Mother Earth And Her Ascension Path.

Mother Earth And Her Ascension Path.

by Petra Margolis

September 24, 2010, Comments(5)

Mother Earth and her ascension path.


The earth is changing as we all know and she is on the path of Cosmic Ascension just like some of us are right now.

This means she is going through many of the activations and clearings that we go through toward Cosmic Ascension.

She is clearing and activating many parts of herself as she is also bringing in her spiritual parts.

I have asked Mother Earth what her needs are at this time so here is her message.


I am the Earth and we are one as always.

As I am going through the many changes, there are activations needed within me that require your assistance.

I have been here to support you and work with you and my support will be there as always.

The support was always done through many of the crystalline grids that are running through me at this time. As I move further there is a change that needs to be made in the way I support you.

These crystalline grids are not of my energies and as I move toward further clearing these grids will be transmuted and disappear. A new grid will be placed after I complete my process of ascension. But at this time I cannot hold these energies within me.

My support will be through your connection within the earth crystal, or core crystal as this place has already been transformed and has merged with all my other parts of being.

Many will see this as strange, but I do remind you of your own process as you clear anything that is not of your own energies to move further on your path.

Once the time is there, the portals that are needed for my ascension will be fully open and you are invited to join me in this journey at that time.

These Portals have been placed upon me, not within me as they are energetic portals that have been built for this specific purpose.

The many crystals placed within me, will be moved outside of me into our universe where you will be able to access them as you raise your own frequencies.

The Cosmic Ascension is a personal path and each and every one will have to follow this path on their own.

You can use my support for as long as you think you need it, but there will be a time where you will be standing on your own two feet, will be able to stand on your own two feet as you will be able to be within the oneness without the support of others including myself.

After my ascension there will be the support within me for those who have not completed the Cosmic ascension.

At this time the support has been made for you outside of me as well. There are grids made of crystalline energies, and are available to connect with as you are moving forward on your own path.

These grids are of the highest frequencies and will be adjusted as needed for you.

I leave you with the knowing that we are all one and I love you all.

Mother Earth.


Petra Margolis

September 24, 2010


As I was receiving this message I felt Mother Earth and it was like she feels she knows many will feel this as though she is abandoning us. She has a sad feeling, but also a feeling of she has to make her own choices at this time. And as she is making these choices she is taking into consideration what it means to the people that live upon her and their path. I think she has the right to make her choices as she has supported us for trillions of years. It is now our time to support her and do it in a way that is loving and caring and without judgment as she is right that we have to learn to stand on our own feet.



As I See It, The Crystalline

Fun Art

September 24, 2010, 9:20 pm
As I see it, the crystalline grids were placed there by many of us to anchor into, to by-pass the negative patterns of our earth history. They are there to support our ascensions and allow us not to be tied in to the old thoughtforms. I do agree when Mother Earth completes her cosmic ascension, those grids will dissolve (for they are not longer needed) Right now it is the place to anchor to while Mother Earth releases any old energies, thought forms and such from her body. This helps both her and us. If I follow my 'aka' cord down in to the crystalline grid, I can see it is is becoming more light than it was six months ago.... I hope that means changes are due in the near future!!! Whoooooopppppiiieeeee!

Thank you Petra!!! Your work with helping others in their ascensions is needed now!! may you be blessed for all your help!

Thank You Petra Indeed


September 24, 2010, 8:25 pm
Thank you petra indeed portals will open talked about by george kavassilas (the grand deception) and its true metatron is false this old grid will not stay and its impossible to stay indeed.

Thank you for sharing the final truth that people just need to hear and those who are so dominated by channelings of the gfl are the ones finding themself one day i was given the choice and didn't act.

Finally someone who supports my perspective

Love to Mother Earht we support you
I love you Mother i'am your child and always will be.

Love & Light


Maybe You Should Read The Message Better


September 24, 2010, 8:12 pm
As you might want to read the message a bit more, mother earth is not saying that. she is saying we can connect within her, within the core crystal, this is not separation.

I think its kind of silly that you think our connection is just based upon a couple of grids within the earth.

as we are connected with everything in oneness, there is no separation at all.

I think that is something people will have to start remembering, because in spirit their is no separation.



September 24, 2010, 7:50 pm
Petra I love you but this is plain silly... removing the crystalline grids... so what we can fall back into separation... please stop posting junk i love you JzS Adonai



September 24, 2010, 7:50 pm
Petra I love you but this is plain silly... removing trhe crystalline grids... so what we can fall back into separation... please stop posting junk i love you JzS Adonai


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