Who Are You?

Who Are You?

by chickora

July 2, 2010, Comments(3)
Spiritual development

Who am I?

This is the question that many of people are beginning to ask themselves.
We know we are human. We know we are brothers and sisters, daughters and sons.. The list goes on with labels of human beings.
Masters, teachers, slackers, and losers..- doesn't matter what we are called - there is always something that we as humans have to remember...
that is who we are.
You live life searching for your true self.. The place where you resonate the most or the place that makes you feel like you are being yourself.
We try and fall under labels and want to be in the in crowd but what we don't realize that the entire time our true selves has never left us. Our true inner personal being is the being you have always been.

Take a look in the mirror and say, "I am my own conscious being. I am God's love. God's love I am." Those words said with love from yourself will help you survive those days where you feel that life is nothing magical and just some boring routine.

You worry about the oil spill and worry about the crisis of the World's economy pushing ideas of fear into your head. You sit and stare and trying to find ways to prove to people you are right. Do not waste your energy and making others believe you. Let them find themselves and discover for who they are.

Now again, I ask you. Who are you really? Why are you here? What is your purpose here on Earth?
Do you not realize that we are the souls who are lucky enough to be alive on 3rd density earth? We as a group consciousness get to experience the light of ascension. I know I am.

Now my question to you, lightworkers...
Do you know who you are?

With Love and Light,


I Enjoy This Megan,


July 2, 2010, 3:55 pm
i enjoy this Megan, thanks


I Am Timeless


July 2, 2010, 3:39 pm
I am a wanderer experiencing all life has to offer. I am a healer here to assist anyone or anything that I can. I am a lover here to live as the true essence of love. I am nature & all the cycles of life. I am friend of all life harmonizing with everything around me. I am creation of all possibilities within & without. Thank you for the question. Blessings, Sherry

Thank You For Your Question Megan!


July 2, 2010, 9:32 am
I Am light,
I Am love,
I Am divine,
I Am an angelic human BEing,
I Am that I Am.

It is not a matter of being lucky, its a matter of choice.
Better skip the 3rd and 4th Dimension in these (coming)times and move ON.

..with Love and Light...*...re~member who You ARE!



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