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Carlsbad CA


Taurus - Tiger


Joined Lightworkers April 30, 2011

I studied with Rama in Lakshmi back in the early eighties. He used to call his brand of spirituality "American Buddhism". I was on the short path at that time before having children and getting back to the 3rd dimension for a couple decades. I have recently been extra-enamored with the GFoL channelled info and find myself waiting with baited breath for each new piece of the puzzle presented to me. It is very satisfying to be back on the short path again.

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I am interested in helping to make Mother Earth a more peaceful and enlightened place by working with love and always in the light. Sending out lots of unconditional love to all. Namaste.

Because I am supposed to be here doing this. I am a focused lightworker and spend a great deal of time doing service work and light work to help usher in the new energies. It is all very exciting. :) Love Love Love...


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