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May 31, 2010, Comments(9)
Enviroment and ecology

This was sent to me today...just wondering wether this is correct or not?

All of you out there across the globe who have fought so hard to tackle the hideous enemy of our planet, namely carbon emissions, you know ....that bogus god you worship of “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” ....well, I feel it is necessary to inform you of some bad news. It really does pain me to have to bring you this disappointing information.

Are you sitting down?

Okay, here's the bombshell. The current volcanic eruption going on in Iceland, since its first spewing of volcanic ash has, in just FOUR DAYS, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet - all of you.

Of course you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress - it’s that vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow and to synthesise into oxygen for us humans and all animal life.

I know, I know.... (group hug)'s very disheartening to realise that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of: driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kid's "The Green Revolution" science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, vacationing at home instead of Bali, nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your $1 light bulbs with $10 light bulbs ...well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just four days.

The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth's atmosphere in just four days - yes - FOUR DAYS ONLY by that volcano in Iceland, has totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And there are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud any one time - EVERY DAY.

Oh, I don't really want to rain on your parade too much, but I should mention that when the volcano Mt Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire 40 MILLION YEARS on earth. Yes folks, Mt Pinatubo was active for over one year - think about it.

Of course I shouldn't spoil this touchy-feely tree-hugging moment and mention the effect of solar and cosmic activity and the well-recognised 800-year global heating and cooling cycle, which keep happening, despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change.

I'm so sorry. And I do wish I had a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud but the fact of the matter is that the bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.

Just remember that your government just tried to impose a whopping carbon tax on you on the basis of the bogus “human-caused” climate change scenario.

Hey, isn’t it interesting how they don’t mention “Global Warming” any more, but just “Climate Change” - you know why? It’s because the planet has COOLED by 0.7 degrees in the past century and these global warming bullshit artists got caught with their pants down.

And just keep in mind that if that same government is re-elected, you will have an Emissions Trading Scheme - that whopping new tax - imposed on you, that will achieve absolutely nothing except make you poorer. It won’t stop any volcanoes from erupting, that’s for sure.

But hey, grab a Coke, give the world a hug and have a nice day!

PS: I wonder if Iceland is buying carbon offsets?

Oh well...if this is true...I guess we will just have to start all over again. I'm not going to give up....



If You Study Geology You Will See


June 10, 2010, 4:13 pm
When a supervolcano blows it sends the earth into a mini ice age. Sometimes not so mini ice age. Then gradually after the ash dissapates & the warming cycle begins again. Usually volcanos cause a cooling effect because the ash blocks out the suns rays. Where emissions cause an opposite effect by magnifying the suns rays. Look at the different eras throughout our geological history. You will probably come to the conclusion we are due for an extinction. We can't worry about what a volcano might do to us but we can sure make a difference in how we treat our world. Blessings, Sherry

Hey Maryann,
Thanks For Your

Sen SA Mei

May 31, 2010, 8:38 pm
Hey Maryann,

Thanks for your are absolutely spot on. What frustrates me is that our governments keep back tracking on their original promises in relation to ETS and reducing carbon emissions. Like Australia...who made a big deal last year of signing the Kyoto agreement and turned around, in this an election year and stated we can't afford to follow through. I believe we can't afford not to. Who gets to these guys once we vote them into office? I think we all know...



I Have To Agree With Maryann.


May 31, 2010, 3:40 pm
I have to agree with Maryann. We still wash our dishes when they get dirty, right?

Just because it rains on our parade doesn't mean we stop having parades.

Just because we fail a class doesn't mean we decide we are never going to learn anything again.

Natural disasters will happen, that is no reason to cease respecting the planet and living in the best harmony you can with her.

If you plan a nice night out with your spouse and a bunch of external factors prohibit you from going, do you cease planning nights out forever?

Just another perspective. I for one will not give up doing my best to be respectful of our earth mother.

Keep shining. ((( ))))

I Read This As An Ugly Attempt To Negate


May 31, 2010, 2:15 pm
any responsibity we have for this planet. IT ALL MATTERS....with 7b people on the earth, we individually and collectively need to pay attention and take full responsibility for ourselves.

Great Post
I Know It Is Not


May 31, 2010, 1:34 pm
great post
i know it is not funny but............
the way you said it, i could not stop laughing!
we are a funny bunch of earth species

Don't Get It


May 31, 2010, 1:20 pm
all this back and forth talk about climate change, global warming it exists, doesn't exist, there are conspiracy plots, etc. etc.

to me it is just basic common sense an highly populated planet creates garbage, lots of it. emissions from gas creates smog. It has to go somewhere. Whether or not a natural disaster adds to the pollution is irrelevant and takes away from the point - each of our garbage has to go somewhere - it just doesn't go away even though we have the illusion of that.

think of the earth as a human body - where is the poop going?

natural disasters may add to the pollution but if we didn't make the efforts to control our pollution to begin with it would be much worse - think of China and the fact that their cities are so smog filled there are so many health problems. think of LA in the 70's.
If you clean your house then have guests and the guests leave a mess, you still clean the guests mess but if you don't clean your house then have guests leave a mess you have twice as much to clean.
To tell people that their efforts to be responsible for their imprint on the planet to me is a way to foster irresponsibility - it doesn't matter so why try? That is a cavalier approach - it does matter.

What to me is tiring about the green debate is the lack of obvious approach - if we create the garbage we must be responsible for the garbage. the human population keeps growing and growing (the elephant in the room) and so therefore what we each dispose of over our extended lifetimes keeps growing.
one only has to look at the gulf to see what damage humans do - any efforts we make no matter how big or small to help can only help
maybe I just don't see the humor

Hi! Thanks For The Blog. I


May 31, 2010, 12:09 pm
Hi! Thanks for the blog. I agree in that 'worry' is perhaps the worst 'medicine.'

If it's a 3d illusion, than that is what it is.

Don't worry,

Love You All. -g

Gotta Laugh

Sen SA Mei

May 31, 2010, 8:20 am
Hi Dance,

I suppose you have to laugh when you really look at it....doh! Duped again. Those sneaky Illuminati and Annunaki critters. Just another ploy of theirs to manipulate the masses and keep them slaves to the system for as long as they can. They're pretty smart aren't they?

You're right....the best toy you can give your children is their 'imagination'. Enjoy your precious bubs for as long as you can, even if they do a '#2' on your dining room table. LOL...isn't she clever.


Eternal Love n Light




May 31, 2010, 4:30 am

Reading this made my day. first time i've laughed out loud in weeks it seems, except for the moments when i clean up my 2 year old's poop that she so proudly made on our dining room table after demonstrating her climbing prowess. i wholeheartedly agree about the climate change crap, which initially i beleived and then quickly grew out of, like so many noble yet vacant ideas our so called society has had about things. my favorite one is the people who still tout capitalism as the greatest thing ever, my dad even said, "at least its better than tyranny'. nope, sorry it is tyrrany. hey, if i had kept my tax dollars from my meager earnings in my lifetime and asked my mom for the cash she spent on my mostly useless university education (i was a philosophy major, who knew that thinking and writing 'deep thoughts' could be so useless and unprofitable!?) i might be happily sitting on some arable land near a vast tract of wilderness where i could grow food and build some huts for my other landless peasant friends to help me garden on, and to share the monumental task of raising two darling but demanding little humans. instead, i hunker at home, mostly friendless because most other moms i've met are totally wack and most of what is out there to do with kids is useless, lame and costly and i refuse to be a part of the lameness. playgrounds are free, but the forest is even more free, and at least when we play with sticks i don't have to worry about the toxic plastic slides that electrocute you and your kids when you catch them at the bottom. instead, i savor the days when we save up enough to buy gas so we can access the wild spaces (60 mile drive) that remain to be explored on this planet i was born on. i am amazed by all the people who continue to beleive it makes any sense at all to have to pay someone money to drink water and eat and not freeze to death on a planet we were born on. for now, i wait out the tide of the old and keep swimming for the wave of the future, but sadly, most of my surfing lessons from my college days (one of the few useful things i got to do by virtue of my university education in la jolla, ca) taught me that its a major pain to get pounded down by a seeming ton of waves so that i could finally get out to where i could catch one good one back in, only to fall off and strangle myself with my so-called ankle leash. good thing i didn't lose my surfboard of laughs... la le la le la..... well, glad i never bought those $10 lightbulbs, at least i didn't fall for EVERY trick in the book now, hey?


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