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Massillon, Ohio


If you fall, get up and get back in the race.

Joined Lightworkers September 20, 2010
I want to make available to others the simple truths that I have been privileged to discover.

My mother introduced me to the world of Edgar Cayce when I was in my 20's. I often wished that I could have lived at the same time as he did. I actually got my wish when I met William LePar and the members of his group. Through his trance channeling of The Council I learned not only about spirituality and spiritual growth but about many of the scientific and historical mysteries that modern science has yet to discover. Everything that The Council has given through Mr. LePar is in a concise and easy to understand manner and yet it is thought provoking as well. I cannot speak highly enough about the good that it has done for me.

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Growing Spiritually

The Value Of Meditation

Ice Age Of The Heart - Part 2

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I am married to my wife Judy. We have 2 adult children and one grandchild. I am a retired database administrator with a northeastern Ohio manufacturing company. Since I have retired my primary task is the care of my wife. She has a rare neurological disease called Huntington's. Fortunately, it progresses slowly and she still maintains a quality of life where she can enjoy her surroundings. She loves movies, especially musicals.

 I served in the air force in the late 1960s as a Russian Linguist. We basically spied on the Russian Air Force in East Germany. My hobbies are classical music and art. My favorite sports are tennis, golf and swimming. Most of my reading is in the area of history.

For the past 25 years I have worked closely with William LePar, writing articles and giving lectures on spiritual and metaphysical topics. I am a rather logical person and the information that Mr. LePar channels through his source, The Council, is both thought provoking and logical. Over the more than 4 decades of his deep catatonic trances, he has given more than two million words on just about every subject imaginable. I have two clips of him in trance and one with an interview so that everyone can judge for themselves. This may seem to be a commercial and it is but I am truly not selling as much as offering a new experience for my new found friends.

Here are a couple of quotes from The Council that I like: You must remember that all of your lives, every moment of your life, every second of your life, is for a purpose. Every point of contact that you have with other individuals, whether they be your charge lings or children or your mates or your relatives or friends or what have you, every point of contact with those individuals is for a purpose. Now, it does not mean that every point of contact, every word exchanged, has an immense effect on your life or a very important effect on your life. No, this is not the situation, but each exchange, each meeting, each relationship, builds towards something; it is there for a purpose, and that is to correct whatever karmic situation may exist, either with yourselves or with the other individual. You come together to serve each other, to help each other ahead.

And this one: Spiritual growth is not a way of life that asks you to do without, but it is a way of life that asks you to give so that there is a greater room within to receive. Matter, creation, life, the earth, is in existence because of a consciousness. Your life is in existence because of a consciousness that you have. Matter can be looked upon as the effects and consciousness is the cause. To change your life into something more positive filled with greater joy and peace, change your consciousness ever so little, if that is the best that you can do, and your life will improve, your happiness will be assured, your joy and your peace will be yours.

May the peace and joy of the infinite father be upon you and may his light shine down upon you, around you and within you.
Spiritual Harvest, Life After Death - A New Revelation Both of these offer great insight and will definitely open you to new realities.
Searcher, writer, lecturer on spirituality

I am joining in the hope that I can bring others the good experiences that I have had in the area of metaphysics.


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