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Joined Lightworkers March 16, 2010

I grew up in a very mystical part of the UK - the South West of England in Somerset not far from Glastonbury (the Tor and the ruined abbey being important spiritual sites)...this is also near Stonehenge and Wiltshire (the site of many crop-circles). The area is steeped in the legends of King Arthur. The land is low-lying and often covered with a shroud of mist, particularly in the Spring and Autumn. I always felt a deep affinity for the land and a mystical connection to it. I am also fascinated by the sea. My first glimpse of the nature of the "All That Is" came as a teenager when I was visiting Lyme Regis in Dorset - looking out to see I felt that the sea shared some deep insight about reality to me...and then it was gone. but a spark was lit inside me. I had a number of other interesting experiences, including viewing orbs of light in the sky moving around in ways seemingly defying the laws of physics. After a number of "dark nights of the soul" I eventually found peace...with a great partner and two beautiful kids. I now realise that lightworkers are burdened with a certain amount of darkness that they have to overcome because of their experiences in their previous lives. I recently have had a massive awakening. Again, I now know that lightworkers are capable of dramatic personal/spiritual growth in short periods of time and this is what I feel has happened to me. It has been an incredibly insightful and productive period for me and a lot of things finally make sense.

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I have always been driven to understand the nature of reality, so I became a scientist. However, I have also always been a spiritual person and, therefore, was always of the opinion that both approaches (scientific and spiritual) are equally valid in attempting to find out the truth about reality. However, the adherence of modern science to strictly materialistic dogmas has meant that it has not been easy to "out" oneself as someone with a spiritual side. However, many of the old scientific dogmas are fading away in the face of the "New Science" - both physics and biology, and so things are changing for the better. I have always had an urge to write and so I'll be sharing with you here some of my thoughts on science and spirituality and also some of my poems/prayers. I call my inspiration and the source of the words "The Seagull", I feel like I am scientist, philosopher and mystic (if that's not too grandiose!).

I would like to share some of my poems/prayers and insights with other lightworkers as well as to learn more about what other lightworkers have got to say and to help me figure out what my role is in the changes that are happening to the planet and to each of us at the moment.


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