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East St. Paul
2D Animator and Motion Designer

Jordan Duchnycz

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

Joined Lightworkers May 8, 2011
I want to help wake up the planet in this crucial time. I'm really excited for the consciousness shift in 2012, it will be legendary!

My spiritual growth was like an instant lightbulb turning on after years of darkness. In December 2010, I was told to watch a movie called "The Secret". The movie was kind of like an infomercial, but in the beginning a man says "You can have, do, or be ANYTHING you want". While most people hear that and say "oh sure" with saracasm, i had an instant understanding that i could. Almost like i was remembering something that was long forgotten. My life was changed, I began learning more about consciousness, dimensions and the universe. Since that time, I've been actively exploring energy, out of body states, and studying sacred Geometry.

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My name is Jordan Duchnycz, I am here for the unity of all life and to learn, discuss, and help share what I know and understand with the global community. I'm really interested in Astral Travel, and although i've done it a few times, I want to become adept at it. I am that I am.
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Ultimate Journey, The Serpent of Light.
Astral Explorer

To learn, to teach, and to understand. I want to help the rest of the world find the light that is shining through the cracks, convert beliefs into knowns, and help share the unity of all life everywhere.


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