Journey To Empowerment - Journey To Your Self - Weekly Self Care Card #19 Rest

Journey To Empowerment - Journey To Your Self - Weekly Self Care Card #19 Rest

by thelightfootway

January 4, 2011, Comments(2)
Healing, Personal Development, Spiritual development

This week’s self-care card is Rest – Rest and relax. Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.

The lady in the card looks like she’s almost in a slumber inside something from Narnia. The background is dark, perhaps old wood from a tree. There is a small arch on the top left that resembles part of two odd shaped light green leaves or even perhaps a moth’s wings. At the bottom of the card is what looks like a row of low growing lavender lilies. The blond wavy haired lady is resting with her head laying on her right arm atop a lavender pillow adorned with black crescent moons outlined in teal. The pillow is sitting on top of what looks like shades of dark green colored moss. She is wearing a sleeveless mauve colored dress and is in a kneeling position. Her right hand also features mauve polish and is under her chin, resting on her right shoulder. She looks peaceful and relaxed by the expression of her mauve colored lips and a hint of lavender eye shadow.

This coming year is going to be a powerful one for lightworkers I believe. We are going to be having a million things running through our minds at all hours. Guilt, just like fear, can hold us back. It is important that we forgive not only others but ourselves so that we do not have any guilt resonating in our bodies. The significance of the lavender and mauve is of course a symbol of relaxation, just like the lavender oil. It is interesting to note that almost all of the crescent moons on the pillow are in the waning position, the points going to the right. Waning symbolizes old or decreasing, as in letting go of the past and releasing old ways and old habits. Only a few of the visible crescents are in the waxing position. So in order to bring in the new and grow, you must release the old. In order for us to help others, we must help ourselves first. So take care of yourself in this incredible spiritual and mystical year ahead!




January 19, 2011, 12:24 pm
Hi Soferia,
I think will be exciting year ahead and we will need to rest.

My white horse is Tara. She'll be 20 next month.

I Needed This Explanation


January 4, 2011, 2:53 am
Thank you for the reading. It really fits me right now. I just want to rest, but I feel guily resting when I "should be" doing some work. I want to focus on leaving everything in the past behind and not feeling guilty about anything. It sounds like the rest and relaxation is needed for what's up ahead this's going to be an exciting year.

I love your white horse.

with love,


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