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the darling downs in queensland


I get knocked down, but I get up again. Never gonna keep me down.

Joined Lightworkers March 11, 2010
I just want to be me, not what everyone expects me to be. A safe haven for kids, to come and have a break from this reality.

after the birth of my first child - aged 21, although I have always had a leaning toward the occult and religion since I was a child

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Mother of 8, trying to find her God-given purpose out in the middle of no where. I can't say that I'm a channel or even anyone important, but I do like to grow more with positive energy each day. every new day is a new beginning
Kryon series, the Seth series, Louise L Hay, Windows to the past by Hans Holzer, Women who run with the wolves by Estes
mother, angel, healer, seeker

because I was guided here whilst searching for information on the star people, I think I'm supposed to find a like minded soul at this site to communicate and to assist my spiritual growth


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