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Flying Hawk

Ra and Isis keep making love which is to spark the flame of divine love inside millions of perfectly matching living souls. Feel free to contact me to find out more....

Joined Lightworkers June 18, 2008
I am That I am, Free and Wild living in Peace and Love, I am committed fully to raising not only my consciousness to higher levels.
I chose to die to the hell on Earth In Shamanic Magical Ritual in March This year and been re-born as an Angel of Light Living In heaven On Earth

When I enetered my conception in this lifetime, and When I lived in Atlantis and in Lemuria, and I all other lifetimes

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How Old I Am

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 I don't know when I was born unless I say I was born together with the Universe 16.4 billion years ago. I remember consciously living on the Blue Planet, Sirius B around 2.13 million years ago at the time when Sirius B as a main Star of the Galaxy completed it's existence and started the process of De-Struction.  Human Light beings who lived there had at least 95% of their bodies made of pure light. The physical was only assumed when it was needed, it was not present constantly. My parents stayed with the majority of the Human Light Beings to assist the Galaxy and Sirius B in its De-Struction, which we know of as the Death of a Star. I left my planet, my star and my Galaxy without tears , knowing that it had to be that way.
    When I came to Pleaides together with millions of others, I with my fellow Human Light beings we were shocked by the Density of the Etheric field of the Star system. We suddenly became at least 50% solid we were half flesh and half light which brought  many implications and consequences. For example a long time ago the forgotten game of light and dark, of good and bad of life and death, game of separation started again. Life span on Pleiades was much shorter it lasted only round 10,000 years. Comparing to Sirius B where the Lifespan was unlimited and unrestricted by the Law of Death and rebirth and by the Law of Karma.  We were were not anymore pure lightbeings, we only retained the memory of the pure lightform. Over the hundreds of thousands of year this memory started fading away. I did not stay in Pleaides all the time, after 200000years I returned to Sirius B.  I came to Earth together with those who had returned from the hatching Sirius B ( those who stayed ) and we  took some of our fellow Sirians from Pleaidies to our current Solar System and on the Planet Earth. This happened about 67,000 years ago.
    We arrived in what was called Le Muria or the Land of Mu.
Humans there reached very high level of Evolution and they were freeing themselves from the physical death and rebirth.The actual process was unique and unknown to be discovered in such early stage of planetary evolution. Our Sirian brothers and sisters told me and others that this Le-Murian way of reaching Immortality was so important act for the whole galaxy that this had to be monitored and provided with support as the process of massive  and more importantly rapid transition to immortality could change the planetary harmony for tens of thousands of years.  Tens of thousands of human beings in Lemuria were reaching Immortality and started to develop Supercosnciousness or you could say They started to Use The Divine Super-consciousness. Soon after this Lemuria had been destroyed. You might wander why Lemuria has been destroyed. I will tell you another day, its one of the most hidden stories and one of the most guarded secrets.  "Why Lemuria had to be destroyed after finding its way to The Immortality and The Full Divinity? "
    It was pleasant to see Human beings discovering the way to become Human Light Beings as we did millions of years ago in Sirius B and we all knew at some point that the Le-Muria will sink into the ocean.  After Lemuria Sank down into the Indian and Pacific Ocean we went to Atlantis and there we restored the Higher forms of Civilised life. The process of the Fall of Atlantis started almost 26,000 and finished completely 12,996 years ago. There were many reasons to why Atlantis was destroyed or self destroyed and they will be revealed in following days.  I want to say this.
    When Atlantis started its end the Lords of Existence or the Light Gods came and did everything they could in order to save the Earth and The Human Race. The Highest LightGod was pure lightbeing and was the real leader in Atlantis. This being  was not Thoth as some think. Thoth Himself names His Lord of Ligh as Horlet.  Most of humans were listening to his advise and guidance, but not all.   What Some Humans did in Atlantis shocked the Galaxy and the Whole Universe. The part of humanity who was only technical, rational and logical started the process in which at least the whole solar system and possibly the whole galaxy would simply implode in its centre and disappear.  The only way Humanity could survive the fall of Atlantis and the Only way the Earth Could survive its Murder by Her own Children (although it needs to be said that no one is from this planet, every living form came to this planet out of space). The Only way to survive was the Majority of Immortal Human Beings would surrender their Immortality  and enter the cycle of Life, Death and Re-Birth Again. This was offered and actioned by the Lord of the Dark to the Lords of the Light. . (Please note the Lord of the Darkness is  not a Christian Devil or Satan) Without The Lord of the Night's Offer to repair the Earth and the Solar system and the Galaxy by the Life Force of thousands and thousands of Immortals, no one could exist on this planet as this planet would not exist at all. I am saying this because the Darkness has been misunderstood and misused after the fall of Atlantis.
    I entered together with others into the cycle of Life  Death and re-Birth . Some Immortal Humans could keep their Immortality. We know them as Egyptian Gods, Hindu Gods, Mayan Gods.
    I spent 127 lifetimes in the physical form since the end of Atlantis and I know for fact that we are all children of Gods, Children of Higher Gods, Children of the Creator Gods. Its time to grow up into our GodHumanHood.

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 I am Guardian of The Mother Earth, my name is Robert Adam Hawk. I amaware of being  connected with Higher Dimensions, not always of course....  I teach Shamanic Medicine, Tibetan reiki, Atlantean and Lemurian Meditation, plus I run regular Transformational Workshops LIke   THE BIRTH OF THE GODDESS,  INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANISM and STOP ILLNESS IN 5 MINUTES.......I heal with Shamanic healing, Working with Plants and Light  I teach Meditation every Wednesday   I Love Music and Arts and Above All I Love Life as I am That Life, Which You Are xxx                                                                          

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Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Guide, Lover
Angel takes themselves Lightly because they are made of Light. So are we xxx I want to connect With every Angel and mainly with That Special Beautiful Angel who Is The Female Matching mirror part of Divine Loving Being living inside me.
because I love to join everyone who contribus to raising consciousness and to spread Shamnaic Knowledge of The Light
Angel takes themselves Lightly because they are made of Light. So are we xxx I want to connect With every Angel and mainly with That Special Beautiful Angel who Is The Female Matching mirror part of Divine Loving Being living inside me.


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