Feng Shui For Better Living

Feng Shui For Better Living

by Edna G. Frankel

July 4, 2010

a message from The Brotherhood of Light

Sunday, 4 July, 2010 

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light! We are excited and delighted to be sharing energies with you today, in whatever now moment you may be. This message comes to you as a direct call to action = it is time to start positive action! Both your internal and external lives need to be cleaned and healed in preparation for the interesting times to come. So don’t delay, for time is going by much too fast! Your foundations need to be sure and strong. Here we speak of your home, your work, and your bodies, too!


We see many lightworkers having trouble with being in the present now moment. Those sensitive ones who feel the new vibrations often find themselves in a detached state of being a mental observer to what is happening around them, as well as a participant. Some already find it too painful to join in the emotional turmoil bouncing between people. Yes, and it will soon get louder! As your senses expand further and further into the nonphysical realms, you will find that you can discern peoples’ thoughts and/or emotions. Or you may hear them think one thing, but say the opposite. Hmmm, at all times , practice diplomacy!


There is a very different meaning to “privacy” in nonphysical interactions that you must all learn to appreciate and uphold. People very often “broadcast” emotions in their thoughts or body language. In telepathic societies, it is appropriate to ask permission, or knock, then wait before you enter someone’s mind. Literally, telepathy opens both people to sharing thoughts and emotions, which can be quite an intimate connection. To do that without permission is considered an intrusion at the highest level. To force yourself into somebody’s mind is considered tantamount to rape. To eavesdrop on somebody’s thoughts is a criminal act. All of these things carry negative karma. So, in all things telepathic, remember to knock, identify yourself, and then wait for permission to communicate.


As the energies get stronger, you will all become more intuitive, more sensitive, and more perceptive. What is most important now is to balance and simplify your lives. In the process, you may begin to realize that some of your prior goals seem less important. Yes, as your senses expand, your priorities will surely change. Congratulations! You are gaining spiritual detachment, and becoming true masters of creating your new reality.


Many people spend way too much time worrying about the Shift of the Ages. That is time and energy better spent on more important things! Here is our perspective on it – you will all be so relieved when the energies stop shifting! Yes, dear ones, we remind you that 12-21-12 is the end of the Millennium Shift. We explained a whole list of “Pre-Ascensionitis” symptoms in a Sedona Journal article by that name, but we will review a few for you here.


Some people are suffering from short-term memory problems. It is, rather, a function of the new energies that makes it difficult for you to process linear thoughts in a linear fashion, as you were used to doing. Dyslexia, jumbling of letters or numbers, is becoming more common. So is forgetting what you are saying in the middle of a sentence! Changing sleep patterns are another bug-a-boo for many, as well as different eating patterns. Why? As time shortens, your bodies will now respond in different ways than it behaved in the past. By this we mean, if each hour is now passing in a half hour, you are now down to a twelve-hour day. In the past, your bodies were used to three meals in 24 hours, accompanied by eight hours of sleep. Now, most people can only digest two meals per day, which makes sense for a twelve-hour stretch. In other words, your clocks are fooling your minds into thinking that you are still experiencing a 24-hour day, while your bodies are being taxed by the compression of time. So, you need extra sleep right now, about ten hours per day, and less food! As always, follow your body’s signals, eat when hungry, stop when full, and rest when you are tired.


Dear ones, we explained in prior text that near the end of the shift there would be more death and illnesses occurring. As a generation, the parents of the baby boomers have commenced their return to the non-physical realms. Yes, they are reaching their 80s’ and 90’s, the natural end of their life cycles. But, as the ones with the most blockages, most have opted to leave before the shift. So you will see much death around you in the next few years, as this natural cycle is augmented by the pressures of the heightening energies.


These quickening changes will be reflected in people of all ages, who may fall ill unexpectedly with chronic issues that now refuse to stay submerged. Teenagers are falling prey to past-life patterns that do not have the time to become chronic before manifesting full-blown. Young adults are falling prey to disillusionment and despair, faced with a chaotic world they are not equipped to handle. The most prevalent aspects of imbalance that people of all ages face are exhaustion and depression. You all are, in effect, going through the “pressure-cooker” times of the end days before the final shift.


Ah, but the good news is – it’s almost over! And with the way time is now speeding by, the last few years of the shift will go by very fast. That is why we counseled you at the beginning of this message, this is a call to action! Time to clear and balance all levels of your life, from the inner spiritual and cellular to the outer home and garden that surrounds you. In order to get a quick read on where you are in this process, we ask you to go outside and take a good look at your car. Is it clean and tidy? Are your tools in the right places, a good spare tire in your boot? (Chuckles, ok, so we’re old with a British accent.) Have you vacuumed out the interior in the past few years? Cleaned the windows? Yes, there’s little time these days to keep a car properly maintained, but that is our point – you must take the time to tend to all the physical details of life, or your quality of life will deteriorate. If you’re busy tending to family, work, your body, your home, and your garden – well, bless your messy car and keep going!


But if your car is a true mirror to the state of the rest of your life, well, time to start spring cleaning! We do not mean to judge you on this, it is merely an example. Please don’t get overwhelmed by all of this information. Do a little bit every day, and then enjoy resting! Making one visible change can be truly uplifting and inspiring. That is why we would like to discuss Feng Shui, to give an energetic framework to your physical goals.


In prior Circle of Grace work, we focused on how to attain and maintain a good balance of internal health. In this text we would like to use Feng Shui as an example of how to balance the energies around you, how to make energy currents flow gracefully through and around your home. Why? The new energies reaching your planet in these changing times will affect you at all levels of being, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (PEMS). In the Circle of Grace material we taught you how to how to take care of those four layers of your body. Here we point out an energetic parallel in your outer life, achieving harmony and peace in and around your home. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with nature.


{Author’s note: There is a similar practice in the Native American culture, as well as other indigenous races.}

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the ancient Chinese art of balancing energy flows within and around your home to the natural forces of weather and the surrounding topography. A simple literal translation is “Wind and Water”. Feng Shui was created over 3,000 years before the magnetic compass. By combining astronomical observations of the rising and setting sun, they calculated the direction of true north. This guided the “most auspicious placement” of their building projects, from walled cities to houses to tombs. There are many excellent sources available for the history and evolution of this remarkable Chinese practice. We will summarize the major points so as to demonstrate some easy, simple things you can do to create positive changes in your life. More and more, you will feel these changes to your home and gardens as a physical sensation of healing, balancing, and well-being!


Most people are familiar with the Yin Yang ball, a universal symbol of two entwined paisley shapes that form a circle. Do you know which side is male, and which side is female? Yin represents feminine energy, seen here as black and passive. Yang is male energy, white, vibrant and active. In creating your sacred spaces, it is important to have a balance between light and dark in the décor of each room. Too dark – energy pools and stagnates. Too light – energy flows shatter and scatter. Furniture should be of an appropriate size for its space; too big or too small is not good Feng Shui. Yes, it’s all about balance!


What keeps energy flows moving? The Chinese believe that a constant pull between Yin and Yang forces energizes chi. Since these forces are both opposite and complementary, achieving balance between the two will result in an harmonious living space. While Chinese medicine works on the physical body to balance Yin-Yang polarity issues, Feng Shui focuses on the alignment of a building, a ceremonial site, a house or a town with the earth’s Yin-Yang force fields. Yes, as within, so without! (Chuckles – sorry, we could not resist the pun.)


Feng Shui incorporates the five directions (within or center being the fifth) with the five major forces or elements that the ancient Chinese identified as earth, water, wood, metal and fire. These forces can support each other (like water for a plant, which represents wood or earth) or they can cancel each other (as in water against fire). Who knows, you may have fun figuring out ways to bring new harmony into your home! If your kitchen sink and stove are close together, for example, a wooden bowl filled with fruit or a ceramic container for your kitchen utensils can act as a buffer between the forces of water and fire. To harmonize the relationship area of your home (the back right corner) try adding a red candle and a white candle (new ones, please!) to a window ledge or shelf. You can incorporate as little or as much change as you wish into your space. Sometimes just adding or moving a few decorative items can improve the energy flows in the entire room. If you and your mate are of the same astrological sign, you can augment peace and harmony in your bedroom by hanging a metal chime in the relationship corner, or a paper/wood mobile. Decorations made to hang in the wind bring in positive energy and dispel negative energy.


There are lists and graphs in Feng Shui that will help you determine your best direction, your core number, your home’s orientation, even which areas are luckiest for you. If you are having trouble sleeping, try orienting your bed so that your head points to your most auspicious direction. This is not a guaranteed cure, mind you, but as you become more sensitive to energy flows you will begin to feel the difference! What we offer are tools, energetic tools that will become vital once the non-visible becomes visible. Please, pay attention to the Bagua map. Make your front door whichever entryway is most often used to enter and leave your house. Yes, that can be the back or side door; you must make allowances for physical things that do not fit neatly into the Feng Shui work. In other words, don’t sweat the details! Many people have a garage in the left front corner of their home, which is the area of knowledge and wisdom. What to do? Keep your garage neat to uphold mental clarity. Find a small spot to place a few books and a candle, for example, to honor the energy of that space. And when something is bothering you, you can always come speak to us in the garage! (Just joking – to find Spirit, merely close your eyes.)


In Feng Shui, things that are broken or chipped, electrical wires hanging out in the open, even piles of clutter left in the wrong places can interrupt the graceful flows of energy through your home. Likewise, applying Feng Shui principles to your gardening will help support your efforts in life, rather than having a negative effect. The far left corner of your backyard is the Wealth corner. Is yours full of weeds and broken branches? Ooops! The middle of the left side is your Health area – time to get rid of that dead tree there! The front left corner is your knowledge and wisdom area. You can plant a few flowers, add a bench, and voila! A nice outdoor space to sit and schmooz with us (chuckles – we love Yiddish, it is a rare language that has a built-in sense of humor).


If gardening is low on your priority list, please think again! Gardening is important, too! Whether or not you have a garden, we hope that you can find a sunny spot to hang a planter full of strawberries, for example. Set a few herbs on your kitchen window sill, enjoy watching them grow, and get the freshest taste by growing it yourself! Planting a garden will enhance your life in many ways. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are also part of the growing process, dear one. If you take the time to spend some time outdoors, you will feel better and adjust better to the climbing energies. If you feel “wifty” or ungrounded, go outside and sit on the ground. Do some grounding exercises outdoors – that’s the best place to reaffirm and reinforce your grounding visualizations!


As always, our main purpose is to offer you new ways to view your reality, new tools to help you reach your ultimate destination. Yes, the more you know, the higher you can go! We use Feng Shui as an example of how to manipulate the energy flows around you for your highest good. It is also a good exercise in seeing the invisible or feeling it, then making a positive change! By now, many of you can identify a stagnant pool of negative energy versus a flow of clear, positive energy. Soon, your entire being will become a PEMS receiver for things non-physical as well as physical. As your auric awareness grows, you will have to adjust your life to suit your body’s new needs. Even a few minutes spent each day on tidying up a pile here and there will make you feel physically better. Please don’t delay, dear ones, start today!

Lastly, we would like to point out another similarity between Feng Shui and your ascension process. The Bagua map is divided into eight squares, with the middle square (ninth, or earth) marking the center. Each section represents a life concept or soul lesson to be learned while in human form. These eight “enrichments” or aspirations of life are your new homework! For those of you who seek positive change and don’t know where to start, here’s your list:


When facing your front door (or most often-used door) the left front corner is your knowledge and wisdom area, often the garage. The middle left space is your (family) health and wellness area (often a bathroom – add a real plant!). The back left corner is your wealth area. A simple goldfish bowl will invigorate that space, or a bowl with coins to represent financial abundance. Find out about other ways in which you can increase the flow of wealth into your home!


Along the back wall, wealth is the left corner, fame is the middle section (good for an office, but it may be your kitchen!) and the far right is your relationship area. Going down the right side, next to relationships is children and creativity in the middle, then friends, mentors and travelling is the right front corner. Finishing the square is the front middle section that represents your career. If that is your foyer, don’t put a mirror facing the door, or your fortune and opportunity will rebound right back out the front door! (Chuckles – as always, choose which interpretations work for you, and let the rest go!)


There are many schools of thought which have evolved since the early days of Feng Shui. What we explained above is only an example, the most simple example, of a Bagua map and how to apply it. If you have more than one floor, the same principles apply to each. For your garden, simply expand the map to the boundaries of your land and work from there. If you don’t mind them spreading, money plants are wonderful to plant at each corner of your home. The purple flowers are beautiful, and the “silver dollars” of the mature plant make great indoor bouquets. Look for more simple ways to increase the sacredness of your space in the fascinating world of Feng Shui!


Our message is, as always, laced with love and hope and positive prayer. Our love for you is so boundless that we cannot put it into human words. Our hope is that you all attain the grace of clarity, balance and peace in your life time. Our positive prayers for you are supported by the knowing that all time is now, that we are speaking to you directly, heart to heart, and that we see you as whole, shining bright, and already having accomplished your goals. Then it will be time to play! Soon, children, soon. Start now – go plant something!


    We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light


© Copyright 2007 by Edna G. Frankel


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