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Intellectually you are in the dark, and you are estranged from the life of one, without knowledge because you have shut your hearts to it.

Joined Lightworkers October 11, 2008
I Am beyond my body no longer can I feel my skin,the perimeter of flesh. As I lay here I realize I’m floating my cells no longer individual within my body but span out as vast as the Universe. I Am the Darkness within the Light I Am the Light within the Darkness But That is not all that I am. I release my self- importance because… I am All That Isand in itself that is Important. So myself could be no lesser nor greater than this or anything, I hear my spirit voice say,"I am you, you are me, and have never been separate." I open my eyes while they are shut and the darkness flees from my view for then I truly see I am not my breath I am not my blood I am forever and shall always be a,
Presence that never leaves.

The Masters of this world extend being to the highest and the ascension over you. The Lighted Pathway is through the Third Eye. You are chosen to pass through the Veil and be a Teacher of Light and a shining One. You are in the Realm of the Initiations. I am giving the codes, keys, symbols, tones and information to burn them to the ground and rise up into the higher spirit… but maybe the best way is use the tools these elite do.

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Universal Frequences




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The world gets crazier and crazier everyday, doesn't it? The world that many of us thought was there, isn't. The bottom has dropped out of everything.
The hidden world has clouds and rain of a different kind, made apparent only to the refined,, those not decieved by the seeming completeness of the ordinary world. People are destroyed by the lack of knowledge. There is a ancient call, it is and has been remembered

I have things to ask and share,,, I hope we can learn from each other,,, 11:11,, 1/3,,, 1234,, 111 numbers,, voices,, dreams,,, I am having dreams,,


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