Mind Expanse Natural Healing

Mind Expanse Natural Healing

by I am me

October 18, 2010, Comments(5)

Welcome to Mind Expanse Natural Healing! Bringing forth all tools & resources for healing & making them availble to ALL!

My goal is to set up a natural healing center, where all valuable & worthy healing skills & practices from all over the world come together, in person or via virtual office to share their professional services. I have decided to begin right here with a blog posting! I am making a commitment to do at least 1 activity a day that aims me toward reaching this goal. Here, I will blog about all of it & track my progress! & hopefully along the way, others will be blogging here with me on this, as I can not take the place of all others that are meant to be apart of it! I am open to endless suggestions & ideas & I open the door for others to join me in the purpose!

Creating New Habits

I Am Me

October 26, 2010, 7:14 pm
Ok so even someones biggest dream takes practice committing to. hehe..It isn't that I haven't been taking action lately, it is that I have not blogged about it! Like I promised myself to start doing! So here I am admitting this out in the open, ego set aside. So, even though I am lagging on blogging, I still profoundly love, forgive & accept myself :)

Since the last time I blogged, I received an EFT treatment. I had no idea the particular issue I had was there at all including the memory associated with it. hehehe. I feel a major issue lighter! Wooohoooo!
As my vibrational frequency rises again, the wisdom & higher insites come through to me :) I love it!
I have given a level 1 reiki attunement last night & I am super excited to watch the changes unfold before & with in my friend!
I love being able to help others & I look forward to meeting more of YOU out there that passionately enjoy it the way I do & are willing to come forward & take part in my project/mission with me :)
Blessed Be In Love & Light~ Jessica

Looking For Experienced Team Members

I Am Me

October 21, 2010, 7:55 pm
So to get this healing center up and running, there are several things to obtain. We will need experienced teachers to get started. Here is a list of ideas that comes to my mind. Reiki Acupuncture Pranic Healing EFT Massage Light therapies Element & Mineral therapies Herbal & aroma therapies Prayer/intent supporters Designers Office Administration Meditation Specialists ;) Tui Na Artists of all sorts Quantum Physics teachers Healers of all kinds Even though this requires some experience to set up, we will still need YOU! If you have a skill that is not listed & you believe it is appropriate for a healing center, please let me know right away! An intent of this healing center is to provide service & instruction to those who desire it. I am setting up a website for a virtual office to start with. I intend for it to be Global as much as possible. I will need YOUR help to make this possible :) This is not going to be a typical healing center. This is going to be State Of The Art Worlds most elaborate & functional & useful healing center in the world! With YOUR collaboration, we can make this dream come true! Who's with me??

Doing My Part

I Am Me

October 19, 2010, 7:53 pm

As I have committed myself to this manifestation project, I will keep a posting on all the actions that I take day by day. This morning has been a beautiful morning :) I put on my walking shoes & went for a nice walk. (the rain kindly paused for it :)) I visited a friend in my complex I reside in, & discovered her awful cold. I gave her the rest of our cold medicine we had on hand & will be delivering some nice hot hearty nutritious delicious soup :) Charged & blessed with love & reiki of course ;) For now, I have been called to be of help to my family relatives. I shall be back later to post my experience with it & to jot down anything else that came my way on this beautiful day:) P.S. I don't do this to blog to brag but to aid in manifesting my ultimate desire & goals. Blessed Be In Love & Light!~

We Are All In This Together :)

I Am Me

October 19, 2010, 6:51 am
Hello Yarra,
I am very thrilled that you have come forward! What kind of service do you wish to offer? If it is a distant service, then you can set up a virtual office on the website I will be making. You will be able to offer what you can distantly that way. None of these tiny details are put together yet. My vision has only grabbed the big giant picture of it all already existing & functioning and multiplying. So any skills at all that can be of any use in any of this is so very appreciated & welcomed.
What I have been doing when I learn something really fascinating to me that is worthy of sharing, is I learn it, then I go backwards in writing down how I got there. I retrace my steps. Then of course I edit it to make any necessary changes. This allows me to teach others what I have learned, so that they can know. Just a little tip for anyone that needs one ;)

I Am Me


October 18, 2010, 10:40 pm

That's the stuff...getting things ready for New Earth...good onya...dunno how
I can help, but if I can...just ask



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