528 Hz Miracle LOVE, Healing Codes CD

528 Hz Miracle LOVE, Healing Codes CD

by Shekina Rose

June 6, 2010

The 528 Hz Love, Miracle & DNA Repair "Language of Light" Music CD

In The Lost Ancient Secret Solfeggio Frequencies Retuned to Humanity

This CD is Amazing, instant healing at your core cellular level; I felt a powerful shift thank you! Joyce

Amazing Discover!!" Science Finds Shekina Rose's Vocal Transmissions to be The secret lost ancient Solfeggio Frequencies in the complete Missing six pure tonal notes of the Core Frequencies of Creation.

Physicist, Attiqe Choudry came across Shekina Rose's transmission on the internet. He decided to determine if she was a fraud and was surprised when his scientific findings verfied her vocals contained the whole lost scale of the ancient secret Solfeggio Frequencies in the miracle codes of Love and Transformation.


"It's beyond beautiful, listening to the melody is like hearing a mother singing to her new born child. It is the melody of the Divine Mother singing personally to our heart and soul, the song that we once knew before coming to Earth. Hearing it now reminds us of home, reawakening us to this sacred presence in our life, she activates the dormant places in our heart and fills these places and spaces with unconditional love, healing, and peacefulness. Thank you for this amazing activation!" Stefanie Miller amagicaworld.com


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Graphic design Mary Angelic Soul Portrait www.freewebs.com/maryangelico


This CD contains powerful energetic healing of the 528 Hz Love, Miracle & DNA Repair Frequencies that activate your Divine Original Blueprint. Please find a comfortable position and created a quiet sacred space to experience this CD. DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING A VEHICLE. Many accounts of instant healings, shifts, awakenings and blessings by Divine Mother Goddess Shekinah have occurred upun hearing the Sacred Sound Transmissions.

The Language of Light Healing Codes CD in the 528 Hz is a compete healing and activation that guides you enterely from start to finish. A true treasure of the divine that you can use anytime you wish. This Cd not only transforms negativity to the highest good and light within you, it transcends negativity though out your entire space where it is being played. The beauty of this holy transmission of Light in this CD is that it will only bring you to the level you are at and ready for energetically, it is gently yet powerful and honors your divnity


This CD was completely channeled from the heart of Divine Mother Shekinah (13 -33-333) though Shekina Rose at the time it was recorded. For information on the new earth codes of (13 -33-333) click here: http://spiritlibrary.com/shekina-rose-blue-ray/13-33-333-number-sequences-new-earth-codes

Many hear the direct voice of Divine Mother Shekinah speaking to them on this CD of the mother tongue in "Language of Light" known to the ancients as Hiburu, the primal seed language.

**$20.00 plus shipping to find out more on Miracle Healing Codes and to purchase please click here:www.shekinaspeaks.com/528_HZ_Miracle.html


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