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Life is beautiful
Female - 37
UTRECHT -The Netherlands

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yamina`s Blog

I am here to learn and grow., i want to live a life full of service, love, peace and enlightement.and i would also like to meet friends who i can communicate with.thank you
Spiritual Path


I want to write boooks and bring peace, and love to humanity.

I was always different and a misfit , but I started only , 2 years ago on my spiritual journey, i am still working on my growth and awarness,

Laughter, fun,wisdom
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Osho books,
Star Sign:aquarius

Welcome to Lightworkers...


My name is Izabella..., nice to meet you.


I appreciate your friendship I am also like to present to you this opportunity
to be part of my own social network, there are many activities you can participate in,
few I can mention are customizing profiles, , write blogs, forums , groups, bulletins, send beautiful gifts,chat room and many other activities. the site is for Spiritual ladies .
Please come and join my beautiful lady friend.
Spiritual Social Network for Ladies only and it is for all Faith and believes...please join

I know you will love this site, here is the link to join ....


Have a wonderful day.

just copy the link and paste in your browser address bar on top , then enter and will bring you to my site.... few ladies from here join already.