My Original Home Planet Lyra And So On..

My Original Home Planet Lyra And So On..

by chickora

December 5, 2010
Spiritual development

I am Megan Alexis Krix.

Megan: pearl, Mary, strength, wisdom
Alexis: defender, protector
Krix(Kreig): war/warrior

I am one of the original feline races. I was awaken to my deep inner feline self back when I was 15 years old. I had a sudden deep connection with cats to the point that I could imagine myself that I was an anthropomorphic cat(aka a furry). I wore a collar bell and loved to wear bells that had pleasant rings. We are sound manipulators and extremely good at what we do. Lyra was my original home but somehow I was killed off. I haven't gotten this far in my past to fully remember, remember.

My most intense visual memories are when I became really close to my soul partners, known as Jordan(like the river) in modern earth today. He was a human studying the Nommos in a planet mainly filled with water. His friend was a beautiful goddess like scientists. She had long wispy blonde hair that shimmered in the night. I was her study subject. I was a courageous female Nommos daughter of the ruler of her colony/tribe wanting to experience normal things and was extremely hard headed. I was considered beautiful to my people's eyes but plain and ugly looking towards the humans. I always got myself into trouble by following my heart too strongly. I had the condition what is called here a leaking heart. I admired my beautiful courageous delicate flower who watched me so admirably. It always felt as she was in love with me but I knew she was in love with a human and couldn't possibly be in love with a Nommos. I had a brother. He was a courageous prince but lost in his own ways trying to find meaning and a large adventurer and was never home. He kept to himself and was solely business and travel and a good warrior. He had always been different and more aware considering he was a shaman/magician and is uniqueness is what made him so attractive and mysterious to others. He was aware of the troubles arising in his home planet that he had to leave and probably died in war there(the reincarnation has blockages still in past life progression) His friend(my love) grew deeply depressed and emotionless and detached from life because she was convinced he would never come back. She couldn't go back home because she knew she was not the war type. She died emotionally and eventually couldn't keep her light up anymore.

Seeing my love deteriorate right before my eyes made me bitter and angry towards life. I was no longer the courageous soul. The loss of the light in my lovers eyes was enough for me to submit to the dark and negativity. Despite my anger and quick temper, I was able to push through life with purpose in defending our friends' lands once it became under attack by the draconian/canarians. I was fully convinced that I also had to make my journey to Lyra to help fight in battle with our allies(the human) and to find Jordan so I can inform him of his friend's(my lover's) death(and maybe a punch in the face for never coming back after 20 somewhat years..which is a long time then since time was more limitless).

I brought myself and my brother to Lyra for the Great Galatic War. I witnessed my father and his brother killed. I witness my brother killed and finally I was shot in battle by a Canarian. Jordan saw me die in a vision. He knew I was already going to die and just let me fall into the sea as I drifted slowly down the water.. HE felt he could have saved me.. but I knew he couldn't and I already had got my message across some time ago. My death was sad but justified and saved and I too thought I was going to die alone..
I reincarnated back in the pleidians star system where there was a huge start of plans in making a planet called Earth. I was one of the founding minds of the planet in its original design. A part of my spirit and god energy was sent to help Earth grow.. She had potential and something knew me that third time was a charm for us to advance on with our Feline brother and sisters..I had much learning to do. I knew it.

My next past life regression is in Egypt where I was a proud siamese looking cat starseed of the royal family. I missed my old feline qualities and felt that I needed to get more in touch with my feminine side. My brother in my past life was now a prince with Jordan in the Egyptian times. Kristen and I were gone and had more than likely died as cats but were born as young girls in some peasant family. I was a prostitute and was a miserabe one at that. I was rock bottom still from my past karma. My death is unknown but most definitely tragic.

At one point I was a tree- a young boy- and an eagle. I can connect the dots for you, but I figured you can connect the dots too.

What is most important is that I finally found my old lover. I finally met the energy I was familiar with and at peace. Jordan(the river) and I have met in strange circumstances. Just like I met my old lover, Kristen in strange circumstances.

This whole past life regression just explains the huge love triangle.. We are all soulmates in love - a huge happy family. ready now..

I do recall living in Venus for a while too, but mainly as a student in a light worker school preparing myself to reincarnate on Earth. I've reincarnated on Earth 5 times(different animal forms). 2 on Venus..once in Pleidians, once in Sirius and once in Lyra( in sirius and lyra- people lived for long long periods of time..and my life span slowly shorten the quicker I was learning the lessons I was supposed to learning that life time.

Stay out of denial! Submit and release yourself to the divine spirit.. Let it guide you perfectly through life. I promise once you are there on your last karmic release.. Its time to start your journey in learning rather than growing and maturing.

I am here today as the protector, warrior, and defender of light. I am a lightworker. I being of pure love and protection serving my duty as a spiritual being.

We are all divine images of each other. Mirrors.. reflections of our experiences. Reincarnating through life together as one and will meet and remember as one! NO MATTER WHAT.


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