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Williamsburg, Va
Realtor, Manager of Storage.


Well, it's certainly all about the journey now!!

Joined Lightworkers June 29, 2008
Peace, love, joy, happiness and true contentment. A real world of enlightenment where words are not necessary and thoughts are good.

Always. I can't remember when I was not open to the path of enlightenment. I have been a member of ARE for over 30 years. I have always been different. I am encouraged by the number of people that are now seeking meditation and answers for things beyond a mathmatical equation. I have been blessed to be located in a place where I meet people from every corner of the earth. I talk with them and help them and in turn help the world atune to a higher vibration.

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I have been a certified lightworker for over 7 years. I have always been sensitive to the earth's vibrations. I know "things" without a logical reason why or how. I have dreams/meditations about people and situations and wake up with the right words to say to help them. I can feel the Ascension process taking place and I see people's life forces as if they were my own. In some cases I see the divine light from above coming down into the tops of others heads. I was given the emerald tablets in a lucid dream. I have studied the tablets and alchemy but have come to the conclusion that everything I thought I knew, I do not, everything is not as it seems. I am a student of the divine, helping where ever I can. I have memories of Atlantis, other places and beings, far beyond this world. I am here to study and help where I can.
Think and Grow Rich Power of Positive thinking Emerald Tablets There is a river (Edgar Cayce)
Intuitive, EarthSensative, Lightworker, Initiate,

I am the light. I am the one. I am as every spiritual being "is". I am the great "I IS".


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