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Sarnia, Ontario
Truro, Nova Scotia
Channeler, Spiritual writer, Tethatu Shaman & Universal healer, medium, witch, mother and much more
Scorpio with the The Luminaries: Sun and Moon at my side at birth and still are


"What people call knowledge, is the reasoned acceptance of false appearances. Wisdom looks behind the veil and sees." ~ Sri Aurobindo

Joined Lightworkers November 4, 2010

First picture is William 16, my little girl Kaylie 9, Mrs. Claws, and last is me taken this Spring, 9 months after my Hysterectomy 

"Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter.
It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place.
It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow.
Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place."
Rumi ~

My heart is a thousand years old

When I was about six years old, I kept getting visitors from a darker realm that always tried to frighten me with ugly visual of what they would do to me.
These were never dreams as my eyes were always fully open and I was awake whenever this happened.
From an early age I was a threat to these beings and I never understood why until a couple of years ago.

I began studying around 12 years old and at this age is when I was able to receive full visions.
Also at this age was when all other activities pertaining to my spiritual growth began.
I just didn't have anyone to explain or help me with what I was experiencing.
I am told by Creator that this is also when all my inner spiritual vehicles became fully active.
When I was in my late teens, early 20s I dedicated myself to RA and I received the first mark I can remember and it is still on my face of his loving, warm touch.
It was a few years ago when I learned RA was more than just a powerful Egyptian sun God - Ra was also my father from that life time.
For 14 days prior to Summer Solstice, I dedicate a ceremony each day to fire/sun in honour of both as the Sun is an important feature and the element of fire
is one I deeply respect as I have been drawn to its power since childhood.
During each day I dedicate to the sun and to fire, I am also honouring the other 3 earthly elements and the element of spirit that binds it all together in perfect harmony.

I have been told I have been watched since my birth from the Galactic Federation of Light.
They were there when I was born (not that I or my parents knew that then).
My spiritual growth really bloomed when I was on death's door about 20 years ago when I wasn't expected to live.
During that time I DID die, but miraculously I was brought back through the Kiss of Life given to me by Archangel Azrael.
My path has had many twists and turns. Even though I KNOW my Divine Plan, I still have much to do.
My learning is never over, and I know exactly who I AM. I AM that I AM. And what I know is what I know - I AM ME.
Since then I have moved along my destined path to where I am now.



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The Kingdom Is Here

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We all like to read the spiritual side of someone's story, how they got to achieve spiritually, all the good stuff.
Well some of that achievement was made by manouvering through some not-so-good stuff.
Reading what I have put here does not tell who I AM.
None of these words tells you the life I have lived and how we live now.
None of these words below me speak of the abuse and trials we have endured and what my children have witnessed and endured.


I AM a sexual assault survivor, I have climbed my way out of abuse - not just once but a couple of times.
Sometimes the lesson gets repeated you know until certain cycles are broken. I AM a mom of two. I have no family support.
Not because I have something wrong, just because there is no one within a 2000 mile radius.
What family I have left are 3 provinces away and since I do not drive, we more often than not become forgotten.

At the end of the day, I AM just me, a mom of two beautiful children, sometimes...most times I am very tired.
I feel love flowing all around me from Creator and others.
I feel the kiss from my flame on my lips sometimes and I will whisper 'thank you'.
Calm does live inside of me. I feel no discord for anyone even if they have discord towards me.
I have more than enough love to share, and I love you, each of you. Blessed be.

I AM a shaman of the Tethatu tradition - in this shamanic tradition I have reached all bridges. I AM an Eclectic Witch, travellor of other worlds and much more...


This is a material and a spiritual realization at once. Alchemists work in three worlds: the spiritual, the elemental, and the material. As above, so below.

.... I have been studying many aspects of who I am since I was about 12 (over 30 years).
One of my earliest studies was the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and the tarot.
I am self taught, as my mother was restricted from a contract she made with herself and Creator, she could not encourage me, but allowed me to study what I wanted.
I have a lot of knowledge that is now becoming necessary with the changes many are finally waking to.
I only just have to tap into that knowledge that I have already learned. :) And some of this knowledge I learned from other past lives, and is in my DNA.
I have been able to open this up, but not all of it yet. Through vision quests both awake and asleep, I have learned much about who I was and where I was,
including my earliest beginning; even my times in Atlantis and Lemuria. I still find a lot of it quite remarkable. I have learned my first and second name are
key to knowing both my Atlantis and Lemurian names.

I have been touched by many spiritual beings, some of those marks are still visible on my body.
I can only remember so far my Egyptian Father RA, Divine Mother Mary, Metatron and Goddess Hecate touching me where a visible mark was left behind.
It was one of these beings of light, my Patron Goddess Hecate whom I look up to that reached to me one night during a Samhain ritual, touched my face,
marking me forever and relighting my shamanic role.

It is an honour to be chosen by the Gods instead of by the self. I have been able to see my past many times, and some past lives as far back before
Earth was known as Earth and when Gods and Goddesses walked with mortals.


White Dragon Bird is my Shamanic name.
It is a name given due to the White Eagle and White Dragon prevailing presence within my being. 

I  have many totem and spirit animals. My main spirit guide when I enter the Spirit Realm is Arachne the Spider Goddess.
I see her with me nearly every time I go in. The Black Widow spider is my main totem  animal.
Some of the other animals I have as totems and spirit guides are used for my shamanic healing ceremonies and for guidance. 
Some of what I use for healing is my Dragon, Cobra, Python, Stingray and a few others.
Some of my spirit animals used for guidance and other purposes are Peacock, Gorilla, Tiger, Black Widow spider and many others.
I have over 20 spirit animals, but out of total number I have 31 snow leopards and one of them is a constant companion always at my side.

Even though not everyone will ascend this year or in this lifetime we do not judge those that have chosen before this incarnation to not ascend,
because everyone has a purpose and a reason to be here and we all can learn from one another. But for those that have chosen to ascend and those
that are fully ready that is decided NOT by me I will anchor them forward through my own light force energy.
I will not necessarily know who I AM helping but I will feel the energy drain and also a slight merging of their energy at the same time as I assist
to move them along into perfect alignment.

It is an honour to be able to assist mankind and Gaia in this way.
I have been helping Gaia for awhile, to raise the vibration of the Earth's central core, aiding her in her own ascension.
Ascension is an on-going process. It can be reached and achieved at any time during a person's lifetime and continues after death.
Even the Great Masters, Angels, etc., go through Ascension.

Doing deeds of love, the seed shall sprout, and you shall see your home flourish. - Sikh wisdom



I am  the leader of a draconic clan that is located astrally in the 5th dimension. I have a home there that is shared with my astral husband, Knight Shadow and family.

I easily move within AND between the 3rd and 5th dimension and other dimensions when needed for healing and learning purposes. It is an honour to be leader of this awesomely, powerful clan. I take this position very seriously. Besides being leader of this clan, I AM a a Warrior of Light and an Elite Warrior of my clan.

I have fought beside Archangel Michael a couple of times. And I do have wounds that affect me physically from battles that have taken place astrally.

I wear these scars with honour and pride for they are also victories of battles won.

I have a clear sight ability, and can see using a method called scyring. I can channel to any spiritual being due to the method I have learned that is
only taught to members that are from my clan. I have been blessed with having The Voice of Many. Part of my mission is to receive a telepathic
message everyday unless prearranged by the Creator. The messages that speak through me have a specific purpose as each of us has a specific purpose.

NONE of the messages I post are copied from another's channeling efforts; they are my own with the one that is transmitting the message.
I put in much time and effort into the gift being the Voice of Many and I am thankful every day for this privileged position.

I have knowledge that is old from living many past lives, and yet I am still learning much every day. I AM an Eclectic Witch but I am NOT Wiccan.
There is a difference. I DO practice my craft. I come from a long line of powerful witches [including Goddess Aradia] and in one of my past lives
I have been a priestess in the Temple of Brigid who is also my sister. My intuition ability is quite high.



"How people treat you is their karma; HOW you react is yours." ~ Wayne Dyer


I am incarnated from these three beautiful Goddesses. These ladies are a part of who I AM. 

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” ~ Nelson Mandela.


In the 1st pictures here, I AM with my husband and our son. I am grateful for the experience of being up close and personal to this stone fragment.Each image is dear to my soul.

I was taken under the wing of Master Buddha 2011 and I have progressed well with his tutelage. I have gained much wisdom and knowledge
through Master Buddha. I receive tokens from Master Buddha, or Chenzrig that would tell me of my latest achievement by use of Lotus blossom
colour or a vision and image of what my next learning assignment was to be. Sometimes I would be visited by various Bodhisattvas regarding my
spiritual growth and advancement.

I had to do a lot of focus and memory work and clarify through pictures to learn exactly who it was that visited.

When I succeeded all Lotus colours and what each one represents, I remember clearly, through a vision being surrounded by 8 - 10 Bodhisattvas including
Maitreya, Chenzrig, and many others greeting me with acceptance. The Golden Light that was clear and they opening up around me, giving me room to make
my way into where they are will never leave my memory. The shiver my body experienced from their closeness was indeed extraordinary.


Currently, my body is host to 26 spiritual beings. Also within my spirit are the essences of the 3 Goddesses I have lived in other eras.
None of these beings inside of my spirit body are here to just channel occasionally, even if they request to Creator to deliver a message through me.

They are here to guide me and to be witness to something fantastic from the inside. Some of the spiritual beings that are merged within me right now,
are Sanat Kumara, Archangel Michael, Maha Chohan, Metatron, Saint Germain, Gaia, Commander Sohin and many, many more. 

Nearly every day I venture on a shamanic vision quest guided by my spiritual teacher the Creator. Sometimes my visions are guided by Metatron.
One such vision I was guided by Metatron. He had much to show me and he gets very excited when its imperative. I still remember him holding onto
my left upper arm, sqeezing me with earnest. He was taking me back to one of my past lives (I have seen many). I have many ties with so much.
I have confirmed what dear Metatron had shown me with the Creator to make sure I was not seeing things. I was once not just a dolphin, but a Golden Dolphin.
I was one of the ancient ones that moved throughout not only the planet but of our starry realm. It was really cool and breathtaking to see from this level and
I have seen an awful lot.



 “The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” ~ William James 


Chakras 1 - 7 = 3D
Chakras 8 - 15 = 4D
Chakras 16 - 22 = 5D
Chakras 23 - 29 = 6D
Chakras 30 - 37 = 7D
Chakras 38 - 43 = 8D
Chakras 44 - 50 = 9D
Chakras 51 = 57 = 10D
Activated Chakras 50 - 100 to achieve 
Full Solar Ascension
Currently I  have entered into the 47th dimension of Concsiousness
also accessing the 24nd Ray of Light
Entered Cosmic Ascension - anchoring in 324 chakras.

Twenty-Fourth Ray is a Master Ray 

A Master Ray Gateway to a Higher Level of Frequencies 

Colour: The Void - The Null Space - All Colours Combined 

Like a black hole or worm hole of the creative source, this void takes us through another gateway to additional higher frequencies of Light.

May 22, 2013 Ishtar, Goddess of my Inner Being and past life took me on a journey to the 15th Dimension. It is truly in shadows and is the Oblivion Realm itself Essentially, this Dimension is Visited if the Being see's it's Shade/Shadow upon Ascending from the 14th Dimension.

Since then I have achieved 16th dimension consciousness.

The 16th Dimension is Entered and the Self is Aligned In Perfect Harmony with Eternity~ From here the Journey writes itself ~
Words can't bring you an experience ~ can't bring you these dimensions or bring you Completion~16th Dimension are your words, thus
the Art of Uniqueism Pronounced ~ Rose

I was 12 when my chakras opened. That was a very long time ago. Since then I followed my pagan routes and developed my craft as the way of the witch
I bare the mark upon my face given by my patron Goddess that brought me back to my shamanic role. It was through this time I found a Wiccan practitioner
and it was she that taught me about chakras. I still did not have any clue that there were 7 basic ones. I had always cleansed 12 that included the 7 basic ones.
I laughed at myself over silly I can be. It still embarrasses me a little.

* A Special Note * all the text in black was not done by me (really). All my text I chose a specific shade of blue.
It is interesting which areas are black. I find it amusing. I have many speak through me throughout my day, even during mundane tasks.
The black writing are areas 'they' find important to them. As I write the text colour goes back and forth.


A few years ago, I met someone...another channel, but different from me. She introduced me to a world I had forgotten.

It was through her that I learned that my while mother was alive in this world, she was a Goddess in Human form.

It took until now (March 16, 2013) for me to ask who she was and I have learned through her and Creator that my mother was Tailtiu.

My mother died 17 years ago on that date, and my father followered her two years later when Easter was in April of 1998. I have been experiencing
several profound visions and interactions with Spiritual Beings, including Merlin since I learned of my mother's true identity. During this time of great learning
I have come to learn thanks to the guidance of Merlin, Creator and others that I come from long line of völva which gives me great understanding for my
ability to vision and see beyond the norm when needed. I have been encouraged to accept that I am becoming a Sage. I am told through many including Creator,
Goddess Tailtiu, Merlin and a few others that this is part of my mission, part of what I have been chosen to fulfill.
I embrace this new development and the transition that is occuring within me has not been easy but it is nearly over.



Celtic Goddess Tailtiu in the 3rd picture, the Goddess form of my birth mother as told by her and validated by Creator.

December 21, 2010 Winter Solstice ~ I handfasted with Knight Shadow

We are very close to reuniting as I have mentioned in other parts of my profile. We have done all the clearing. We are both ascended and at the same level. We have done all that we needed to do that is directed by Creator. We have been blessed by Creator and by Christ. I have felt the water a few times from Creator as he blessed certain stages that were completed with the Tau Cross.

I was able to see it was Christ's White Fire that washed over me during the summer of 2012 when I underwent a major transformation that blessed this path of reunion with not only my twin flame, but husband in nearly every past life. Now we wait for other outside 'cards' to fall into perfect place. I must admit waiting is hard, but I have vowed to my twin flame husband, to Creator and the Universe that I will wait forever if I must. Sounds very stubborn, but I love him so very very much.


Our reunion date will NOT be arranged by us, but by Creator. The perfect time - a surprise.
I know my flame will be the one to know when this will happen as it is he that will find me through my energy as he had promised so long ago.
He knows where I live, he has been here in spirit and he is no longer in spirit but has adorned a physical body for awhile now. 



 “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” ~ Oscar Wilde


All three images are important and symbolic as to how Ishtar sometimes connects with me. 


"You will find something more in woods than in books.
Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters" ~ Saint Bernard

hands or stands beside me in quiet support and deeply powerful love. When I feel him touch me, I just want to melt with him.

September 25, 2014 I learned more of my recent spiritual growth and achievment. Growth and attainment has been huge of late. Not only have I accomplished Planetary and Solar Ascension I have learned I am now anchoring in 150-200 chakras which is bringing me to the door of Cosmic Ascension. I have been doing
a lot of inner work, that is all I really do. From what I have been feeling and what I have been able to clarify from what I find from my own search and from conversations with Creator, I have not yet surpassed 200 chakras. I have had good reason for being tired of late, namely I am still recovering from the
hysterectomy I had during the summer, but I know my fatigue has much deeper reasons. 


Julie's books

The Middle Way: Faith Grounded in Reason
Mystical Universal Mother
Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation
The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching & Hau Hu Ching
Positive Plus
The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment
Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao
Emotional Resilience: Simple Truths for Dealing with the Unfinished Business of Your Past
The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World
Warriors of the Heart
Every Word Has Power: Switch on Your Language and Turn on Your Life
Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling
Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential
A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
Deception Point
Catching Fire

Julie's favorite books »


I have had a channeled messages published summer 2012 


Some Favourite Websites:

I am. I am constantly studying and reading. I am a seeker of knowledge and a gatekeeper. I to do what I am drawn to and directed
to and take 
what drew me there. I respect all that I find and appreciate the learning that comes from the articles
I devour.


Draconic Shaman, Daughter and Mother of the Divine and Gods, Eclectic Witch, awareness began at 6yrs old, committed to God and Self,

I joined at first because I wanted to see truthful and honest channeling. I have found a lot of copy and paste. Bringing
in others messages is part of sharing the Light and Love.

Why I stay is because I enjoy finding auethentic channeling similar to my own and because there are wonderful people
here that are truly genuine, they have no fronts or walls up in place.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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