Binaural Beats

Has anyone around here used binaural beats as a meditation tool, and if so, what were your experiences like?
Also, who produced the beats you listened to?
I've listened to a few though I'm not so sure if they are legitimate.

Also has anyone heard about "I-Doser" ? Seems really bizarre .



July 19, 2010, 8:18 am
I did. They are fine. I got them from ( But they are weaker than the ascension activation meditations that i got from the same site.

Binaural Beats


July 18, 2010, 12:51 pm
Hi Xepia,

yes I listened to a meditation on youtube cant remember what it was called now but something along the lines of the most effective sounds you will ever hear. My boyfriend informed me that it was just binaural beats though the video claimed to be 'more than that'. I felt a very very heavy feeling come over me physically pressing down on my crown and shoulders (I have experienced this in other very strong meditations which were not binaural also). I also felt unsure if the energies were positive or not, which I have not felt in other meditations - but that may be because of the strong effect and not knowing the creator of the video.

I have not heard of 'I-Doser'.

An interesting experience.


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