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Love. I would also like to be shown or actively show others

the true path. As I have come to find there are many a path

a soul can take. All too easily it feels like they should not be

so easily misguided by dark. Certain nudges in the other

direction would do millions of others in the right way.

My Mayan Dream Spell Galactic Signature:
Red Lunar Dragon, Kin 41 of 260
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Cardinal
Clan- Fire
I polarize in order to nurture
Stabilizing being
I seal the input of birth
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of space
-QUITE spot on target!

get yours @ this link


2003. Shortly after the dark took over my part of the country

with all of their forces and forced my naive and care free self to

death. From the broken shell of that life I was rebirthed anew

to right my wrongs in this incarnation, and I intend to do it all

for right or for light.


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A random thing I found that so describes me.


Author unknown, but would love to meet her ->
"We have them among us still."
In rune 2001 I met a man, who called himself a prophet, who was sure he must save the World...



or else terrible things would happen. He just needed a "Chosen One" to help out...



Someone, who knew about love...
English is not my mother language...anyway I later wrote a fairytale in English;-)



Here it is:
" Prophet and Angel
Once upon a time there was a special clever man, who thought he was a wizard...
a prophet...someone special with a mission... a Chosen One.
The prophet had traveled in the World and had seen so much of the Pain.
Now ... the World... had to be rescued and have lots of love instead...
or was it him self or his own heart pain, that needed rescuing???
He was an impatient man.
And he liked control...
liked to have control over his own projects...
And even control others too..
.so he did not need to look inside at his own heart pain.
It had to work fast ...this rescuing plan or everything was lost...
the World might go under any moment now or could he........?
But he needed some help....
(because rescuing the World is a big project, even for a very special clever leader of projects;-) )
....and a helper of the best of kind...a capacity...
a special Chosen One Helper.
 So he looked and looked...found no one.
Waited for a long time...........................
..............and led finally God choose.
That's how the best came to him.....:-D
And not even like he had imagined, for even a
prophet can have own imagination about the help he needs. Because an angel came
...a smiling woman in a rally car...and a pair of long pants...

 because angels come in working suits, as the World is a place,

where it is not practical to wear angel wings,
when work has to be done.
So the prophet did not believe his own eyes,
had doubts and wanted to control and test
... if she was the Chosen One Helper for the task.
Because she had no real tools...only a smile...:-)
And the woman did not understand testing and controlling,
missions or projects...or thought she was an angel
...a Chosen One Helper...she was just happy to meet the prophet
... and smiled softly with her heart.


So she did not pass the test...and the prophet in despair left the angel

... to search for the right helper...the Chosen One Helper,

who understood this was a serious matter and did not walk round smiling lovingly to the World;-)

In this way it happened, that the prophet did not find
the Chosen One Helper though he kept looking and looking
...and the angel almost lost the wings.
.. so the World had to rescue it self...!!!
...and that was the very best to happen....;-)))
...this is the deal prophets and angels have made among each other.
When the World do not need rescuing anymore,
the prophet and the angel can recognize each other,
when they meet the next time.
...and live happily forever after.

( About a summer event 2001 )


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Technoshamen, Red Lunar Dragon, skywalker, etheric warrior
Could God microwave a burrito so hot, that even he could not eat it?
I have waited patiently for quite the while and my previous attempt has not been granted as of yet. I grow anxious to join this community and humbly accept admittance and a login when it best suits you.
Could God microwave a burrito so hot, that even he could not eat it?


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