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Find the giggles, and you will find your soul.

Joined Lightworkers October 25, 2008
I so want to create Peace through love of each other. I feel this is done one person at a time.

When I traveled solo around the world and was able to see how each country revered God and their members of society.

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Our Bodies

BEing Happy~



Can We Really?!!


TGIF Party

EnJOY The Shift

3-11-11 Intentions

World Economics~Creating~~

A Visual Of A Lightworker~

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My description of myself-a lightworker who loves trees, walks along the beach, and quiet times with a good book by the fire. I have several siblings, married w one child and one dog. I have traveled around the world, and have come to know just how special this world is, and how important LOVE is to each and every one of us-APOL-A Person of Light. Angel of my Life

I have long felt I was a lightworker, and sought a connection with others around the world. NAMASTE-APOL


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