One, Post. One, Love. One, Life.

One, Post. One, Love. One, Life.

by luv2create

April 1, 2010, Comments(3)

First let me begin by saying, Thank you to all lightworkers for creating these sites. I have so many questions, that truthfully I'm not exactly sure of where I should start. I gues its the best to start with, are there truely darkworkers? If so what's the lightworkers symptoms and how do the darkworkers operate (so to speak)? and what can I do regain my strengeth or cease this negativity I feel?

Finding Your Way


October 23, 2010, 8:58 am
Why do you feel you’ve lost your strength?

Are you feeling negativity about anything specific?

You choose to be negative or positive by the thoughts & emotions that you CHOOSE. Part of mastering our energies is learning to regulate our thoughts. The Universe does NOT edit out our negative thoughts, only selecting our positive ones to manifest. It simply fulfills what we script for our self.

There are those who focus on what we call the ‘dark.’ Don’t be concerned about them. They are really only a problem to their self. Organized religion has worked long & hard for centuries to convince us to be afraid of negative energies. They gave us the false info. that negative energies were stronger than us.

We now know that we have the energetic right to order negative energies to scram if we don’t want to be annoyed by them.

I've Never Heard Of

Just A Dude In The Light

October 20, 2010, 5:08 pm
I've never heard of 'darkworkers' but if there were such a thing you dont have to fear them or anyhting like that. Let them be them and you be you. I find the best answer to many of life's challenges is just being. When you just BE you dont react with emotion, but see the situation before you and then learn to approach it in the way that will emulate love and truth as best you can.



April 2, 2010, 2:07 am
The dark serves and important role for us to see the light.
Sure there are those who lead dark lives, let them be.
If you are looking to regain strength, first identify what is draining it.
Get answers about the situation, find the "gift" in the situation and learn a lesson from it.
Once the lesson is learned the situation will go away.
The negativity also may be bubbling up from within you, and you again should learn from it and then release/heal the situation.
You may need assistance to heal especially if it is a core issue.
Focus on becoming enlightened. Your dark side will show itself, it's can heal it and send it to the light for transmutation.
We must learn from our life experiences.


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