Crystalai ~ Free Frequency Downloads

Crystalai ~ Free Frequency Downloads

by Emranasanjara

February 20, 2011


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We have recorded the Frequencies of the grand events that are about to take place. You can go to our website and listen to Mother Earth's Heartbeat of Love on the listening samples. We have provided three samples from the new album at the listening booth.

You are also invited to enter in to our Newest Door - Mother Earth's Heartbeat of Love. Behind that door you will find free downloads to 12 mp3's which are samples of the new album. This is Free for you to enjoy as a gift of Love from Mother Earth to your Ears.

The more you listen to these frequencies and focus on your oneness with the Heart of Mother Earth and the Heart of all of our family of Suns, the more you are helping achieve the wonderful potential that these frequencies are giving us at this time.

March 14-28 will be the time that our Other Half - our Spiritual Half - our Parallel Selves come into our spectrum of sound and light. We will be gaining our Infra red spectrum that allows us to see the other half of who we are. We will be able to see two Suns because we are seeing the parallel reality. Earth has a parallel self also.

The truth is, we have been living in a time when everyone thought the Earth was flat until Columbus showed us that it was round. We are still seeing a flat world. When we begin seeing Earth as a Sphere, we actually see her other Half- her Parallel Self. We will see the Parallel Universe.

There has been some talk of a Polar Shift in March of 2011. It is actually the Shift of Consciousness into the Fourth Dimensional ability to see our other half. Many can already see the Second Sun. I've seen it, and some of the people who have purchased their Immortality CD have seen it. Anyone can train their eyes to see fourth dimensional infra red. It just takes some work.

I can't atune your eyes. But, I can atune your ears. Please listen to the Frequencies I call ZERO POINT. You can hear them on the listening samples or you can download the mp3 at the Mother Earth door.

Now, please understand the meaning of ZERO POINT Frequency. One meaning is the Schumann Resonance Scale moving to 13. When the 13 arrives, our consciousness will shift tremendously. These frequencies will help you sense what that will feel like.

Next, I'd like to share with you what is happening now. The Schumann Scale is already beyond 11, and will be at least 12 in March. The frequency of 12 also represents us moving into the Christ Grid activation. The frequency of 13 represents us moving into the Mind of God. I believe it is very possible that the pole shift might happen in March taking us into Zero Point. However, if we only make it to 12 this year, that is very significant in our change.

The most obvious signs that suggest that the pole shift is coming very soon- if not in March- probably before October. The signs are all of the problems people are having with their heads and the pains in the chest.

I will share briefly where this problem comes from so you can stop running to the doctor for an explanation. When we shift into the Mind of God our body must be transformed to fit this shift. In order to receive the mind of God we must have the mind of a child. In order to have the mind of a child we must have a pituitary that is blossoming and a thymus the size of a pear. The funny feelings in the head are caused by those physical changes. It is a reversal of what happened to us when we were thirteen years old. Our pituitary gland which is the seventh seal into eternal life, was taken away and put in the thymus. The thymus began to shrink as our focus shifted into the ideas of adulthood. It shrunk into the size of a grape. So the feeling in the chest is the thymus growing into the size of a pear. That feeling feels like heart burn, chest pain. That means the pituitary will blossom like a flower and the thymus will grow into the size of a pear. There is also a death hormone that is melting out of the pineal gland. Along with these changes in the body, all of the world's belief's that are lodged in the upper cerebellum must be melted out.

You can do this by just taking the belief- fear, victimization, guilt- whatever it is that is still lodged in your brain, and melt those beliefs into a sphere of white crystal light. Take the idea and place it in a white sphere, then transmute it into a blue sphere and then transmute it into a golden sphere and then melt it in the golden melting pot into liquid light and watch it disolve or transmute into the energy of light.

Another thing happening physically in the body as this shift happens is the Soul is actually turning around. The Soul is a 13 ounce sphere of liquid light that sits right next to the heart. The Soul has been involuting and now it is beginning its evolution. That means it is actually turning over. The Soul turning over right next to the heart might feel like a heart attack is about to happen. Don't have a heart attack just because you are so afraid you having a heart attack because you aren't having a heart attack. Your Soul is turning over.

The Frequency shift of this year is just as important as what happens in the next two fazes of the shift. This shift is a frequency alignment of our heartbeat. The actual rhythm of our heart and our bio rhythms shifting into alignment with Mother Earth's and with her Heart- which is where the frequencies of our Central Sun reside. The Sun inside of Mother Earth's Heart is warming our hearts from the inside out. It is a feeling of Valentines Day at a Universal Level.

The day March 21 is the peak of the alignment. This begins March 14th. The movement will be felt as early as the 15th and grow stronger each day. This is not the type of pole shift that anyone would be afraid of except maybe our government.

There is a youtube out that claims someone heard an official in government claim that they would be going underground on March 15th to be free from the devastation of this pole shift.

There is a great entity of light arriving through the activation of this perfect alignment into the Parallel Earth and Parallel Sun that will allow us to see something that we could never see before -our COMPLETE SELVES. When we align into the Zero Point, our hertzian level physical self aligns completely into the highest frequency band- the Holy Spirit Frequency, the Frequency of Source. When that happens our minds will shift completely. The Mind will be come frequency specific and begin to recieve all communication through the frequency specific mid brain from the Mind of God in the lower cerebellum. There will be no more interferance from the upper cerebellum which carries the mind of the world- the Mortal Mind. We will be shifting from the Mortal Mind into the Immortal Mind of the All Knowing. That is why the government is going underground and leaving. They will not exist in our new brain.

Please go to the Mother Earth door, the mp3's and give them to all of the ones you love. We very much appreciate your help in activating these higher frequencies.

If any of you have access to others who place youtubes online, please ask them to start using music with high frequencies. ALL OF THE MUSIC (well 99.99% of it) on the Youtubes that are describing events of our ascension are using very BAD Frequencies, very LOW frequencies that do not align into anything spiritual. Please help us change this. We will be making youtubes of our own. But, you can help EVERYONE and Mother Earth, by raising the frequencies of everyones consciousness through their ears.

THE ALBUM, "MOTHER EARTH'S HEART BEAT OF LOVE" is for sale as mp3's. However, you can listen to most of it for free if you like by going to



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