Electro Medicine: A Supressed Truth

Electro Medicine: A Supressed Truth

by Felix the Indigo cat

March 8, 2011, Comments(2)

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March 8, 2011, 10:10 am
I found a copy of the schematic that he shows in the video.


I have read about this sort of thing before as a cure for herpes. which is a virus that hides within the spinal cord. Basically with the cure for herpes an antibiotic cream is applied to the electrode and the antibiotic can then be sent to the spinal cord via electrolysis.

Parts for this device run about 40 bucks, and the antibiotic cream is like a dollar or two.

Severely suppressed discovery for herpes and aids that would put the pharmaceutical company out of work if it was released as the cure. Why? I pulled this off their site..... 2009 sales figure of Valtrex alone for Glaxosmithkline was $1,754,727,000 yes 1.8 billion in sales for the TREATMENT of Herpes.

Hi There


March 8, 2011, 9:38 am
Thank you for posting this video on Electromedicine.
I have worked in the field of electrostimulation in the treatment of Opiate Addiction and stress reduction in the past. The Pharmaceutical Industry has always attempted to dismiss any findings as it would greatly impact on profit margins.
These ar just a few of my pulications in relation to this field.
Many thanks

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