did embark upon pathways within his own given abilities and powers that would offer himself his own kingdom through the introduction of sin upon Planetary Societies within the Universe.

Satan does try to introduce sin upon GODly Planets during their early development. He does become successful upon some, and fail upon others. Once Satan does become successful in seducing the GODly Individuals unto ungodliness, Satan does seek deeper blindness for the Planetary Society and its Inhabitants.

Satan's main agenda and goal is to steal GOD from the hearts and minds of GOD's Planetary Children. Satan will do whatever it takes to become successful in complete destruction (physical and spiritual) of as many Planetary Individuals as possible by blinding Planetary Individuals of GOD, GOD's GODliness, and the *Way* to Exist Eternally.

Satan's agenda is to steal, kill, and destroy:
1. The Children's faith in GOD Himself and GOD *Is* Jesus Christ from the hearts, minds and souls of GOD's Planetary Children.
2. The Children's trust in GOD Himself and GOD *Is* Jesus Christ from the hearts, minds and souls of GOD's Planetary Children.
3. The Children's trust and faith in GOD's written *Word* (Holy Bible) from the hearts, minds and souls of GOD's Planetary Children.
4. The Children's love for GOD Himself, GOD *Is* Jesus Christ, and love for one another from the hearts, minds and souls of GOD's Planetary Children.
5. The Children's specialty unto GOD from the hearts, minds and souls of GOD's Planetary Children.

Satan uses the seduction of lies and half-truths to accomplish this feat of destruction. Satan does know for any lie to last for any length of time (many many year) it must contain some truth.

Satan begins laying his plan of destruction shortly after Mankind's fall. While Mankind's existence as Planetary Individuals is short lived, Satan's plan and introduction of lies to blind Planetary
Individuals continues to grow throughout generations.

Satan does begin laying the ground work and foundation for his End-Of-Times deception within the first generations upon Wayward Planets.
Satan does begin establishing his End-Time deception through mimicking GOD. Satan does begin establishing his own Kingdom of Children through a wayward science/technology known as... Cloning.

The cloned children of the Fallen Angels themselves have also created clones.

Satan does use his cloned kingdom of children to deceive future generations of Earth. A deception that Satan does use upon all Wayward Planets during their End-Of-Times before Jesus does return for the members of His Church (True-to-Faith Christians).

Satan's agenda is to deceive Mankind into believing his kingdom of children are someone other than who they are.

Satan's End-Of-Times deception can be sighted today on Earth as the... Alien/Ufo Phenomenon.

The "Aliens" (Extraterrestrial-Ufo's) are disguised children of the Fallen Angels (clones) deceiving Mankind with lying signs and wonders.

They are NOT space-brothers (observers, inter-planetary scientists) from other Worlds here to help Mankind, nor are they Mankind's creator like they would have and want many to believe. They (Fallen Angels/"Aliens") are ALL evil Beings with the same agenda to take the Knowledge of GOD Himself, GOD *Is* Jesus Christ, and Salvation for Eternal Living Life from the hearts, souls, and minds of GOD's Planetary Children.

The Fallen Angels are using their clones to deceive Mankind into believing they are Beings from different worlds that are no different then Planetary Individuals themselves.

The Children of the Fallen Angels themselves have been created with much of the same powers and abilities as the Fallen Angels. They must obey the same given mandates by GOD, or suffer the same punishment as their creator parents (Fallen Angels).

The Fallen Angels/"Aliens" want Wayward Planetary Individuals to:
-1- Look to Self (not GOD)... promoting higher spiritual awareness.
-2- Not see sin as sin.
-3- Believe they are here to help Mankind, not to destroy Mankind.
-4- See no need for Salvation through GOD *Is* Jesus Christ.
-5- Discredit the Bible... claiming Biblical occurrences were previous visitations.
-6- Believe they are the GOD that created Man.

The Fallen Angels/"Aliens" will lead Wayward Individuals to look upon them as saviours and prophets (Matthew.24:24)... They are (master) liars and very experienced deceivers.

The Fallen Angels/"Aliens" will try to discredit the Bible and GOD *Is* Jesus Christ with a lie so convincing that it will actually look like proof to many.

Mankind of Earth is being desensitized, especially the young ones with Alien/Ufo movies, Alien/Ufo commercials, Alien/Ufo cartoons, Alien/Ufo games, Alien/Ufo toys etc.

The Fallen Angels/"Aliens" abduct & experiment on Wayward Planetary Individuals:
1. To deceive with misinformation and disinformation of their true intent.
2. To deceive with misinformation and disinformation of who they truly are.
3. Experiment- in hopes of finding the secret to GOD's creation of a *Soul*.
Children of GOD are the only creation afforded a *Soul*. The *Soul* is the vehicle to obtain forgiveness and attain Eternal Living Life.
Angels were not created with a *Soul*. Angels had no need for a *Soul*. Angels were created Eternal Beings. The need for a *Soul* came after the fall.
The Fallen Angels/"Aliens" hope to create (clone) for themselves a body with a *Soul* that will get them out of their perdicament of Final Judgment by GOD.

Knowing Jesus Christ *Is* GOD and calling on Him with unfeigned faith will protect Planetary Individuals from any type of abduction (physical or spiritual) from these Evil Beings. For there is Power in the Name of Jesus Christ.

The Fallen Angels/"Aliens" have not yet made open public contact with Earth's Individuals because GOD will not allow such to take place until His Planned Workings are in place and complete. GOD will be allowing a Sky Visual introduction sooner than most think. This will take place before Jesus does return for the members of His Church (born-again Christians).
A time of testing the faith of Believers.
Many will fall from faith and believe the flood of lies to come (I Timothy 4:1).

Individuals are spiritually starving. Sadly, many will go to great extents to find or get (spiritual) food even if it kills them. This deception will lead many with open-arms to accept the lies, signs and wonders, and gifts the Fallen Angels/"Aliens" offer. Those that do choose to accept the Fallen Angels/"Aliens" will become enslaved and most dependent on the Fallen Angels/"Aliens" and what they offer.

Fallen Angels/"Aliens" are using the Human emotions of love and kindness to seduce Earth's Planetary Individuals.
A Trojan Horse that many will not sight until to late. (Mark 13:22, I Timothy 4:1)
Mankind must not ignore the abductions and gruesome experimentation done to their fellow Humans (men, woman, & children), no matter what excuse the "Aliens"/Fallen Angels give.
There is no such thing as a "good alien" and "bad alien". Don't be deceived!
They ("Aliens"/Fallen Angels) All have the same agenda and will take any measure (allowed by GOD) to hide their true intent and hate for ALL Planetary Children created by GOD.

(Luke 11:22, Matt.24:24, Jeremiah 8:17, Isaiah 14:29, I Timothy 4:1, Psalms 78:49, Hebrews 13:2,
II Cor.11:14-15, 2 Thess. 2:11, Galatians 1:8, Revelations 9:19)

Satan knows that any sought after demise of Mankind on Earth can only become truly successful with the demise of Jews and Christians both. Satan does seek to pit the Jews against the Christians, and visa-versa in any possible way.
Satan seeks to keep Judaism and Christianity in question.
Jewish and Christian religion do hold the key for attaining any GODly Individual from upon Planet Earth.
Jewish and Christian religion is the only religion that GOD did Personally initiate and establish the actuality of Himself, His GODliness, and His Personal Salvation unto Eternal Living Life for the attaining of true Sons/Daughters of GOD.

Christians must not allow themselves to be deceived into becoming a tool for the Workings of Satan. For it is Satan that does seek to destroy all avenues to GOD (including Community Churches).

Christians must sight the authors of confusion for who and what they are, and their agenda to lead GOD's Planetary Children away from GOD Himself, GOD's GODliness (Jesus Christ) and into perdition (destruction and demise).

Your soul has been enlightened with the light of truth, the spirit of God wants to opened your eyes so let them see whats happening now, what's in our midst. Open your eyes to see that the true identity of the "GFL" is God's Fallen Light.