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September 14, 2010, Comments(2)
Grid lines


The indigenous peoples of Australia and other nations teach by telling stories. I am not indigenous in this lifetime but I have had the great privilege of spending several years in the company of Aboriginal Elder, the late Guboo Ted Thomas, and Lakota trained medicine woman, Evie Pikler. To teach by telling stories is the only way I know how. For the past year I have had the wonderful experience of singing the songlines and activating the portals using sacred sound. The portals or dreaming places are access points to the Dreamtime, which is the inner earth kingdom of the lost civilization of Mu. The beings from Mu who have been communicating with me introduced themselves as the Golden Ones. They are known to Indigenous Australians as the Ancestor Spirits. There are many portals. Some portals are access points to the Etheric Retreats of the Masters, some, as I've said, open into the inner earth, and some are major Ascension Portals with direct access to the Star Nations and the Councils of Light.

This is a call from the Councils of Light and the Land Council to assist with the activation and clearing of the ascension portals and songlines (grid network) to help the many souls who will be crossing over and ascending as the polar shift begins in the new year. I began to receive messages and guidance from the Golden Ones in November of last year and much of my work has been with the Land Council which comprises the Ancestors (Golden Ones),Guardian Spirits (Devas), elementals, Gaia and overlit by Archangel Gersisa.

Back in November of last year, I was contacted by two beautiful souls who requested my assistance. They had recently moved into a house at the foot of Mt Ninderry and said they had been experiencing intense psychic phenomena and astral activity since they moved into the house. We thought perhaps there might have been an aboriginal massacre, but when I tuned in, I could sense no evidence of this. I was guided instead to assist these two friends to clear and activate their chakras. So over the course of the next two months we worked on this through healings and in the meditation classes. Then in January, one of my friends came to me looking ill and unbalanced. I immediately offered a chakra clearing and as I aligned with the relevant energies I was contacted by Tantron, of the Dwarf Kingdom of Mu. He told me there was a portal in the entranceway of their house and that he would connect me to the Land council and the ancestral spirits of Mt Ninderry who were in great despair.

At once I resolved to go to their house and see what I could do to help.When I stepped into the portal I immediately felt the presence of many souls and I felt grief and trauma around them as well. We set up protection around the portal in the four directions and called in the elementals, the angels, and the nature spirits for assistance. I was told that Archangel Butaylyl of the Councils of Light would guide us. We were guided to sing to the souls in the spirit language and to anchor in the light to the core of Mother Earth. At last I became aware of the presence of a woman who was in travail. Her grief was intense as she tried to birth her baby in the midst of very traumatic times. Once again I thought that the souls must be indigenous, but as we began to clear the energy of grief from around them the true story began to emerge. These souls were from Lemuria, at the time of great earth changes, approximately 50,000 years ago, when the continent of Lemuria sank beneath the Pacific Ocean -and the woman in travail was the High Priestess, guardian of the Portal of light, responsible for anchoring in the light from the stars to assist the souls to go home. She could not fulfil her duty as she died in childbirth. The grief for me felt so tangible that the tears flowed easily and I remembered how I had connected before with an incarnation at the time of the collapse of Lemuria, but never before to this depth and extent. I was told that many thousands of enlightened souls from Lemuria remained trapped and had been forced to live for millennia afterwards in the inner earth with the golden ones of Mu.

Now at last we were able to reactivate the portal and as we held the energies of Love and Light I saw the lightships come in for the transportation of the souls. They came in two successive waves – the lightships from Pleiades first and then the lightships from Orion. We transmuted the released energies and offered it to Mother Earth and felt relief and peace at last.I was told that the portal would need clearing at least twice a day for a month and have done so.

Many of the minor portals which open into the inner earth are to be found at sacred water holes, guarded by ancient trees and rocks, and totem animals. They are powerful healing places. The major portals which form a direct link between the solar core of Gaia and the stars are through and around powerful dreaming sites such as Uluru, the Katherine Gorge in Kakadu, Mt Rush in the Kimberleys, Aoraki and Ruapehu in New Zealand,the Great lakes in Canada and a major Ascension Portal in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. We have been assisting with the activation of these Ascension Portals and of the songlines which connect the portals to each other for most of the previous year. There are many lightworkers and elders of various nations who have been assisting with these activations all over the planet. All Ascension portals are now fully activated and are being used as anchoring points for the lightships which are busy taking the ascending souls home to the stars. Su Mi See A No (It is so) Devaanii

I Cannot Explain

Matariki Dimension

October 2, 2010, 9:56 am

I cannot explain how you speak to me. It is like finding the missing pieces I have been looking for ..for so long. I feel a deep, deep memory of this.
I have always had a strong connection to Gaia and have often done things instincively ..communicationg with the tree spirits and others.
I have been guided to this very beautiful and powerful place in Scotland.
When I was in NZ I was connecting to the Galactic Centre and acting as a conduit for the energy to the heart of Gaia. In Scotland I am doing the same. A lot of what I have been doing has been through intuition and a strong memory of having done this before.
The singing particularly resonated with me.
Thank you. I look forward to hearing more.
Much love

Wonderful Information


September 14, 2010, 3:04 am

Many thanks for sharing this wonderful information from the times of Mu- Lemuria.
I honor your work and am blessed to be sometimes beside you.

Love Amaliah


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