Favorite Grounding Stones

Favorite Grounding Stones

by Astraea Melchizedek

September 22, 2010, Comments(2)
Crystals and gemstones

Hi All,

I am expanding my universe, have integrated many lifetimes and incarnations, and I am now ready to share my journeys thus far.

As a Walk In Hybrid (meaning, I have many Galactic Races and color soul vibrations within me, serving All under Pleiadean and Arcturian guardianship), I find it SO important to GROUND. Grounding is not necessary with a stone, but it sure as heck HELPS! these beings are wiating to serve with uss, and should always be asked and thanked for their assistance.

I have not said "no" to acceleration for some time now, right about the time that I realized who I was EXACTLY and ensconced myself in 5D. I wear some pretty high power stones, and to really utilize the re-crystallization of my cells and constant regeneration and information transfer between my Astral and Higher Self (back to Source), with the help of these high power stones, I find it really helpful to ground with certain other stones.

"Grounding" is completing an energy circuit. Just like an electrical system must be grounded. As Astral Super Be-ings here in 3D, we combine energy circuits and electron transfers, at the speed of light or faster, depending on our conscious or subconscious permission, between the HIGHEST form of Spirit (Higher Self) and the lowest form of matter (3D physical hologram projection/manifestation)...and quite often we are dimension integrating, creating higher frequency, and manifesting new reality...all at the same time!! No wonder we can get emotional! Here is where grounding comes in. If you feel like you cannot think anymore, if you feel like you are picking up emotions that are not your own (this will involve clearing your space/field as well as grounding-another topic!!), if you feel scattered, cannot focus on one task, cannot remember what you were doing CONSTANTLY, or feel like your throat chakra is closing, or your higher chakras opening, or any type of intrusion on your well being comes to you, GROUND, GROUND, GROUND. The idea is that, you are receiving immense of information from SOURCE and surroundings, and protecting yourself as well, according to the codes you carry in LIGHT, and this happens from your higher chakras. The sending of information in 3D, manifesting, adjusting your dimensional reality, and maintaining a frequency of bliss, goes out of your higher chakras as well, however the circuit runs through your entire chakra system first, touching down into Earth's energy, rooting there firmly, and then going back up to the pineal and pituitary glands.

This entire process is happening VERY quickly, ALL the time, whether you choose to learn to own the process or not, is up to you! That is basically what ascension is, owning the process and nurturing it. GROUNDING means firmly completing the energy circuit within you into Earth, firmly being PRESENT on a cellular level in your body, so that all levels of BE-ing may be integrated, from the 3D all the way to infinity! Access to higher levels is granted when you have firmly grounded into ONE level on a CONSTANT basis. That is why it is so important to stay positive, control your emotions, thoughts, and moods, and transcend the influences of other realities around you, and to GROUND yourself into that state. You can picture it in your mind as a vortex touching down to earth and staying there, growing tree like roots that run deep, and move with you, wherever you are. the spin of the vortex should be clockwise down to the earth surface, and the grounding is constant touching down, and being HERE in your body (flying your ship). Welcome to your space-time continuum, how fast do you want to go?? :):) WHEEE

I think sometimes we shy away from these stones, because they are dark in color, and we shy from darkness. Keep in mind, there is balance in all things here in duality, and dark is necessary to balance light. salt to sweet, high to low, the whole point is to equalize within, and learn from the dark rainbows that mirror the light, usually manifested around us, then realized within, then integrated to serve Highest light. I wear these stones not for there aesthetic look, but for their energy fields. Sometimes I wear bracelets, anklets, or just a stone in my bra! (Guys sorry, maybe sew a little patch into the undie-area??)

Here are some of my favorites, depending on the energies of the moment or day. These are my observations, I hope they help YOU. For clearing of these stones, I suggest a copper ring in sacred geometry cubit diameter, or a hefty piece of Kyanite or Selenite, or a lovely cool light salt bath. (very little salt is needed, go for sea of Himalyan if you have it)

Black Opal. She is one of the gentlest and understanding grounding beings. Grounds goddess energy. She brings clear empathy without judgement. She is soft and allows gently self-acceptance, through grounding energies that are slow flowing, yet powerful. She is helpful in protecting from shadow self thoughts that are being integrated along your path. Needs to be cleared as she absorbs MUCH from surrounding states, clear right after use. Lovely with Rainbow Moonstone, Pink Opal, Pink Aragonite.

Obsidian. This stone comes across as asexual and awakening while grounding. Will help ground non-judgement yet recognition of lessons. Brings to light things that may be overlooked, allowing 3D time and space to be an observable "movie" rather than a ride that one wants to get off of sometimes! Clear thoughts and detached observation. Can be worn for a few days without clearing, as the energies are more deflective than absorbant. Excellent with Quartz, Tibetan Quartz, Citrine.

Pyrite. Total god energy grounding. Best for high acceleration states, gaining awareness and acting as quickly as the lesson is learned. Can be worn very often and does not need clearing as often as it is a more dense stone. There are few situations or emotions that cannot be grounded with pyrite. Very masculine energy, aids in taking the energy of action and grounding it into manifestation quickly, when in alignment with Source. Loves the bath tub :) Excellent match for Moldavite.

Black Tourmaline. This stone is an earthy rich grounding. Takes all dimensional frequencies, god/goddess energy (especially if developing that with other stones) and equalizes into clarity.  Helps to expand vision and clarity, integrate higher learning into wisdom, and listen to Source intuition. Aids telepathy, if you are open to its teachings! Extremely powerful stone. ANY high frequency stone, such as Petalite, Phenacite, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Herkimer Diamond, will match well with this stone. I wear Tourmaline almost constantly and clear it every night. It is the stone that grounds me through anything. MY favorite.

Hematite and Magnetic Hematite. Such a powerful healing stone. Very useful for realigning chakras, merdians within the body, integrating parts of the light bodies that do not serve highest and best good any longer. (ie) shoulder pain, back pain, any chronic structural painin the joints bones or muscles. It need to be consciously programmed to what you want it to do, as it can pick up other grids or programs around it and work around your intentions unless clearly stated. Works great with the calcite family, which are all healing and alignment stones. Also great for children to wear to ground high energy states as it will not open a flood of new information, just align what is already there. Needs to be cleared after each use.

WHEW! There you have it. GROUNDING is one of the most important survival skills I have learned while here in this density. There is another stone, Master Shamanite, which is a form of calcite that is BLACK, that I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet...but soon I will... from what I can sense from this Master, he brings ultimate clarity and love from realms just recently accessed in god/goddess energy. I am excited to meet him.





October 13, 2010, 7:23 am
very nice thank you:)the one on implants to,hope you be typing some more blogs i cant wait:)

I Love My Rocks


September 22, 2010, 6:08 am
I'm enjoying the quartz crystal and citrine I picked up while in Sedona on vacation. I had never tried it before, but I have found that they do help immensely in my grounding and I love their energy.

Love & Light,


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