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Celia Fenn's Work. :) Wonderful. Simply Wonderful! Channel for Gordon Olmstead B. 22 May 1986 L. Ottawa, Ontario CANADA Dearest Gordon, this is Archangel Michael that comes to be with you and to share light and information with you at this time. We are indeed appreciative of this opportunity to serve you in this way, and we thank you for your patience in being willing to wait until the right moment for our meeting. We will begin this time together by speaking of your soul and its work on the planet, and then we will answer those questions that you have placed before us. You were born as part of a soul group or family whose work was to be part of the Second Wave of Indigo beings. Their purpose is to assist the Planet with the transformation process known as "Ascension". As such, you and your soul group are allowing yourselves to go through deep personal and inner transformations, that will assist the Collective Consciousness to also move to a new level of perception and love. But, as we encounter your own beautiful energy, we see one who has a powerful soul and has walked on the Earth in many lifetimes as a Shaman and a Wise Man. Indeed you have in your spiritual skills from past lives, the ability to be a powerful shapeshifter. Your spirit name in one of these lifetimes was "Night Walker", and you had the power of the Owl to see into the "night" or the dark and perceive clearly what is there. This is a powerful medicine or gift, for the Owl Man is a powerful archetypal figure in the mythology of the Native American peoples. With this power and energy, and your own Indigo gifts and skills, you are indeed one who has come to be a Leader and a Visionary for the New Earth. For, as we connect with the essence and vibration of your soul, we feel that you carry the energy of a Leader and a Teacher within. You are also an intuitive and a psychic, and you carry strong "earth energy". So, if we were to speak on your purpose, we would say it would be Leadership. Together with your soul group, you are showing humanity the path to a new future and a new way of being. Your task is to assist people to integrate and come to terms with that which is called the "shadow", or the "dark" energy. With your powerful Owl Medicine and your ability to see in the dark, you have a powerful tool for showing people that there is nothing to fear in the dark or the night, for each one has the light of their inner soul fire to light their way and to being them to the unconditional love of Source. Only when they have understood this, will humanity be able to move into a place free of fear and live in the unlimited blessings of Grace and Love. This is the purpose of the process called Ascension. So, it is your own work and your work with others to move beyond fear and into love, and to help people to see that the Earth can be a safe and wonderful and beautiful place for all her children. And so, dearest Gordon, we will now move to answering those questions that you have asked of us at this time. We will begin with your Top Ten questions, since these are most important. We have spoken of your purpose and what you are called to do. Well, you ask about a "list" of those who work with you or through you. Well, it is not that simple. As an Indigo being you have angelic support, especially from the Archangels who watch over the Indigo beings. With your strong Native American past life ties, you are guided and protected by the Ancestral spirits of your fathers and mothers. As a Master of Light and and Ascended being, you have the right to choose with whom you will work on the higher dimensions. There is the element of choice, and indeed those on the higher planes wait for you to approach them that you might work together according to your choices. It is true that sometimes and Ascended Master or Light Being may call to you and request to work with you if there is some special bond between you. Then it is up to you to listen closely and hear what is being conveyed to you. That is why it is always good to spend quiet times in meditation, and to be aware of signs and synchronicities in your environment, so that you can hear and receive the messages that you are being sent. So, allow yourself to make empowered choices and to follow your heart and your most powerful Teacher, your own Higher self or Inner Guidance. As for understanding the dimensions within you, we would say it is not so important to understand them as to feel them within you. You, as a collective or a group, are moving away from the reliance on rational understanding and analysis to that place deep within that is called the HEARTSPACE. Here, you do not need to understand but to feel. It is this ability to feel that is the key to the experience of multi-dimensionality. You will learn to walk in the "Dreamtime" spaces, and you Owl Medicine will guide you well. Indeed, if you would learn more about the human angelic ability to shape shift and walk in the higher dimensions, you would do well to seek the teachings of the Native Americans or other Indigenous peoples, for these ones understand that the power lies not in the knowledge of the head but in the wisdom of the heart. At your stage of life, you are in training as a Spiritual Warrior. Your male energy is being activated so that you can prove yourself and test yourself in the development of many inner skills and abilities. The initiations of the Young Male as Spiritual Warrior include the ability to train the heart to a place of discernment and understanding, and an ability to make choices that are determined not by emotions or by thought, but by the deep inner guidance of the soul and spirit. This is manifest through intuition and dreams and "feelings" that lead you forward towards your destiny. It is indeed a Spiritual Warrior who can hear the whispers of his soul and spirit and follow this voice while not being distracted by the many voices and temptations from the world. So, you ask also about releasing anger of all lifetimes. And this is indeed a good question, for you cannot build peace if you are holding on to anger. We will say, that the best path is simply to make it your intention to release all anger and to walk the path of peace. And then, having set that intention, you can begin to live consciously by choosing to live in peaceful and loving ways in every minute of your day. You see, dearest soul, it is not that important that you release every last anger in your soul, but it is important that you shift your habits from those that create anger to those that create peace and love. As you do this, you will automatically release all that is not love in your being. Your body is a self-healing and self-balancing system, and if you swing the balance towards love and peace, then your body will follow. It is up to you to consciously make that choice at every opportunity. And if you fail, then we ask simply that you make that choice again and again until only love is the reality in your life. If you set that intention and hold that focus, then so it will be. As for desires that you don't realize? Well, we would say, do not be afraid of your own desires. They are not things to be feared. Your desires are often the keys to the movements of your soul, and are ways of perceiving what is most needed in your life. When you can meet your inner desires with calm and acceptance, and without fear and judgment, then you will know that you are walking the path of the Spiritual Warrior, without fear and only in love. It is not the desire as such, but what you do with the desire and how you express it and bring it into manifestation. And if you work only with your highest good and that of others, then there will be only good manifestations on your path! As for developing channeling relationships, the key to this is Inner Peace and the Ability to hear what is transmitted or said to you. All humans have the ability to receive information or to act as channels for higher wisdom. But, most humans have developed such busy and noisy minds, that the quiet voice of higher wisdom cannot be heard clearly as it flows through their being. Again, we would say, express the intention to learn these skills, and then allow the teachers on the Higher Planes to come to you. Do not dismiss anything that you FEEL or hear or see. For we will say, that the first key is feeling or intuition, and then you can begin learning to see or perceive and hear in different ways. The skill of the Empath is the most important psychic skill for those who channel information. The ability to FEEL what is being conveyed and then to put this into words. For the channel is no more than a person who has the skill to match words to feelings that are channeled through him or her. For the Higher energies do not speak human languages, they convey images and feelings in holographic form, and the channel then transmutes these into words that can be shared. So the first skill is to allow yourself to access the feelings, and then you can begin to see if the words that convey the feelings will not come to you. When you ask for more balance and structure, we assume that you mean within your life. Well, again we would say by conscious choice. The ability to create structure is a very important part of being grounded and balanced, and this can only be done by conscious focus and intention. Decide what structures you need in your life and make a conscious choice to implement them. The ability to hold to a structure is part of the self-discipline that is required of all who would be Spiritual Warriors. For it is perseverance and courage that are the true skills of a spiritual warrior, on the Earth plane. As for relocating, well, many people at this time feel that they are not "at home" in their own lives, and this leads to a feeling that there must be a better place for them to be. In many cases, this could be true. But a Spiritual Warrior will always look first to see whether the problem may be within rather than on the outside. For when you learn to be at peace with yourself, then you can be at peace with the world and be happy wherever you are. However, if your soul is calling you to go to another place, then that will become very clear to you. You will be called in dreams and in other ways, that will make it evident that this is where you need to be. But, lastly, it could be the pure spirit of fun and adventure that says to you, it is time to move on, and that too can be a good thing. It is up to you to allow yourself to respond to whatever motivates you, and indeed, to understand what it is that motivates you in this choice. Remember, that while you train your Spiritual Warrior in strength and courage, you are also hearing the inner voice of your magical child that seeks fun and play and adventure as well. And the two can live together quite happily. As we view your other questions, we see once again that you ask about fears, and again we will say, do not be anxious. Do not fear the form of "fear". For fear is only an indication that you are needing to pass through some ideas or beliefs that have no real substance to return to the essence of love. And as you move to new levels, so you may encounter new fears. Remember that it is not the fear that is important, but the courage and strength that you carry within you. If you have inner resilience and courage then you can face anything that might come up on your path, and then you will have no fear because you will know that you have nothing to fear ever, at all. For you are always safe and protected, and you are an infinite being of love. As for what you need to be, there is no character profile as such. Be who you are! That is who you chose to be when you incarnated. You are a Master of Light, so allow yourself to be strong and empowered and loving. Know that this is what and who you are, and that anything else can be integrated into this power and light that you are. Love yourself and honor yourself, and you will see the Light that You Are on this Earth. It will shine clearly for others to see as well. For an Indigo- Crystal being, it is always good to have crystals in your environment. At this stage, you would work well with Clear Quartz, especially the Lemurian Seed crystals from Arkansas. It would also be good to have a small Aqua Aura crystal, for this will help you to ground into the new grids of the Crystal Earth, and this will help you to ground and balance in your personal life. As for colors, we see a deep blue Indigo color, the color of the evening sky, that ties in well with your Owl man energy. Also silver and magenta….and then a pale lilac color as well. Dearest soul, your journey forward can only be filled with love and adventure. There is so much to do and experience, so many joys to be felt and shared, so much love to be sent out and received. Know that you are loved and honored, and that the angels and guides and ancestors walk with you. Do not be anxious. Be fearless and relaxed and feel confidence in all that you are. Embrace your power and be that power, but with love and humility and in service to All. And so we leave you now with a hug of Love and Light! in one lifetime i was a son of THOTH. as in eygpt.
Earth the Pleidian keys to the Living Libary-Barbra Mc? Adam Dreamhealer Home with God, in a life that never ends Outwitting Tommorow-Dr.Stranges-venusian representitive to earth! the akashic records. some of the best books there are :)
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