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Northeast Pennsylvania
Bridge Builder; Psychologist


Adversity reveals character

Joined Lightworkers April 11, 2010
Bring Heaven to Earth. Follow God's will, thats it, and thats EVERYTHING for me.

Probably started when I turned thirty and relationship issues prompted to me to start therapy. Then as a psychologist I've been working with people in the elevation of consciousness for almost 25 years. (Thats how I think of therapy, as a way to elevate, expand and increase consciousness).

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Sunday Global Meditation Event

I Resign From Light Working!

A Little Public Service Blog

I Don't Know Nuthin 'bout LOVE

How Is This For Unity

No New Souls

Hi Everybody

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I have been a psychologist for 25 years. Some years ago I began to think of my work in a broader sense, i.e., as a facilitator of higher consciousness. I've discovered I am part of this universal community of people functioning in a similar capacity. I enjoy learning and growing and being mentored by this community. I am particularly interested in my developing my individual relationship with God and then the ascension process.
God Calling by A.J. Russell, Oneness by Rasha, also, Journey to Oneness, same author.
Warrior Visionary, Healer, intuitive, aligner of heart and mind, holder of the vibration of truth and courage, goddess (Isis), aspects of Pleidians, Lumuria, Saturn, Celts, Gypsy, past life belly dancer-he, he! Much much more.....YaHoooey

It will support my growth by introducing me to the larger, universal community and possibly the galactic community of souls working deligently to elevate the collective conscious, moving us to our full potential.


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