Begging To See The Bigger Picture

Begging To See The Bigger Picture

by marielok

September 10, 2010
Angels, Personal Development

As I look back on my very short lived journey, only last year I began to sense spirits.
As I look at what I have learnt in the last year, it's enough wisdom to fill a lifetime! (not that I'm stopping here)
The last few weeks in particular were hard, so much happened that I ended up closing my third eye for 2 whole weeks.
I had to make the changes. I just couldnt sit here and read about how im supposed to make the change anymore, getting frustrated at why nothing is happening!
So I took the leap!

I know I want to start my own meditation class, but it's more than just a meditation class, I'll just aura cleansing,
reiki, and proper breathing excercises. I will teach how to deconstruct your life, so you can make choices that will make you happier, paths that will make you happier.
I've already drawn out class lists, so I've begun my prep finally. I'm trying to do a class in Reiki in the Irish Academy of Mediumship
so I'll be qualified in time. And I've enquired about healing classes too!

I finally got my own place. It's a one bedroom apartment on the back of a house, and the landlord owns an apple orchard!
So every morning I wake up to fields of apple orchards!
I've been introduced to the local spirits, and I'm fully unpacked now.

In terms of my love life, I've started to try and be more balanced, reach more of a middle ground with my partner, long distance is hard, but we're learning how to make each other happy again.

In terms of my job, I've gone through all the options and sadly it's a waiting game. What I really want to do is be a healer, help people, make changes for others. But my current job doesn't let me do that. So I've reviewed my financial situation and realised I could live on unemployment benefit for a while if needs be, so I've no need to worry about change.

I've been doing a lot of self healing, although it feels like every morning I wake up with the same amount of energy, I am still clearing all tht debris from the summer of change. But gotta keep trucking!

I've been without my personal angels now for over a month, I'm sure this is some form of teaching me to be self reliant, but I've been clearly told that they won't be returning. This was heartbreaking at first, but after a few weeks I've realised it's importance.
I've also been told by another medium, and by my guides that there is faries on the land here, and they are looking out for me.
I have begun to be more bold in my life, and take more challenges, do more good, sacrifice myself more to help others.

I'm finally getting my spiritual life to mesh with my every day life, and it is making an immense change to my personality, my friends, my family too. I look foreward to the day that they begin to believe me, but I no longer worry about being judged for my gifts.

I am now doing more to heighten my conciousness through meditation, and my next step is changing my diet!
Now I'm already vegetarian and lactose intolerant, but I've still to cut out a lot of bread from my diet, encorporate more proteins and good fatty acids. Also I'm going to try more super foods.

All in all things are changing, now i've realised it's me who must change them. The happiness is growing day by day, no more lying to myself!

I wish I could share with everyone how to be happy, but I feel that everyones recipie for happy has different ingredients.
I know mine, and I can only suggest you change some ingredients from mine to suit yourself.

step one-add a dash of change
step two-stir in some honesty
step three-releasing fear gently
step four-be prepaired for a little shake up
step five-then make the changes you need to!

Love and hugs and light


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