Reuniting With Twin Flame

Reuniting With Twin Flame

by sheglidesby

December 4, 2010, Comments(1)
Twinsouls, groupsouls & souls

Note: I add updates to this story as it evolves, their are new entries below.

I have been experiencing some dreamtime with my twin flame, and we have yet to meet in the physical.

These dreams are very clear, like a conversation or experience in the waking, and the memory of the dreamtime stays in my consciousness. So it is very powerful for me to have this relationship beginning and I have to admit I went through a period of duality- disbelief, wanting some evidence of how this could occur. At this time of now, it is no longer a question, and is in fact a relationship reawakening. I have no fears about this relationship, no expectations of when where or how, but I do have the desire to act upon this, to come to him in person and say I believe you are my twin flame. No matter what occurs from that, I am assured that this is the experience of integrating the twin flame in the here and now is of utmost importance.

There are a few websites out on the net that further the explanation of why and how this is important, some saying that this is the first place to begin with the awakening of humanity. It did not occur this way for my awakening, however, I feel it is of a great magnitude of importance that we move into the heart and experience all of the love we need and receive, to draw upon this energy, to magnify this energy to surround us, to allow our memory of love to become the compassion that heals, grows, and catches fire to awaken those in the slumber.
I was in slumber just recently, around my birthday this year, and believing that love was out there and not reaching me. It was a call to my higher self to lift me out of this slumber, that rocketed me to now.

The most recent dream I had was of us walking along the beach, holding hands, and having conversation. Then a return to my van and I floated to him and had this desire to kiss him, my thought was that true loves kiss would decide, it happened quickly and two things happened at once = he completely absorbed into the kiss, and his thoughts were audible- at first resist, then release and complete acceptance. Then we continued our conversation, I asked him if he knew his higher self's name, of course I do he replied. I was in awe of the experience in my dream, and basked in the glow of his presence.

Now in the waking, he is half a world a way, a visible person in the public eye, and so I send him light energy. I carry the love with me, and it is affirmed by this experience of dreamtime. The future is here now and simultaneously in creation.

Update 12/15/10

The scene: I am cleaning in the bathroom with white tiles everywhere, and I slip into a fall backwards, and there is my love, catching me in his arms. We are face to face. I have the thought- Have you noticed I always try to kiss you? He smiles, and kisses my neck, then sucks leaving a hicky-mark. I could feel it on my neck and looked at it in the mirror.
I awoke @ 4:41 am- heard two loud booms, and looked out my window at the east- I saw the "star" I have seen before glowing very bright- like it was closer than ever, just hanging out over the city. I went back to dreaming...
The scene: I am in a lobby of a 4 star hotel, wandering, as I move near a column, he appears, and surprises me with a kiss. I told him, "There is something you should know" and recalled the past dreams of laying near him, at the drive-in, in my van, in the bathroom, " I believe you are my twin flame."

I dreamt of you again.
This time we were laying next to each other in bed, and you were sharing the experiences you have had of relationships with women. As you spoke, the heads of 4 women appeared above us, and each had a characteristic that you spoke of. I could hear the voices, see their expressions, as they told you how you were the cause of their problems. You told me about each woman, and how the personality of each of them resonated with their characteristic. The first woman was angered by you, yelling at you about how her needs were not being met. The second woman was nagging you about what was wrong with you and not willing to allow your growth. The third woman was absorbing your personality, abandoning her own true identity, and stifling the relationship. The fourth woman was distant in emotion, despondent, not able to communicate her true feelings. I felt how these affected you, how you wanted to be rid of all of these relationships. I looked into your eyes, and smiled. I related telepathically to you that I am glad I am here with you now, and it's okay. You smiled, looking into my eyes, and said, "I'm glad your here,too."

Our relationship continues in the dreamworld.
You are driving my van, we are on a roadtrip, music blaring, were chatting along the way. I feel this spontaneity surge in you and with a wild abandon you looked directly at me and said, "You know what we should do??". Without hesitation, I answered, "Get Married!" and I felt bewildered that I had blurted this out. You answered, "Well, that wasn't exactly what I was thinking, but I'm glad you brought it up."

As this dream relationship evolves, we are in another scene.
Sitting on a couch, You and I and one of my spirit guides who has materialized are enjoying a conversation. We are laughing from deep within our solar plexus, I am feeling like my cheeks are rising an 1" or more from all of it! Suddenly I notice that my cat is nowhere in sight, and I ask, "Where's Smokey?" You smile a devious smile, and respond, "I hid him!"
I feel a look of anger come across my face, but I smile and say, "no way!" I realize we are playing a game, and I begin to look for my hidden cat. I turn to my spirit guide, who is following me, and say, "See now twice (I hold my two fingers) in one (I hold up one finger) night I am dreaming of him!"

My twin flame and I are at two opposite ends of this continent, and I feel the connection with him is in confusion. There is a wall that has risen between us, as we struggle to understand this dreamtime relationship, and what it means in our waking life. I feel the feelings he feels, I see it in his face from pictures and messages he posts publicly, we are in a sort of depression. I feel I have been working on the healing of my existence and loving all that I am, I have been filling my time with spirit led communication and meditation. I am working with Gaia to assist in Ascension. Yet, I am not doing enough. My twin flame is having a successful career, but is feeling empty. We need each others energy in our waking lives, and so I am praying for the assistance to give this. I do realize that this wall needs to come down, and that he is experiencing these profound and baffling dreams as well. One day, somehow, our paths will meet, and we will experience the joy of being one again.



December 4, 2010, 12:22 pm
Our Twin Flame is a fifth dimensional portion of our energy field.

Suzan Carroll's has good information on our TF. The site's search engine is excellent. Carroll also calls TF our “Divine Complement”.

An excerpt from about TF:

“Our Divine Complement, also known as our Twin Flame, is the completion of our fifth dimensional, androgynous SELF. In the dimensions five and beyond, there is no polarity. Therefore, there are no “males” or “females”. ...

Our Divine Complement, or Twin Flame, is the portion of our androgynous self that stays in the fifth dimension to serve as inspiration and guidance to its lower dimensional bodies. Since our Divine Complement has our exact same essence, it is our easiest portal into the fifth dimension. Even though our manifest body is one sex, we are constantly linked to our opposite polarity who is unmanifest in our fifth dimensional androgynous body. It is this link that urges us to seek the unity of true love.”

Chart showing characteristics of 1D-5D.


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