Question About Weed

Ok so i smoke weed just about every day and im not ashamed of it or anything like that, but I was wondering what other Lightworkers thought about it or if they just had some insight on the matter. I mean its just a plant that you can smoke and feel an altered state in which everyting is enjoyable. Whats wrong with that? so many people have the wrong concecpt about marijuana i think and just wanted to know what YOU thought.
thanks + Love!


Summer Phoenix

December 8, 2010, 1:39 am
I actually wrote a blog on this very topic, if you care to check it out.



Love The Stuff Man


November 27, 2010, 11:54 pm
I live in a very small town that happens to get some of the best green at the cheapest prices (talking HIGH potent bud at 100 an oz) and have to say that I love the stuff. I no longer smoke but I was smoking during the time of my awakenment and during my first channeling and it blew my mind. I had all sorts of spirits coming around and playing little jokes on me and talking to me constantly and I just remember once saying (in my head) "would you all shut up?" because they were talking so much.

No problem with weed man. Should be legal.

I Smoked Every Day For About


November 19, 2010, 8:04 am
I smoked every day for about 30+ years; can't at the moment as I'm looking for a job and most employers test you when you start. No bad effects since quitting; I was a little grouchier than usual at first, but have been handling it fine since. I have had different experiences at different times; done it for different reasons (party atmosphere, relaxing, spiritual) and have never had a bad time. Have you ever tried salvidia devenoram (sp?) - wow! It's legal (at least was recently) and is a type of sage. Talk about your spiritual exploration! I found out that I am a part of God's cheek (at least that's what's happened the few times I've done it) - which just brings us to the fact that we are all connected as I'm sure each of us is a part of God. This isn't something to do alone. You need someone to watch over you, but it only lasts for a few minutes. I don't recommend it for the guy who has had mental problems. This would truly mess him up.

Love & Light


Hey, Don't Usually Post Many


October 7, 2010, 5:58 am
Hey, don't usually post many comments on here but from my own experiences with weed i thought i would post something. Personally I've had terrible experiences with marijuana, but see no harm in others smoking it. I've got a strong belief in that saying 'each do us own'. I've always been a spiritual person and hypersensative to almost everything. Predisposed to mental illness aswel (it runs in the family), so that's probably why iv'e had such a bad time with weed. I first tryed weed around the age of 16 and felt fine at first. Then i started plummeting into deppressive and paranoid states of mind more and more after each time. Also i never seemed to quite come out of the mild trips. As i write this and to this day i'm still under the influence so to speak. The world is not the same as it was before, it's very bizzare to me now and completley surreal. I beggan to see orbs and auras around people and trees, even cartoon characters on the TV have auras. It almost seems artificial right? Because i don't understand how a cartoon character can have a bright aura around it. Apart from paranoia and severe deppression i also suffer with panic attaks, severe OCD and BDD and suicidal tendancies, which all seem to be side effect of smoking marijuana. I was predisposed to mental illness as i previously mentioned but was a completley healthy happy man with a whole wonderful life ahead of me before and yes i had bright prospects and ambitions but after i started smoking weed my life literally went down the drain and now i don't leave the house at all and i'm very sad and sick and it's all to much to take most of the time. If i wasn't such a coward towards even the slightest bit of pain and if it wern't for my loving family i would take my life in an instant. I'm sorry if i sound emotional or melodramatic but i can't just let others do the same to themselves without people atleast hearing from someone who has suffered greatly with marijuana.

I don't think everyone would have these same consequences though, far from it but i do think especially with vulnerable spiritual people and those with a history of mental illness in the family, it can be a bit of a gamble if you decide to smoke weed. Not everyone knows how they may react to it. Is it worth throwing away everything for a short period of relaxation? I personally never got any pleasure from it and found sex a much better way to relax but that's just me.

Apart from what i would call a big mistake on my part to smoke weed in the first place, i seem to have been born with what i can only identify as profound spiritual knowlege and divine truths which i hold dear. Smoking weed seems to open people up spiritually to soon. I believe spiritual evolution and advancement should be done gradually to avoid trauma to the self and emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. You mighnt see me as bias but i say again, i'm happy for anyone else to smoke weed, i don't see why it is illegal. If a person wishes to take a certain substance into there body then that should be respected as their own free will.

One last thing i will comment on, is that classic saying you always here(not in these exact words but you get the gist)- 'God put weed here and it grows naturally on our planet so why shouldn't we smoke it.' Well perhaps we misunderstand it's purpose. God/creator/universal intelligence also put Atropa belladonna(deadly nightshade) here but it doesn't mean to say god wants us to smoke it.

I love you all my brothers and sisters and i only am speaking from my side of the story. I'm sure others have benefited from it's effects. I do wish to make those aware of it's destructive nature it can have on the human psche though. In conclusion I still don't really know on a larger scale whether it does more harm than good or vise versa. Leave it up to the individual to decide for ones self. love and light. George.



October 6, 2010, 12:44 pm
Excellent advice here. But, let me recommend that you try a meditation on weed. I've always felt it clears my mind, stops the "wheels turning" thing in there. When my "ascension group" & I get together to meditate, we smoke and then meditate and wow!

Let me know how it goes! :}

Love and Light (up)!

Thanks So Much!

Just A Dude In The Light

October 5, 2010, 8:08 pm
thank you all for your responses they really helped me put weed in perspective. I wasn't sure why i smoke to be honest except that i enjoyed it. People in my life are always casting it in such a negative light it gets me down sometimes.
-Love and Light to YOU

Answer About Weed!


October 5, 2010, 1:02 pm
Fine in moderation, many medicinal benefits, skunk (which is the most prevelant in the UK) is to be more wary of as it has been bred with an imbalance in the THC levels so has been linked to more levels of mental health problems and psychosis. Normal weed has 2 types of THC and one type balances out the psychotic effects of the other.

Peace, light and blessings
Barbs :D x

I Personally Believe It's All


October 4, 2010, 7:51 pm
I personally believe it's all good, and as with anything it's about intent - if you smoke because you enjoy it and can value it for what it is and in moderation, then I see it as beneficial and very insightful natural wonder. If it's abused, perhaps used to suppress issues or overly used, thus imho maybe not with the best intent, then it maybe can make you disconnect with yourself, or off-centre. I don't think it's problematic, but again, provided you don't use it to completely run away from yourself it can be very positive - I think it's great for creativity for example :)

Currently I'm on a bit of a break, but will be welcoming her back very shortly ;)

Has Been Used For Over Two Thousand Years For Just About Anythin


October 4, 2010, 7:16 pm
I think its a miracle plant. Can be used for everything from making ropes, paper, clothing to medicine for about every ailment you can think of to the best source of omega fatty acids. As with anything, always use common sense, everything in moderation. It is an easy way to find altered states & learn how to achieve without too. It is one of the best anti-inflammitories available without side effects. Anti-asthmatic, depression treatment, cancer treatment & so on. Just don't let it be a crutch to escape life. The only thing that makes it bad are the people that have to buy & sell illegally & the crime that is associated with that. Grow Your own is the best way to stay out of that sene. Be Blessed & Brilliant, Sherry


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