4th Dimension

4th Dimension

by mattie

February 26, 2010, Comments(2)


... The fourth dimension is also known as the Astral Plane, and the primary consciousness of this dimension is the Astral Body, which is also known as the "higher human." ... 

On the fourth dimension, we can reintegrate our group identity without the loss of our personal ego, as it is the last vibration where physical vehicles are used to contain individual consciousness. However, because of the fluid nature of time and space our astral forms naturally morph. Hence, there is a huge mobility of form. It is the realm of the "shape shifters" of which mythology speaks. A shaman or holy person who can shape shift has learned to ground their astral form upon the third dimension so completely that they can temporarily change their third dimensional form. 

Much of our third dimensional life also exists upon the fourth dimension in a format of a higher vibration, but we are not aware of it because that reality is NOT in sync with our physical time and space. We can have a dream of an entire lifetime and wake up to find that only five minutes of our physical time has passed. Our astral reality, as well as our other physical incarnations, is not perceivable to our third dimensional self unless we have remembered our Multidimensional Consciousness. 

The fourth dimension is the realm which holds the awareness of our body's first and second dimensional components, as well as all our past experiences of this life and all other third dimensional lives. We can expand our third dimensional consciousness into the fourth dimension through gaining an awareness of the inner-workings of our physical body, remembering our dreams, and having intense experiences of passion, emotion, creativity, and/or spirituality.

The Astral Plane is the realm of dream life. When we are "asleep", we are unconscious in the third dimension, but we are conscious in the fourth dimension. Our fourth dimensional Astral Body possesses advanced dreaming, imagination, psychic ability, intuition, magic, and creativity. As we expand our mind to frequency of the fourth dimension, we can experience more and more of these qualities while in our physical form. 

Some people are born with an innate connection to their fourth dimensional self and must "work" to ground their consciousness in a third dimensional world that often feels foreign and hostile. Others are born without this awakened connection, and they usually feel more comfortable and "at home" within the third dimensional paradigm. These people often feel cut off from the higher dimensional portions of themselves and may not even believe that "higher selves" even exist. 

However, our astral body does exist and its highest vibration is our Spiritual Guidance. Much like a person upon a mountaintop can observe and guide the residents of the valley below, our higher astral self can observe us upon the third dimension and give us guidance. Through the expanded perception of our fourth dimensional self we can create great changes in our physical world.

However, the fourth dimension still has the polarization of light and dark, and this realm is not necessarily more loving, especially upon the lower sub-planes. Upon the fourth dimension, thought and feelings create reality much more quickly than upon the third dimension, and fear can create evil as easily as love can create beauty and joy. 


There are different planes, which are increases in frequency, which we can access by expanding our conscious. The Lower Astral Plane holds the invisible emanations of all the fear and negativity that is projected into it from the physical plane. The Lower Astral has been known as Hell, with Purgatory being above that. Fourth dimensional consciousness feeds into and extends third dimensional emotions. Therefore, it is often known as the "realm of emotion". The Lower Astral, which holds the third dimension's negative emotions, is not a pleasant experience and a path must be forged through it into the higher sub-planes-such as Faerie. 

The Land of Faerie, which we read about as children in our "Fairy Tales", actually exists upon the middle fourth dimension. Faerie acts as respite after we have forged our pathway through the fear and darkness of the Lower Astral Plane. After we have experienced Faerie, we can travel in our fourth dimensional consciousness (or fourth dimensional bodies) into the Emotional Plane, also known as the Astral Plane, to learn about the master of our emotions. From there, we can travel up into the Mental Plane to learn mastery of our thoughts. In the Causal Plane, also known as the Higher Mental Plane, we can learn the cause and effect of how thoughts and feelings create our world. The Spiritual Plane connects us to the higher guidance of our I AM Presence. 

One of the maps (there are many maps) of the sub-planes of the fourth dimensions with the highest vibration on the top is: 

CAUSAL/SPIRITUAL: learn laws of cause and effect and Spiritual Guidance 
MENTAL: learn mastery over our thoughts 
ASTRAL/EMOTIONAL: learn mastery over emotions 
LAND OF FAERIE: overlaps emotional, mental, and causal plane 
LOWER ASTRAL: learn mastery over dark side - i.e. fear and negative emotions 
ETHERIC: interface between third and fourth dimension 

The fourth dimension is like a stream that creates a bridge into the higher dimensions. The base of the bridge is where the physical and astral bodies overlap. This area is known as the Etheric Body.”



“Each sub-plane resonates to a different frequency. The higher sub-planes resonate to higher frequencies and the lower sub-planes resonate to lower frequencies.  With the highest frequency planes on the top, the planes are:

Causal/Spiritual Plane=abstract thought and the Higher Human form
Mental Plane=concrete thought and lower mind
Astral/Emotional Plane=emotions 
Kingdom of Faerie=imagination, rest and recreation
Lower Astral Plane=fear and negative emotions
Etheric Plane=interface between third and fourth dimensions

Each of the sub-planes within the fourth dimension has its own corresponding degree of materiality and condition of matter. In fact, within each sub-plane there are different frequency realities that are of gradually ascending vibratory rates.  

For example, the Astral/Emotional Plane has many sub-planes within it ranging from a lower vibration where there is more fear than love to a higher vibration where there is more love than fear. However, these different planes are not separate like books piled on a bookshelf. Each sub-plane penetrates the one just above it and below it.

All of the fourth dimensional realities overlap. The higher dimensional realities extend further from earth and the lower dimensional realities are closer to earth. In fact, the lower astral sub-planes are actually here on the surface of the earth but are of a higher vibration.

However, because the fourth dimension is "out of phase" with our third dimensional perceptions, we are not consciously aware of it. As people begin to raise their consciousness, their perceptions will gradually become receptive to a reality of a higher frequency. Then they begin to see and hear what others do not. This can be very disturbing to one who has no guidance.

The inner worlds of the fourth dimension are as vast and limitless as our imagination. However, the fourth dimension is NOT just our imagination, it is very real. Within us is the latent power to perceive, respond to and travel through this dimension. We all have "bodies" upon each of the fourth dimensional sub-planes in which we travel. That means that, whether we are aware of it or not, we all have an etheric body, an astral/emotional body, a mental body, a causal/spiritual body, which is our I AM Presence, and a life in Faerie.

Whenever we are incarnated on the third dimension, all of these higher bodies are also "alive" and serve as our "mirror" and support team. When we travel in the fourth dimension, we do so in the body that resonates to that sub-plane or a higher one. In other words, we can travel through the Astral Plane in our astral body or in our mental or causal bodies.

It is best to travel the lower sub-planes in our higher frequency bodies, as we may need the greater light of our higher bodies to serve as protection.  This protection is especially needed in the Lower Astral Plane. The light and love of our higher dimensional bodies is the greatest protection from the darkness and fear of the lower astral sub-planes.

Moving from one sub-plane to another, it is not like moving on 3D Earth. Instead, we need to think in terms of transferring our consciousness from one reality to another. When we transfer our consciousness to another reality, we gradually become less responsive to the perceptions of the reality we are in and more responsive to the perceptions of the reality to which we are traveling.

We have all had this experience as we slowly drift off to sleep. First we are more aware of the physical world, and then, slowly, without our realizing it, we have flashes of a "dream."  Often these flashes come while we are still awake. Eventually, the physical world is perceived in flashes, and our dream world becomes predominant.

This same process occurs when we meditate. Through meditation we can raise our consciousness to a higher vibration by focusing our awareness on the higher dimensions.

We navigate through the fourth dimension by combining our feelings/emotions and intentions/thoughts. Our feelings and intentions create a corresponding frequency of consciousness.
The higher states of consciousness resonate to a higher frequency, whereas the lower states of consciousness resonate to a lower frequency. It is our state of consciousness that creates our expectations. Our expectations then direct our perceptions to experience the reality in which that our state of consciousness believes.

For example, if we are feeling bliss and joy, our consciousness will raise to a high frequency. In this state of consciousness we will expect to experience love and harmony. Our expectations will then set our perceptions for that frequency. We will then experience the reality that vibrates to the frequency of that state of consciousness, expectations, and consequent perceptions.
On the other hand, if we are angry and afraid, our consciousness will lower. From this level of consciousness we will expect struggle and strife. Our perceptions will then calibrate to that frequency, and we will experience that reality.

This dynamic also applies to traveling through the various levels of the third dimension.  There are many different third dimensional realities resonating to different octaves/frequencies of the 3D reality, just as there are different octaves of the 4D reality.

Our states of consciousness set our beliefs about what we expect from life. Then, our expectations calibrate our perceptions to perceive that which fits into those beliefs. Our experience of life is dictated by the frequency to which our perceptions are calibrated.

A street person has a "survival" state of consciousness. They expect to be cold, hungry, and alone. Therefore, their perceptions are focused on gathering food and finding shelter.

On the other hand, a self-realized person has learned how to survive in the world comfortably enough to have time and energy to pursue spiritual, artistic, and philosophical endeavors. They expect to have a, enough food, and friends with whom they can share their interests. They perceive a lovely day for a hike, a new play at their favorite theater, and the current activities of the stock market.

A self-realized person and a street person could be standing side by side and be realities apart. Just as the realities in the third dimension range from the street person to the of a self-realized person, the realities within the fourth dimension range from the Lower Astral Plane to the Causal/Spiritual Plane.

Even though we navigate the fourth dimension by combining our feelings and intentions, if they are not in sync with the frequency to which we wish to travel, we will not arrive at that plane.
For example, if we intend to go to the Causal Plane, but we are feeling afraid, that fear will limit our vibratory rate, and hence, our consciousness. Consequently, it will be more likely that we will find ourselves in the lower to mid astral sub-planes than in the Causal Plane.

Our intention also directs our destination. If we travel into the Astral/Emotional Plane with the intention of harming another, our level of consciousness will resonate to the Lower Astral Plane where fear and anger abound.

On the other hand, if we enter the Astral/Emotional Plane with the intention of service and love, our level of consciousness will resonate to the higher astral sub-planes where there is more love and light.

If we travel into the fourth dimension with the intention of learning more cosmic truth and communicating with higher beings, our consciousness will resonate to the Mental and/or the Causal Plane where illumination awaits us.

Of course, raising our consciousness to the higher fourth dimensional realities is not an easy task. It requires much training, discipline, and most of all, LOVE.

The fourth dimension begins here on earth and extends thousands of miles beyond the surface into the ionosphere. The higher in altitude that we travel in the third dimension, as well as the higher we raise our consciousness that we travel in the fourth dimension, the more rarified and less dense the environment becomes.

There is less matter and more light in the higher altitudes of the third dimension and less fear and more love in the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension. Therefore, in order to travel to the higher planes of the fourth dimension, we must be able to fill ourselves with love. In other words, we must be able to love ourselves, for how can we fill ourselves with love if we cannot love ourselves?

Matter limits the vibratory rate of physical elements to make them denser, and fear limits the vibratory rate of non-physical elements to make them denser. For example, the element of earth is solid. It holds the most matter within it, is the densest, and has the lowest vibration.

The next element up in vibration is water, which is liquid. Water holds less matter than the earth element, is less dense and has a faster vibration. Finally, the element of air is gaseous, has the least density and the fastest vibration.

In order to raise our consciousness high enough to travel to the higher planes, we must go deep within ourselves. We can consciously love ourselves enough to travel into some portions of the Astral Plane, but in order to travel into the higher planes we must also love ourselves from DEEP within our unconscious.

This inner love means that we love ALL that we have been and ALL that we have experienced. If we cannot love ourselves in this fashion we will not be able to release enough fear to raise our vibration, and therefore our consciousness, above the mid-astral sub-planes.

The transformation of our consciousness can be likened the transformation of water boiling in a pan. First the water is room temperature and the molecules move relatively slowly. When the fire beneath the pan heats the water, the molecules move faster and faster until the water boils. When the water boils, portions of it become steam and rise into the air. If the pan is not removed from the fire, all the water will then transform into steam and the pan will become "empty."

Metaphorically, the pan is like our body, the fire is like our rising Kundalini, and the water is like our consciousness. Just as the pan and fire remain on the stove, our physical body remains on the earth while we transfer our awareness to the higher bodies. If the empty pan were to remain on the fire, it would begin to degrade without the water to protect it from the fire. Our physical bodies would also degrade if all of our consciousness left. Our consciousness is our life force. It is the pilot of our earth vessel.  Without the pilot, the "vessel" would crash.

As a skyscraper must have a deep foundation in order to reach high into the sky, we must be deeply rooted in the physical earth to raise our consciousness into the higher dimensions. It is love for ourselves and for the planet that affords us that grounding. The more intimately we can love ourselves, the higher in consciousness we can travel. Love is the antidote to the fear that lowers our vibration and limits our consciousness.

The Lower Astral Plane is the lowest sub-plane of the fourth dimension. It lies partly on the surface of the earth and partly, perhaps mostly, beneath the surface of the earth. Remember that the fourth dimension is "out of phase" with our physical sense organs, and it is not perceivable to our third dimensional consciousness.

The Lower Astral Plane is filled with the emotions of fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, and pain. These negative emotions lower the vibration of this plane and diminish its light. Vision here is like looking through an infrared camera where the only colors are black, gray, and dirty red.

The Lower Astral Plane is not imaginary. It does have an objective existence. It is not evil of itself but instead resonates to and reflects the evil within those who visit it. If we were to calm our fear with love, we would take on a higher frequency astral body. Then we could safely travel through the Lower Astral Plane to assist its poor inhabitants. In fact, many spiritual people give the service of Lower Astral "rescue work."

The inhabitants of the astral sub-planes above the Lower Astral Plane see the same earth that we see in the third dimension. However, the enhanced perceptions of the astral body allow the traveler to perceive much more. With our astral vision, we can see the outer appearance as it is seen on the third dimension. However we can also see the etheric body, the aura, and the prana that is circulating over, under, around and through the life forms and objects. In fact, on the fourth dimension it becomes apparent that ALL "objects" have a life force.

As we move into the higher realities of the Astral/Emotional Plane it is much lighter. Therefore, colors are more perceivable and objects are clearer. Once there, we lose sight of third dimensional earth and become absorbed with the fascinating process of creating reality with our thoughts and feelings.

The entire Astral/Emotional Plane from the Lower Astral Plane to the base of the Mental Plane acts like a mirror for our emotions. In these fourth dimensional realities, feelings from the third dimensional world are amplified. They then reverberate back to the physical world in an ever-expanding arc like a wave buffeting back ad forth between two walls. However, if we can travel into the Astral Plane and calm this storm, our third dimensional emotions will also lessen.

Summerland is astral sub-plane where “dead” persons go who are not aware that they have died. These persons are either not in touch with their higher self and spiritual guidance, or they are not yet ready to accept that their physical life has ended. In Summerland, they can finish whatever earthly goals they were unable to achieve. If their goals were to harm others and cause fear, they will not be able to remain there because the vibration of their consciousness will pull them down into the Lower Astral Plane.

The vibration of Summerland resonates to love. It is a place where loving people who "die" while disillusioned or unfinished with their physical life can feel a sense of fulfillment and completion. Summerland is like a halfway house where the inhabitants can prepare themselves for their rebirth into the physical world or into the higher planes.
The light and the colors in Faerie are so bright that it is like coming out of a dark cave and into a bright field. Much of Faerie looks like the physical plane, but there are also plants, beings, and humanoids there that do not exist on the third dimension. Our fairy tales and fantasy novels give a true representation of life in Faerie.

>The Mental Plane has much less density than the Astral Plane. In fact, in the mental sub-planes, emotions are muted because they are balanced. For example, fear and love, happiness and sorrow, are no longer polarized into separate emotions and are, instead, perceived as a spectrum encompassing all extremes. Without the polarity of emotions there is no longer the "charge" that distracts our feeling body and lowers our consciousness. Therefore, we can to "think" about out emotions without the judgment and criticism that is so common on the third dimension.

Here the combination of thoughts and emotions quickly manifest as objects or experiences. However, our perceptions that were so bright and distinct on the higher astral sub-planes are muted, like looking through a gauze veil. Matter on the Mental Plane is very fine, and objects are temporary because they are created by our attention and disappear when they no longer hold them in our mind.
Just as the Astral Plane creates and reflects our emotions, the Mental Plane creates and reflects our thoughts. The Mental Plane encompasses our concrete thought, our mental body, and the aura of our mind. Traveling through the Mental Plane can assist us in releasing old core beliefs of limitation and separation.

The Causal Plane is the highest vibration of the Mental Plane. However, it resonates to a much higher frequency then the rest of the Mental Plane. Therefore, it is infinitely more beautiful. This plane is filled with Light, Love, and Truth. The Causal Plane is the plane of our "Higher Self." This plane rules our abstract thought and can facilitate quick changes in our third dimensional thinking if we allow the wisdom of our "Higher Self" to enter our physical consciousness.

The highest frequency of the Causal Plane is the Spiritual Plane where our Higher Human resides. Our Higher Human consists primarily of Light and holds very little matter. From the perspective of our Higher Human, we are able to pierce the veil between each plane and see our many selves. This process is like looking through a house of mirrors to see the many "bodies" of our self. However, our true Self is the Higher Human.

When our Soul desires a physical life, it steps its vibration down into the Higher Human who then clothes itself in the matter of the appropriate planes to become "born" into the physical world. On each of the sub-planes between the physical and Causal/Spiritual Plane is a body we can inhabit for our fourth dimensional journeys.

It is from the Causal/Spiritual Plane that the Rainbow Bridge can lift our vibration into the fifth dimension and into our fifth dimensional Lightbody. Our “I AM Presence” guards the threshold of this Bridge, waiting to guide us across it when we are ready.

When the third and fourth dimensions collapse into the fifth dimension, we will all wear bodies of light. Whether this transformation will occur slowly or suddenly remains to be seen. Either way, when the transformation occurs, many people will be confused. They will then seek guidance from the Lightworkers who have faced their fear and darkness and forged ahead into the planes of love and light.”


Time is a concept that is relative to our state of consciousness. For example, when we enter our unconscious mind we often find the self we are in our childhood or early adulthood. As we relive these events, we forget our "present time" and plunge ourselves into the past for understanding and healing. Our unconscious mind is also a portal to the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension, time is experienced very differently than it is in the third dimension. From our fourth dimensional consciousness we can also view our other third and fourth dimensional realities, which are often referred to as "past lives". However, past, present, and future are terms that only apply while we are engaging in the third dimensional consensus reality of "time".

Besides being a portal to the fourth dimension, our unconscious mind can also be a portal to the first and second dimensions. If we can calibrate our conscious mind to alpha waves (see Conscious Section), we can activate this portal. Many shaman, mystics, and artists have been able to commune with crystals, which are first dimensional, and plants, animals and other life forms that are second dimensional. While visiting these other dimensions, third dimensional "time" is then forgotten until the multidimensional traveler returns from his or her journey.

The unconscious state is the portal to the first, second and fourth dimension, the conscious state is the portal to the third dimension, and the superconscious state is the portal to the fifth dimension and beyond. It is only in the third dimension that there is time, as we know it. In the first, second and fourth dimensions, there is the concept of time but it is different than in the third dimension. In the fifth dimension and beyond there is no time because these are the dimensions of Unity of space, time and polarity. In these higher dimensions, not only is NO time or space as we know it, there are also NO polarities (such as good/bad, pretty/ugly, smart/dumb, poor/rich, or hot/cold).”


“Our Higher Self shoots down many elements of itself into the lower dimensions to gain experience. It is the experiences of the third and fourth dimension that allow it to gain more Wisdom, Love and Power. In the out-breath, our Higher Self sends down its essence to experience life in the lower dimensions. Then, with the in-breath, it calls to these "offshoots" to return Home with all that they have learned.”



The shift from the third to the fourth dimension is not too difficult, as you experience this change every night when you fall asleep and go into your “night body.” However, the shift from the fourth dimension, which is still polarized, to the fifth dimension, which is beyond all polarity, demands a greater adaptation for your consciousness and a total transformation of your body into Lightbody. Once you have entered the fifth dimensional realities, it is an easier transition into the vibrations beyond the fifth, as there are no longer the polarities of “separation” and “limitation.””


“Metaphysics teaches us that the pineal gland transduces Cosmic Light down from our fourth dimensional bodies into our physical vessel so that we can “download” it into our third dimensional consciousness. The pineal gland rules our biorhythms of feeling high/light and feeling low/dark. Because we live in the “land of polarities, the crown chakra and its pineal gland is needed to blend the darkness of the Great Void with the Cosmic Light in order to integrate the entire spectrum of the constantly streaming, higher dimensions into our physical reality. Once the pineal gland has “downloaded” this energy, our pituitary gland can instruct the other endocrine glands to assist us in raising the vibrational patterns of our physical form.”


n. Apparent communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions.

Telepathy is the ability to read, or have a “knowing,” of another person’s thoughts. An example would be when we answer a question that the other person has not yet spoken. It is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which is a natural consequence of either moving beyond the constraints of third dimensional time and into the more fluid fourth dimensional time, and/or moving into fifth dimensional consciousness where all life is blended in unity with the ONE.”

n. The movement of objects by scientifically inexplicable means.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with our mind. It is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability which allows us to move objects through space without the workings of our physical body. In our fourth and fifth dimensional self, our mind, emotions and intentions are more powerful than our muscles. Therefore, we can displace objects by combining our thoughts and emotions with our conscious intention.”

n. The power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses; acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects that resonate to the fourth dimension and beyond. As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand beyond the confines of the 3D spectrum of light. Hence, we can “see” objects and beings in the fourth dimension and beyond.
n. The power to hear things outside the range of normal perception.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds from the fourth dimension and beyond. With practice, we can all communicate with realities that resonate to frequencies beyond the third dimension.”


“Once the seeker has achieved enough mastery of their emotional and mental bodies and have raised the kundalini to awaken their crown chakra, they will be able to travel in conscious meditation to other dimensions. However, before you are able to ascend into the fourth and fifth dimension you must also attain mastery over your physical animal body. All remaining addictions must be faced and worked through so that the ego will not hold precedence over the Soul. Then the point of perception can be placed in your Soul rather than in your physical form. You can also maintain a physical body as long as you ground your fifth dimensional perception through the fourth dimension and into your third dimensional physical form.

It is your belief, expectation, and consequent perception of the separation and limitation of the third dimension that continues your attachments and addictions. Once you have totally placed your perception in your fifth dimensional Soul, you will no longer experience a sense of separation or of limitation. It is this constant sense of separation and limitation that causes the habitual physical, emotional and mental conflicts that end in attachments and addictions.

These addictions are not to be judged. They need love and thanksgiving. Attachments and addictions were initiated as a “survival mechanism” to assist you in confronting a life experience that you were unprepared to deal with. The attachments to things, conflicts, and even people brought safety and comfort as did the excesses of life that have grown into addictions.

Addictions do not only mean addiction to drugs or alcohol. An addiction is an excess of a substance or behavior that distracts you from the feelings that your are having and are not strong enough to face. Again, the sense of separation (from love) and limitation (of love) is what assures you that you are NOT strong enough to be fully conscious of yourself and the world around you.

In order to rewrite your lives-long program of belief in separation and limitation, you must go into the core of your brain where the third eye and the crown chakras meet in the third and fourth ventricles. It is in this location that the cerebral spinal fluid can be transmuted. Once this fluid is transmuted, it will activate a biochemical chain of events that will instruct your core program to erase all "thoughts of limitation, feelings of fear, and doubts of Self."

Now, see the seed of ascension that waits dormant in a small amniotic sac within this area of your brain. This sac is fourth dimensional so it has not been found in any scientific exploration, but you can see it with your astral vision. This amniotic sac is a portion of the etheric field that emanates within the electromagnetic field of your physical form. Allow the joining of the energies from the Crown and the Heart chakras to meet in this embryo in a tiny burst of light.

Feel the flame of the atma in your heart and the atma of the golden chakra above your crown to join in the core of this embryo. Do so very slowly and calmly. This portion of yourself has lain dormant for thousands of years and must be awakened slowly and gently.

Stroke it with your deepest love like your would a small newborn. See how it is beginning to recognize you. Yes, it reminds you of Kepier, your fifth dimensional self, and is indeed of the essence of that alternate reality. It is of the Arcturian vibration as that is your home world. Others will experience the feel of their home world. This fetus is actually formless. Once it is awakened it will slowly infiltrate all of your cerebral spinal fluid and begin the process of transmutation. You need not engage your will in clearing your addictions and attachments. It is the vibration of Unconditional Love that will initiate this transformation.

Release the old core belief that "life is a struggle". The process that you have just initiated is like the opening of a rose. If you try to force it to open unnaturally, you will instead injure the rosebud and decrease it longevity. You have waited a very long time for this moment. Do not try to hurry or force this process. If you must engage your will, then use it to remember to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.”


You may be experiencing many uncomfortable, almost apocalyptic, dreams. These dreams tell of great social change and may be filled with fear and shame. A look into a possible reality is often necessary so that one does not actualize that reality. Remember you are seeking to follow the path of love that will guide you through the narrows.

Your astral body, your fourth dimensional self, is acting like a scout and is venturing into the unknown to find the best trail for the rest of you to take. Fear is not just a bad feeling or paranoia, fear can also be a warning. Fear and pain are necessary in the third and fourth dimension because they help you differentiate a “don't do” from a “do”.

Do not be afraid of your fear. Fear can, and is, your friend and a warning system. Of course, for fear to be a friend, the old accumulation of past fears must be cleared. If the past is not cleared of fear, then the new warning fears will become attached to the old fears. The original warning fear will become amplified and obscured like a needle in a haystack.

These dreams fulfill a double purpose. Besides being your “astral scouts” they allow you to bring old pain and fear to the surface. They also allow future “what ifs” to be recognized so that they will not bend your intention onto a fearful avenue.

Remember, you create with your mind by your INTENTIONS and with your emotions of LOVE or FEAR. An intention filled with fear will create a fearful experience and an intention filled with love will create a loving experience. Loving experiences assist you in raising more of your core consciousness into the fifth dimension, whereas fear-filled experiences can only take you to a place where fear rules—the lower astral plane. If your destination is the fifth dimension, your path and intention must be of love.

In order to have a love-filled transition, you must keep all fears conscious where they can be managed. An unconscious fear is like a sniper and it is your worst enemy. These dreams are bringing all old fears to your conscious mind where they can be healed.

Thank the astral scout for showing you where NOT to go. Clear the dreams with love and acceptance. Many, many possible realities exit. Allow your astral scout to “test the water” and bring the information back to you. We can also communicate with your “scout” to send you messages you may not be able to hear when you are awake.”




February 1, 2014, 12:09 am
im really happy thanks to you i am understanding more about the truth!

Thank You Mattie


February 26, 2010, 10:53 pm
Blessings of the ages to you! I would not have even read this if it weren't for the spark of Light over your name. The last third of the teaching was/is the exact message I needed to integrate, as this is what I am working on right now.
I must also say, that in the process of clearing and release, I blurted out an irritated message, for this I apologize. I felt terrible. Hopefully, Lightworkers know this is bound to happen from time to time as we are all releasing stuff from past times. I also realized that I had to look deeper into my aggitation and learn where it came from. We truly are our teachers and students, and for this I thank you and everyone here.
Love and Blessings,


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