Ray Dawn

Ray Dawn

by raydawn

August 20, 2010

Intuitive Readings and Channeled Sessions

Ray Dawn is a RAY OF THE NEW DAWN.
Ray is the luminous body of light within each of us.
Dawn is the awakening to the acknowledgement of our inner light.

Ray Dawn is a vibration of my expanding self. It is a name that was given to me that caries a vibration facilitating wholeness.
In early 2009 I received a Master’s in Integrative Energy Therapy while living in Sedona, AZ, which is a power energy therapy system that gets the “issues out of the tissues”. It uses the violet angelic energy ray to work with your 12-strand DNA. I also took Channeling, Shamanic Training, Akashic Records, Psychic Awareness, Flower of Life, and Pleiadian Metaphysics Workshops.

My process now has evolved from all of my experiences and inner initiations. In working with the Master’s, Angelic beings, Spirit guides, ET friends and family and relatives that have passed over, I have realized that we all have an amazing support system to help us unfold all possibilities for wholeness.

Visionary Healing
Connect To Your Spiritual Support Team!
Visionary Healing is igniting the remembrance of who you already are, wholeness. It is awakening your internal and expanded guidance system. This internal guidance is awakening and expanding within each of us shaping our souls path, divine purpose and gifts in this lifetime. The practical process of Visionary Healing is accepting and embracing all aspects of ourselves on every level of our being. This acceptance reveals stepping stones in the present moment that guide us to the joy of our expanding self.

Part of the challenge during this time of transformation is to ride the wave of the multidimensional acceleration, while learning to manage and direct our own awakening consciousness with clear intent while remaining grounded and empowered here in form.

I currently reside in Mount Shasta, California.

Contact me for Intuitive Readings and Channeled Sessions by Phone and Email, also available for in person sessions in Mount Shasta.

Check out my Blog on the website, it is Channeled from the Ascended Masters, St. Germain, Elementals, Dolphins, Adama, Lemurians, Arcturians, Hathors, and a host of Galactic beings!

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved

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