Battling Demons In My Dream Again!

Battling Demons In My Dream Again!

by AmethystDreams

February 22, 2010, Comments(7)
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Ive had alot of dreams most of my 40 years of life about battling demons- sometimes i just see it's eyes-they are red and fierce. Ive looked evil straight into their/its eyes and told them to go away-they are not needed here and in the name of ArchAngel Michael they will leave now!

This dream i had in particular was set in a huge empty looking schoolroom- evil energy was going so fast i could hardly see it. I know they were messing with me when they shut the lights off! My past fear was the dark-im over that now. The demons were attacking my energy. I told them that they must leave. I remember calling out......."archangel michael"......"in the name of God"....i pictured myself enveloped in white divine light. About that time-i started to wake up-i could feel an energy swirling in my upper real life that is! I cannot recall if it was good or bad-no strong feelings either way. However-the energy itself was strong enough to remember.

I have a very evil grandmother that passed away a long time ago-i never met her-i was put up for adoption because she didnt want to help my mother bring me up. Ive seen pics of her and heard all the horrible stuff she used to do. Ive even had a pyschic tell me that he felt some very strong negative vibes and that this woman was evil and was calling herself a whore!!! He stopped the reading right then and there.

I bring up this person because i wonder sometimes if she has something to do with these evil dreams?? She was very pyschic, however, used her "gift" (we all have it) in the dark-not in the light like myself and my biological mom. I sometimes wonder if she knew id be sided with the divine and was fearful that id stick up for my mother ( she used to beat her). Im glad i was adopted. I dont think my grandmother and i would get along well AT ALL!

Anyway-thats my bit for today. Anyone else do battle with evil?




February 23, 2010, 12:47 pm
Not all spirits that we see in our dreams are evil-my dream the other night was definitly evil. I know what evil is- didnt say it was my grandma for sure. It was just a thought in the back of my mind.I realize these evil entities are trouble makers-thats part of being evil. Either way-if it was grandma or not-she was still a real bi^&ch in this lifetime. As of 5 years ago-about 15 years after her death-IF it was her coming to the pyschic that i sought a reading from-her self was still in turmoil.She was not in the light.

It may take more than the next lifetime for her to come back as good. I realize we are evolving,however,to go from dark to light in one lifetime would be a huge stretch for her. She has done things that im not even going to write about on here. Think of the worst that could happen to a child and/or adult- SHE HAS DONE IT! "Back in the day"-it was easier to get away with things-even if it meant sleeping with the judge's and lawyers!

Id like to think sometime she will see the light-however,right now-she's facing her demons.

Since i was 5 years old-ive been seeing ghosts and angels. Some ghosts good-some not so good. Ive had nightmares at that young age as well-as you grow older and gain more knowledge-you learn who is who-how to deal with them and how to protect yourself.

The household i grew up in didnt know anything about ghosts-i was adopted. So i was in it all alone til i was about 25. I met my birth mom at age 29. Then her and i talked alot! Come to find out- they have basically followed me my whole life! They didnt know it. I was on the school bus with both my sisters in standish-then when i found them-we all lived up the street from eachother in scarborough-then i moved to south portland-they moved too! My sister-her name is Tammy too! Neither of the moms knew what they had named their kids. Want to talk about being pyscically(bad spelling) linked to someone!

So anyway-i hear what your saying. Thanks for your response.

"I Bring Up This Person


February 23, 2010, 9:48 am
"I bring up this person because i wonder sometimes if she has something to do with these evil dreams?? She was very pyschic, however, used her "gift" (we all have it) in the dark-not in the light like myself and my biological mom."

First, most spirits, "psychics" meet are remnant-spirits, who mimic other persons and cause troubles.
"Astral real is an illusion" the older gurus taught, and they are right!!! Do not trust the spirt-phenomena to 'speak the truth' ...these spirits who communicate with Mediums are mostly 'remnant-spirits'.


Waht the remnat-spirits like to do is; 'try to make people to hate each other' they caould be the one's feeding your mind with thoughts that it's your"evil-"grandmom who is behind all this, when in fact it is, most likelly, remnant-spirits, not your dead grandmom, who cause these demon-nightmares.

It's easier for you (and perhaps for your dead grandmother) if you don't see things like this ...that your dead relatives might wanna hurt/harm you ...and like i said, it is most likelly remnant-discarnate human spirits who try to make you feel badly about your dead grandmom.

I have had similar experiences, and the "astral spirits" (discarnate human spirts) try to play my "dead" relatives against me and vice versa

So if you'd ask me ..i'd say; it IS NOT your grandmother, but remnant-spirits who cause these nightmares/thoughts in you.

Maybe, and most likelly, your psychic grandmom was manipulated and tormented by evil/remnant-spirits aswell, what do you think? make her look, act and feel like a "bad person". Maybe she felt bad too inside, you know?
...but you're grand mom is evolving spirit and is able to change her ways if she just wants to ...and maybe she is allready on "the good" side, what do ya think?


Ill Watch Out For It!


February 22, 2010, 10:19 pm
We must be dream warriors! Ill watch for your post!


Yup, I've Battled With Evil


February 22, 2010, 10:15 pm
Yup, I've battled with evil myself, and not just in dreams. In fact you just reminded me to post up a blog about a very recent dream I had, and I've dealt with evil in my dreams my entire life.

My Weird Dream


February 22, 2010, 8:43 pm
Yes a couple of weeks ago I had this very strange dream where I was fighting against some reptilian-zombie-type of creatures.

I have forgotten now all the small details of that dream that I remembered back then. I should have written it down.

But the bottom line was that I was at some kind of pool resort with some friends and my friends where going to do something but i couldn't join because I had no shoes on my feet and the others had.

So I was left alone and I searched for a nice pool to swim in but they where all full and I didn't dare to join because I noticed I was naked and I was ashamed joining without swim-shorts.

So I went to a indoor pool and than I saw a whole group of about 12 year old children walking in my direction, and from one moment to another they all changed to this reptilian-zombie-type of creatures and there was chaos everywhere and I saw everybody changing in this type of creature. So I ran away because I feared they where to get me too and I went hiding in a closet but that didn't help because I noticed they could see right thought the closed so I went running again and running. There was a whole group of this creatures chasing me.

Now comes the fun part.

Than I landed in a some garage type of place and i saw some nunchucks laying down on the floor so I picked them up and at the same time Jackie Chan (from the movies) came to join me for battle and the creatures had also weapons on them so it was serious business to come.

And together we fought this creatures, I fought the smaller ones and he the bigger ones and we defeated the creatures, but then came a bigger creature, like some kind of overlord-boss-type-of-creature and again together we fought him and at the end we defeated hem too.

And than I woke up.

I've never have had a dream that was so particular like this one before.

Weird ain't it, I think it means something.

Thank You


February 22, 2010, 8:24 pm
Yes- i also believe AA Michael rocks! BOTH of my boy's middle names are Michael:) My birth mom is very sweet-she has a gentle heart. Thank you:) I have been doing the dream thing for as long as i can remember-my birth mom gets alot of her info from her dreams-like the night before her brother passed in a car accident she had "the dream". My oldest son travels alot too.My youngest told me-"mom, sometimes i dont feel like im really here-i feel like im in a dream".

Thank you for your response-i agree, Namaste-Tam

I Used To And Still Do From


February 22, 2010, 7:37 pm
I used to and still do from time to time, although not my job title anymore. These dream was not a dream but actual astral battle and yes with your grandma. You seemed to have blocked her from your daily life, but when you enter the astral realm she can mess with you there... visually but never can she harm you. Set the intention to ban her from your life and you will free yourself from any visits any way, time or space. It is not that she is non-redemable, it is that it is her choice not to be right now. The psychic had to disconnect or she would bug him as well. She is what she has made herself to be, so there is no reason anyone needs to interact with her.
When I touch your mom's energy she is sweet and full of light.... and thus you choose her! I do not think your grandma cared what side you choose as she is just that mean and detached from life. She is exploring the non-life affirming choices.
No need to work with her at all.
that is just my take on it!
AA Michael rocks!!


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