Meeting My Twin Flame.

Meeting My Twin Flame.

by Damayanthi

June 5, 2010, Comments(5)
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How I came into conscious connection with Erophin, m Twin Falme from Telos (Lemurian city beneath Mt Shasta)

Hi all!

Okay, i have been asked by Jazmin to share my Twin Flame experience..

WARNING: my meeting came very unexpectantly and for me Erophin literally showed up.. unannounced.

ooookkkkaaaay!!!... where to begin?? oh yes!

okay, in 2008 i was in year 12 and i was studying for my HSC (Higher School Certificate) whic i amazingly got! heheh... anyway and i was doing a HUGE ART WORK!

Entitled: Earth's Lost History and Coming Future. this was when i started to research about Atlantis and then after Lemuria. i found i had a strong connection to Lemuria. and then Telos.

i saw a lady i know, Glenda and she and i had a chat over the phone and i said: "Do I have a family in Telos?"

"Yes you do."

"When they emerge will they come and stay with me?"

"yes except for one family member. One is going to stay behind."

then as i was thinking i thought. no i ASSUMED: oh its probablym Twin Flame.

then i left it at that for a while.

so i finished year 12 and was complelty exhusted from all the learning and remembering of my connection to the past, and teachin my classs mates. i had 500 students in year 12. and i taught so many of them thrugh my art and interesting discussions.

I went to TAFE, for those who do not know its an education institution, an alternative to Uni, for a year. but i decoded: "NO more spirituality for a while." so i had a break. the worst decision of my life! i had a bit of a negative year not learning spiritually. i was hanging out with the wrong people and being abit irrisponsible. but i always had the connection there. some where still... i knew i should be doing spiritual stf rather then hooking up with boys in nightclubs or ditching tafe to go shopping with my friends.

And so after an interesting night.. eh hem.. i decided "THATS ENOUGH NOW! IRESHA GET BACK ON TRACK!"

i was over boys who didnt respect me the way i wanted.

And one day i was going out of Tafe withmy ipod in listening to Doreen Virtue and i said to myself: "I want a spiritually based romantic relationship. like Doreen. " and then i thought, id just get some boy who had a interest in a few spiritual things. you kno, id just meet him around and about town or on the net or where ever.

Then in August of last yeari decided to start meditating. i learnt and started meditating morning and evening for a little bit.

So yeah, theres the back ground info.. heres where the story begins!!!!

I was frustrated with tafe one day so i meditated. and i "imagined" being in Telos. in a new clearing in longish grass. A Lemurian with long straight then wavy hair came walkig up to me. He was very handsome and he had stunning blue eyes.. i thought hmm he might be my Twin Flame.. he may be my friend, or my brother even!

He was very wise and he talked to me about Tafe, and about life. he didnt give me a romantic kiss as he knew i was unsure. but i had a feeling it was my Twin. But i wasnt sure. i didnt wanna embaress myself infront of him. :) But he did give me a gentle, long kiss on the forehead.

I "visualised" going to Telos a couple of times after. And each time we got closer and i got more comfortable with him.

So life went on as normal.

In late September the 24th to be exact, my parents went to the Greece for a month. and i was left at home :( to look after the house.

I t was so fun having the house to myself. But unfortunatly my dear old Nan had a fall and broke her solder and cracked her ribs and i had her over to my house so i could look after her. it was nice having her company but i was abit down cause i wasnt growing up as much.. but then i was. i helped nan, went out and did shoping for us and went to the beach etc and enetertained myself. it was a great time learning and growing.

One sunday, the 11/10/09 (crazy numbers! 11.10.9) i went to the beach then went to the mall to have a look around. i felt i was guided by something or someone. i bought two dvds that id never seen and i knew i needed to watch them. and i went home.

I HAD THIS URGE TO GET IN THE SHOWER!!!! so i get in theshowerand sat on the floor and meditated and had my lemurian crystal sitting in front of me. my new one, another thing guided to me to get for my birthday a couple of weeks previous.

i asked the questions:

"Am i alone in the shower?" No.

"Do i have one of my lemurian family members with me?" Yes.

"Is it my Twin Flame" (just a unserious question): Yes.

Then i froze. i was like: WHAT! so i asked a few times. and the same answer came in.

"Is he here in his lightbody?" No.

"is he here in his fifth dimensional physical body?" Yes.

i cried on the floor for abou half an hour. and we talked, i had to use yes and no questions.

i found out: my Twin Flame and i had a very hurtful break up 14,000 years ago. he was ready to live with me in Telos. i wasnt; i want to keep learning in 3rd density. so i left him with not eneough explaination and i caused him to think i didnt love him the way i had said. i left soooo many unanswered hurting questions that he ouldnt get the answers to. because he was unable to connect obviously with me. i was in complete seperation from him. and he felt that now, i was ready for the next step but if he didnt clear away all that needed for himself and for me we wouldnt get anywhere.

so he came to me looking for answers and clearance and to make himself feel happy again. for a few nights we had talks, and i had to channel him and healas much as we could.

one night we were so upset he was so close to physical that i could see his "ghostly" form in the room... thats how i can discribe it. we were both in tears and telling oneanother we loved eachoter and we just wanted to be together again!

he was very tempted to come in. but it was too much pan the density of3rd. he had never be in the 3rd before, it brought back memeories and hurts that he had pushed away to the back of his mind.

he took me by surpise because i never thought someone from Telos would do this, hid feelings and try and forget.

We both thought he would manifest into the 3rd with in weeks to live with me.

Erophin wants to come into the 3rd, he said: "For you and i to live together in the 5th, i need to live for a while in the 3rd with you."

My Twin Flame refused to tell me his name, he thought: "whts the point telling her if she doesnt love me." so sooo much stuff had to be leared and healed and i had to prove to him that i loved him. only one problem! i had said a couple of months earlier to my mum: "Im not falling in love until 2012 when i meet my twin!" not knowing id meet him with in weeks. so i had build this wall around my feeling for him and i couldnt access them. i had to meditate and break the wall around my heart. i had to remember my love for him. i did this rather quickly.

and i proved to him that i loved him. and so he directed me to his nam. a friend of mine, Erophin (Erwin) wo is on this site, carries the name Erophin,his soul name. and its the name of my Twin Flame. and i couldnt believe it when i saw it. i laughed and i was blownaway, yet agian!

So i got his name: Erophin.

He helped me let go of Tafe and drop out, as i was burning out and unable to cope. and now.. here we are.... Erophin is in 3rd densityBUT juststill out of the sensing with ou 5 senses. and i have been procrastinatng for a while.. he has brouht his density into 3rd.. close to 4th. and i have to get mine up to his., consciously though. to meet... again.

yes i have met him efore phsyically and didnt know it. hard to believe.

i was at the beach in around... feb? yes! the week b4 valintines day! and i was spoted this guy siting on the stepps... walked past and the walked bak past him. he turned around and said hello to me and how was i. and i snobbed, judged him and ran offf... as i was excersising.

i realised after who itwas. i feel bd tothis day for judging him. he said: "i couldnt shout out to ou i was in shock and hurt. i shold havebut i didnt know what to do." can yo imagine his hurt, and he told me he was afraid. i was ready for him, he was ready for me, and i left him sitting alone in a world he was veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyy unuse to.

But he giggles now when i think about it. hehas completly forgiven me! and he knows i didnt mean it. he cuddles me, when i get abit down about it.

now i have him in full connection and we are fully inlove. His parents told me i have brought their son back to his true self. they saw how he was for the time we were apart. and they said he was never "Erophin in his entire true happy self. he was always missing you, even though he had an aspect of you in another partner. he wasnt ever 100% happy. now he is."

Erophin is verrry light hearted and full of happiness now. hes verrrry funny and always maks me laugh, blush and playfully tease him. we always tease each other and always are creating something interesting, or watching a movie together.

Be suprised! i have never met a Lemurian who sleeps in so much! i didnt think they did that. which they dont but Erophin said: "Im here in Newcastle, im not in telos, im relaxing with you why cant i sleep in to mid day with my girlfriend?" i blush whe he reminds me of that i am actuall his "girlfriend". even thoughhs 16,120 years old hes still a real 20 year old! :)

just like ME!

Hes always motivating, wise in his teachings and h always lets me know if i am being unreasonable. i have had some heated arguments with him .. that last about one hor an now we both dont even remembrwhat he were about. let me tell you,i was the one who instigsted them, sometimes i can be verrry insensitive and i was afew time s to him. when he needed my comfort and i was in a shitty mood id be abitch. and i regreted it and we kissed and made up.. :)

Erophin is here next to the computer leaning on the dinning room table. He is smiling and watchng me.

To all of you who read this.... sometims to get your Twin Flame it clals for the simplest things asked. i literally asked. for a spiritually based relationship. i know you can allll get it soon! divine timeing! i wll get erophin in physically when the time is perfect...

my brther bokeup withhis gf, and i felt a goddess like women come to me, her energy was mind blowing and i know she is his twin flame! and i cant wait to see how that all manifests in the near future. shes from a distant star system just waiting to come in.. when the time is perfect.

everyones experienes with their twin flame will be in their own ways. sme twin flames may want you to keep trying so they holdof for a little bit... but i know it will be soon.. :)

thank you for reading, i love all of you very much.

Erophin said thank yo for reading this, and he sends so much love to all of you!

have a nice day from all of us here.


Very Touching


January 17, 2011, 3:40 am
Thank you sooo much for sharing your story. It made me feel good reading it.



June 12, 2010, 8:46 am




June 5, 2010, 6:07 pm
This is wonderful!

A Beautiful True Story...........


June 5, 2010, 10:01 am
It is very similar in lots of ways how my twinflame & I met and yesterday marked 16 years of unconditional Love,you just know it without a doubt when it is your twin flame, we are often referred to as 2 peas in a pod,wishing all all the happiness and abundance for you both,thanks for sharing,Love & Blessings,Rosalie xo

Sounds Like A

The Journey

June 5, 2010, 6:57 am
bit of past life healing going on here too.


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