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Fort Worth
Human Universal Energy Practitioner/Teacher


"Anthony, Remember Our Primary Objective IS LOVE" Guided Quote from Master Dang's Spirit the day after his Passing over .

Joined Lightworkers October 28, 2008
I Am That I Am, Created in His/Her Image..discovering that I Am That I Am in God Design, Creator of my own experience's, the man with his hand's on my own steering wheel. Relaxing into the Allowing of My Well Being and Relaxing into the Allowing of Letting IT BE. Expecting to Feel the Love. Expecting to Feel the Joy. Expecting to Feel the Abundance. Walking in My knowing; that Everything is in Divine and Perfect Order RIGHT NOW.


Before Birth, is what I have been told. I had many year's of coming to the understanding that I Am That I Am! in my NOW, so it Is...lol..My Spiritual Growth has been ongoing and will continue for lives to come until the Divine OR Myself Tells My Soul "Enough already"!!! lol I do Love my Path. Namaste

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Human Universal Energy Practitioner for the Past 15 years. I am My Daughter's Father since her Birth. When I was introduced to Dr. Prof. Sir Master Luong Minh Dang, Creator of MEL Healing School in 1998. I knew My Life was on a True Path of Wisdom and Enlightenment that I was created to be on. When I first met Master Dang, I attended the Level 3 100% Chakra Opening by Master Dang. As I sat in the back of this Huge banquet room with more than 1000 student's (all there for the same reason). After a short teaching by Master Dang; He proceeded to perform the 100% chakra opening. I was told to focus on Master's Minds Eye from other student's that had already taken the classes and were there to audit and be with Master Dang. As I did as I was told, this Huge banquet room was filled with Universal Energy. I noticed while focusing on Master's Minds Eye, all the students and workers (being that I was way in the back)had bright white aura's around them. I knew then, my life would never be the same. I AM So Grateful For Hearing Divine Source that led me then and NOW, leading My Soul On a Path of Unconditional Love for Divine Mother Earth and Humanity.

Human Universal Energy Practitioner/Teacher, One who request that my minds eye be open so i may be able to know Divine Source's Spiritual Wisdom so I may assist Divines Children on there Spiritual Path

To Combine Like minded Brother's and Sister's as One for the Greater Good of Humanity, Our Divine Mother Earth and the Universe. To Remove Judgment and to work together to Obtain Unconditional Love. And to introduce everyone to our Daily Global Meditation led by Dr. Madam Lady Theresa, Dr. Prof. Sir Master Luong Minh Dang's Widowed Wife. She welcomes Every Soul to join us in Daily Global Meditation for the purpose to send Healing Unconditional Love and Compassion to Divine Mother Earth and to ease the suffering of Mankind. Everybody is welcome to join this Meditation, from Anywhere on this planet. http://www.huesa.org/en


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