Raising The Funds and Raising the Frequency 

Mark Ludbrook is a true festival superstar. He has been providing crowd care services for the Electronic Dance Music scene over the past TEN years. His services have saved lives, saved events and ensured a safe party experience for all of us. Now he needs our help for some serious medical support and healing. Donations most welcome. We hope you can join us for this Fund raising , frequency elevating event. Every booty on the dance floor will help!

Raising The Funds and Raising the Frequency 

  • Pt 1. LIFE

  • Pt 2. PAIN

  • Pt 3. VLOG

Part 1. Life Before

Mark is a dedicated Husband and Father of four great kids and a promoter of Safe Music Events across many genres. This Fundraiser, Video Collections and Information has been put together by his friends in the community to show a little about the Man behind the HighVis and High Vibes. We hope you enjoy these little glimpses of the Man and the being that you are supporting.

Fund Raising Mission 

Establishment of a 24/7 Health and Wellbeing Center, not only for Mark but for the broader community.

Our mission is to help Mark move out of the hospital and into some new accommodation with the appropriate medical support. We have been donated a beautiful location for this purpose, to setup a space of healing, not just for Mark but for those in need. All help is welcome.

  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Easy Access to Loved ones
  • Pain Management
  • Support Staff
  • Healing Food
  • Expert Medical Support


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