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February 19, 2011, Comments(8)
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Why does eating local, organic foods matter?

You can't really start a conversation about this with intelligent person without the topic of pesticide and genetically modified foods coming up. Thank god for that! I'm sure people are aware, they know for example that eating MSG ( monosodium glutamate ) potato chips isn't good for you, drinking aspartame ( poisoning and side effects ) diet drinks isn't good for you.

It is unfortunate that all this crucially important information comes through conspiracy theorist - it tends to loose momentum at least ten fold due to it. If a raving guy on youtube presents these facts of what is in our food, and how oestrous it is to give this to us, by the time he mentions "The Elite" or "New World Order" ( what is NWO ) people huff and puff and look at something else.

I believe in Integral point of view. Each and everyone has truth some more than others, but we all have truth in us. Conspiracy theorists know because it comes naturally for them to search news and books on details of how mankind is getting sucker bunched. They run into things that pass through main news like water through sieve, without much of a look from the public. So the news reaches a small amount of people because of the ravings including what ever is popular at the moment.

What Food and People need is a serious documentary ( writing this I wonder has Michael Moore delved on this yet ), we need a serious channel to tell us what is going on so that most people can be reached, without people telling them Bush is new satan. A documentary of substance, of hard facts, news articles, studies.

There is so much information out there for people to see if they would just look.

I've had to train myself to watch some of these exposé videos on food, drugs and controlling our living environment, I've had to learn to listen to the facts and block out the conspiracies just to keep up with what's good for me and what is not. ( this is why you see me post these videos on psychological drugs, chemtrails, genetically modified foods )

Which is where I get back to the original point - why eat local and organic foods?

Because you know how it's grown, you know if it's genetically modified, you know it is purest you can get, best for your body, mind and soul.

Do your best to buy clean normal foods, organics when you can, local and close by - and say no to genetically modified seeds and cancer inducing pesticide through your vote on who takes a seat in your government.

Love, Light and Joy!


(original entry at my blog @ http://niinac.blogspot.com/2011/02/why-does-eating-local-organic-foods.html )

Now feel free to check out these Two Episodes on "Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed", but keep your filter up. :)


Edit: Food, Inc free movie



February 20, 2011, 7:57 am
Thank you, and you're welcome. :)



February 20, 2011, 3:34 am
great information here, really well thought out and written with love

i have a paper on GMO's due in a week or two, so thanks for the reference points!




February 19, 2011, 5:11 pm
W H Y indeed! But I imagine if they were main products they would be cheeper and GM foods would be more caostly if they were in rare demand. So let's buy organic and make a difference there. :)

You are so right, all things are connected. :)

You're welcome. :)



February 19, 2011, 5:09 pm
Exactly! :)



February 19, 2011, 5:08 pm
Never heard of the DNA bit - that's truly interesting!
And so true, that what grow locally is answer to what locals need from their nutrition. So true. :)

Such A Great Blog, Frewyn!


February 19, 2011, 4:05 pm
Such a Great Blog, Frewyn!

I was listening to an interview
about the "Ringing cedars" series...
in this it was "mentioned"

that the Plants grow to include
what is needed for that Specific area !
also mentioned is if you soak seeds
in your mouth b4 planting..they will adapt to
supply for your DNA /body needs!

thank you for the info:) love, annie



February 19, 2011, 12:08 pm
totally agree , if we buy local ,we can ask what's in it!



February 19, 2011, 11:38 am
Hi freywyn,

great and important information. many thanks.

many years ago, things didnt have a label saying: organic, because it was normal/natural to be organic. Now, there's the need to separate organic from not organic and has a price, is more expensive. WHY?

Why everything that is suppose to be natural and healthy is expensive?! W H Y?

How do I know for sure that organic products are really organic? well, there is law for that, you may answer. Oh the same law that allows food poisoning, allow not to poison. LOL is really funny!

So, some people already realize that grow their own veg and fruit is empowering and set them free.I heard that they(government) are consider it to make that act illegal, WHY???? oh yeah, they are loosing control, their power.

oh well...I could go on and on...things are connected!

Many thanks for this 2 videos:)



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