What Is The Planetary Grid And Why Should We Disconnect From It.

What Is The Planetary Grid And Why Should We Disconnect From It.

by Petra Margolis

June 25, 2010, Comments(10)

What is the Planetary Grid and why should we disconnect from it.


The Planetary Grid is in mother earth, and has been there for millions of years.

It is an energy Grid that was used by all humans upon earth to communicate and connect to the mass consciousness to learn any lessons we needed to learn to evolve on our path, and evolve our souls.

It is also called the Crystalline Grid, Planetary Crystalline Grid.

This Grid is also used by what many call the dark ones, the dark force, the cabal and many other names.

They are connected to this grid and use it in a different way.

The energy in the grid is being used by them to control, to communicate and to bring fear.

This means they will take the energy, running through the Grid.

Your own energy is being used to control you, keep you in a state of mind of fear, not being able to do anything, not being able to create, manifest and move forward at this time.

Many will now say, but we changed the grid, it is crystalline now. It has been cleared, purified to work for the light.

Yes it looks crystalline, but it is not.

We are moving forward, look at all the new energies coming in, the progress we have made.

This is the Illusion of the matrix we live in. Illusion of what they want you to see, think and believe.

Of course we have new energies coming in, time is speeding up, we can feel that.

But being connected to the Planetary Grid, you will not have the full benefit of those energies.

The Grid will keep you in the Lower Dimensions, although at times you might move higher.

The Grid still influences you and clouds what you can really see and receive there.

We are all looking for change, we see change happen because it is what they want us to see.

How to control the masses as they move into a more spiritual state, you fool them, give it to them, but in your way.

Remember when Jesus came to earth to bring the change, yes it feels like he did, we have the bible.

Created by the ones who do want control, and it is controlling many at this point.

They gave people the change, but in a way they could control the change.

The illusion of the religion, the bible, the churches.

There is  no need to connect to any grid to work together, we can connect through the heart of source.

Our own heart, as we are all source, we are already connected.

It is time to disconnect from the grid, all the grids.

To work together in a way we did millions of years ago, through the heart. Through ONENESS.

As we are already ONE.

What happens when you disconnect from the Grid?

You become fully connected to your own source of energy, your own source being, your own thinking, your own creation.


I Am Crazy......

Fun Art

June 27, 2010, 7:53 pm
carzy for reading this post....

The crystalline grid is too high of a frequency for anything/anyone promoting fear or lower emotions to even enter.

You may be connecting to the lower grids that are now falling apart and are full of astral remnants.... so just disconnect fro that one and join the Lightworker's prefered grid.. the Divine Crystalline Grid.

To disconnect from the cyrstalline grid can perhaps leave you open for the negative astral influences you mentioned above and bring you confusion and grief... and to pay money for grief is unwise!



June 27, 2010, 4:22 pm
SHILL= negative polarity illuminati/government agent ....in my opinion.

i'm not going to get into it...

i know what people are about by thier thoughts/words/actions/vibes...

just saying, you can't lie to me, nobody can:)

it frustrates me that negativity is still allowed on this world.....this is our time, this is the time for love and true freedom, no more slavery, no more money, no more material world....

just harmony with life on planet earth.

thank you God

thank you

thank you

i love you and ALL that is..

yes i am working on acceptance and tolerance, lol...but umm...this is our time! please go away...please

so we can live in peace...world peace and love/light

thank you

i love you


Collective Consciousness Is Cumulative & Variable


June 27, 2010, 12:10 pm
We have been convinced to be disempowered by many entities & organizations who have benefitted from this. Our various levels of consciousness, whether being disempowered or empowered, contribute to the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness changes as our awareness changes. It’s not a fixed thing.

We aren’t as much controlled, as convinced to voluntarily abrogate our sovereignty by being convinced to willingly remain in fear. This fear leads back to doubting self by not trusting self. If we choose to reject fear as utter nonsense others can’t make us be fearful.

For thousands of years church & government were merged. This gave government considerable power over its citizenry by arbitrarily & capriciously deeming various things to be heresy, therefore making its citizenry subject to immediate execution if they were deemed to be heretics. What was heresy often neatly coincided w/ political opposition to the regime.

The myth promoted by organized religion that we are inherently flawed sinners only saved by god’s greatness worked quite nicely for centuries to convince us not to trust our self. This lack of trust in self was reinforced by various movements that tried to tell us that we couldn’t trust & were controlled by our sexuality, emotions, will, mind, & individuality. Of course, we now know that we are 100% responsible for ALL of our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, & beliefs.

We Are The Ones Supporting This Grid


June 26, 2010, 2:25 pm
The energy running through the grid, the collective consciousness is supported by our energy.

The dark ones do not support this grid with their energy.

When we disconnect the support they can not use our energies anymore to fuel the collective consciousness that has been used to control us.

The dark ones are not connected to this grid, they only use it to control.

They are not limited by this collective consciousness, they know and use all they can to control and have been allowed to do this for millions of years.

It is time for us to take our next step, be on our own and become what we are in spirit.

This is the only way to support mother earth.

As she has supported us all this time, we are now here to support her.

I asked mother earth her opinion and I will post that right now.

Makes Perfect Sense

I Am The Eye

June 26, 2010, 8:37 am
I think this makes perfect sense. The Earth knows what it's doing. It's shaking up the whole structure of domination and control that's been anchored in the planetary grid for milenia. Divine Gaia is not going to take this any longer which is why everything is changing dramatically, with earth quakes, tsunamis, oil spills, volcanoes, etc. This is how Divine Gaia is taking things back into her own hands after having watches the exploitation for so long. So we are being asked to serve Divine Mother Gaia by not trying to anchor into the earth but become self-contained, anchored into our own being, Light, Truth, Reality, Presence, not needing anything from the Divine Mother. No longer being dependent on the Earth to support us but rather staying here for the one purpose of supporting the Earth in her healing and ascension. The truth is that we are multidimensional beings of Light and it's only in 3-D that we think there's an "up" and "down" and we're only secure if we're anchored down on the earth. Our real being is not in a physical location but rather anchored in our crystaline light body (Merkaba) that is in all places at all times in the intersection of all dimensions in the portal of the eternal now. We're being asked to be strong as Light workers and serve the ascension of the earth, no longer expecting the earth to take care of us. the planetary grid has been defiled by those who refuse the light and the Divine Mother Gaia is doing some clean up work.

We All Ought Not To


June 26, 2010, 1:11 am
We all ought not to disconnect from the Grid, as you call it, its what allows us to have a collective consciousness. Sure its channeling alot of dark energy right now, alot of it energy focused by the dark powers to their ends, but most just old energy that the Earth is "shaking off" so to speak. It might benefit some of us empaths to temporarily disconnect from the "grid" in order to clear ourselves or step into our own power, but one of the requirements of ascension is that the "grid" be healed. And think of it this way, if all us Lightworkers "disconnect from the grid", then the dark powers will just move in in our place xD



June 26, 2010, 12:43 am
A shill is a person who is paid to help another person or organization to sell goods or services

Dear Shaun,

I am the only person keeping this going, I am not a front, unless I am a front for the masters.
but they are not receiving any money through this.

Just an explanation.

Thank You


June 25, 2010, 10:22 pm
Thank you for the nice comment,

but disconnecting from the grid is not disconnecting from mother earth.

the grid is within her, doesnt mean she is connected to it.

The truth can be found within you.

I suggest a real look instead of telling others what you think they are.

It does not hurt me, only you when you are not able to step beyond the 3d mentality of duality.

which i see proof of here.LOL

By the way, I have no clue what a shill is.

But thank you



Use Discernment !!


June 25, 2010, 10:10 pm
We must go inside ourselves and see how it feels to disconnect from the crystalline grids. I see this more often where a channel gives some truth to trick us into thinking all the information is true. We all must go inside ourselves to find our own truth with all these channels. Much Love

Wow, Shill! Lol


June 25, 2010, 9:39 pm
well i have known for a while that petra is a shill, this is proof..lol

believe what you want:)

i would not disconnect from mama, i love mama earth....i will shower her with love, i am doing that right now..

i love you mom

i love you

nothing can stop this love..

thank you


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