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Group Meditation Shamanic Drum Journey with Adeon

Join me and others in this online Shamanic Drum Journey. Expand the Circle with friends and family all over the world. Clear blocks and discord with the elements of creation, the keys of magic and healing for planetary illumination. I love these pure impromptu ceremony circles. Opening up to the flow of creative expression of whatever needs to come through. Pick up the drum, bring on the rhythm, and let spirit speak. I found this played best on my phone, on larger speakers the bass of the drum is a bit much, but the phone seems perfect for me.

If you want to download this as an MP3 you can get it here:

Before beginning this journey, pick an intention of offering for the world, then hit play, relax and let the drum carry you.. flute and hang drum too.. enjoy..

Love you all.


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CANCER AT 28 DEGREES PASSAGE FROM: “Inside Degrees” by Ellias Lonsdale – great book to add to your astrology collection!! INTRO GRAPHICS BY @_SWA_YATRA_ Intro music brought to you by ASCENDANT, track is Sub-Orbital Forest, Available on Spotify 🙂

Finding and Walking the Path of Power

Exploring the keys of rapid awakening, higher states of consciousness and magical life experiences along the path of power. Finding your destiny in every moment and moving toward it with acts of service. When you serve all life, life serves you.