The Great Illusion

This link is to a site I found intriguing...

an opus on "The Great Illusion ~

Unlocking the Secret Path" written

by Victor Khan, a true creative wordsmith...

Per the site, " [it] is a 36 page website of

metaphysical concepts & visionary

art presented in a profound sequence."

Two poems by the artist...

The Missing Link

It's not what you do, but what you think...

the concept of purpose is the found missing link.

Look toward the future is a place in your mind,

that attracts what is ready to be born into time.

Find what's important to prepare for the ride,

touching perfection in something inside.

Thought is like magic ~ Life is the blur,

a mind bending concept that's meant to occur.

Seeing the picture of how life it just flows,

the balance and harmony we must all undergo.

Eye of the eagle with the heart of a dove,

opposite forces of the Power of Love.

© 2009 Victor Kahn


May your mind always be open

May your thoughts always be pure

May your dreams always be answered

May your path always be sure

May you live the life you wanted

May you have the one you love

May you take from those who offer

May you thank those up above

May you listen to the answers

May you mean the words you speak

May you understand the secret that creates the life you seek...

May your journey be remembered for what you say and do

May you touch the world & change it ~ Love, Expand, Renew

© copyright 6/10/2009 by Victor Kahn

"Eye Of The Eagle With The

Eva Sophia

July 4, 2010, 5:25 pm
"Eye of the eagle with the heart of the dove" -- I'll take that! :) ~*~*~*ES



July 4, 2010, 9:20 am
It's beautiful Nella -
Thanks so much for sharing,
love and light, Tara *~~


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