Return Of The Divine Feminine: Becoming Whole Within

Return Of The Divine Feminine: Becoming Whole Within

by LuminanceRiver

March 11, 2011, Comments(2)
Ascension, Tantra

It is an era in which we are called to turn toward the divine feminine - what does that mean? It means something different to every person, and many of us sense that the balance of the feminine joining her divine masculine would mean the emergence of the new earth that we are dreaming of. I had an experience of oneness with my divine masculine higher self. Yes, it was a merging into one being in my meditation. I got a sense that my higher self, the male one, Imagi, whom I imagine as a my highest self in 11D and I joined together. He appears as a harlequin with dark and light sides of his hat and face and clothing. I appear with the opposite coloring, as where he was dark, I am light and vice versa.

He has playful, laughing energy. He reminds me of Krishna in his looks, even though at that dimension, he is unlikely to have gender or form, yet this is how I see and experience him. He is integration of all higher selves into one, and his female counterpart is All-I-am, or All-I for short. Back to my experience with Imagi, my male highest self.It felt like being a tantric union, like we were becoming one body, one heart of light, facing one another and coming together. It felt like the light in me was lighting up him and his light was shining inside of me. Light poured out of our third eyes. I could see wires and flowing of colors through the wiring.

In our union of opposites, it was a completion of circuits. I could see how my wiring completed his and vice versa. Males and females do that for each other. In 3D, the reason we have sex, besides the obvious reasons of pleasure and procreation is that it is to remember oneness within ourselves of our male and our female sides. In higher dimensions, I sense that we contain both male and female united. We are complete within. Sexuality can be a completion of our circuitry and remembering our oneness.

In this meditation, I felt that circuitry flowing, and saw the Ita and Pingala Energy Channels in red and blue. That is the energy channel of the spine that looks like two snakes in representations of kundalini energy rising. And kundalini rising and connecting our energy fields feels orgasmic. We are meant to feel orgasmic all the time, not just in sexual union.

I got a sense that the higher dimensional versions of myself are having an experience of bliss continuously, that it is possible for us too as we spiritually advance. Completing our own dual circuitry within, uniting it, is part of the process of ascension. I am seeing an image of the intersecting spirals in the center up a spine of a person's body, and the energy field around the outside, around the body, all connected. We have to love our male within, and our female within. We have to have them merge and open up our circuitry so our kundalini flows.

What qualities bring us into this balance? Meditate on receptivity. Meditate with the heart becoming a bowl of water that is still, open to what it receives. Listen to our higher selves, and discover how we can unite male/female energies within. Be a vessel, a receiver. Be telepathic with our higher selves and the light energies from the sun that carry information in downloads. Right now there are solar flares galore and it feels like a very powerful time to tune into to the infinite. All knowledge is possible. Connecting our circuitry can only help us flow better and has the potential to open us to endless orgasmic bliss. Imagine how that could transform the world if all were experiencing it. War? Not possible.

We create the outer world from the inner world. We love our opposite, which is really ourself, in the inner world, using symbology and imagination, meditation and feeling to experience it first. Then we are likely to experience it in the outerworld. Connecting while being receptive to our higher selves is essential as they are already merged with their opposite. You already know this, and it is a matter of remembering. Remember your divinity, your divine feminine and divine masculine, in balance. What you create on the inside is reflected on the outside, in the world, so you are doing your bit, just by going inward.

Thank You Tara, For Your


March 11, 2011, 7:18 pm
thank you Tara, for your resonance.

Beautiful !


March 11, 2011, 6:47 am
Thank-you so much for sharing this wonderful spiritual union !
I can relate to this and understand what you speak of,
much love to you, Tara *~~


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