Radiation And Quake Warnings For The West Coast

Radiation And Quake Warnings For The West Coast

by LaHuesera

March 13, 2011, Comments(5)
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Radiation Sign, Computer Generated Image

I felt moved to glance at George Ure's blog this morning even though he rarely posts on the weekends. I'm glad I did. There are some observations on this unbelievably horrible situation with Japan and some of the ramifications. According to Clif High this incident is starting to fulfill some of the linguistics from earlier runs. Remember the "ill winds?"

'This is important because in the meta set involved, the expected “Israeli mistake” which we had anticipated would be the ‘smoking/bombed out remains of Bushir’ where Iranian nuclear development continues (a plan which has apparently changed) the data suggested that shortly after the radiation/ill winds began to reach the West Coast USA that a major West Coast/US earthquake would follow within a few days/weeks.

We are now concerned that in the event there is such a release, for one (or more of the damaged plants) that we will then move into language which suggests 18-days – or so – of release related to the ‘radioactive volcanoes’ which seems to be in fill mode right now.

So this leave people, particularly west coasties, with two contingencies to prepare for: Arrival of potential radiation from Japan, and the possibility (small but non-zero) that an earthquake of even more devastating size could arrive semi-concurrently (roughly in the same temporal window) and we’re now also watching the release language for the March 25th period since tyhe timing is a little too close to be ignored.'

I don't know if I would be as concerned about a "small but non-zero" earthquake warning if there were not so many predictions, including my own, regarding a serious quake (or quakes) in the California area. (I felt shaking as far out as Arizona in on one reading.)

So, again, we have started the coronal maximum cycle which has an impact on the earth's magnetosphere which has an effect on things like earthquake and volcanic activity.

I'm a little overwhelmed right now by how surreal things have become. It's hard to take it all in. Oh, and here's some data on the California fish kill Ure refers to. Apparently they suffocated because something (???) caused them to overcrowd the harbor. There was also a neurotoxin found but it doesn't appear to be what killed them.

I should also mention that Clif High has added a new wrinkle to the apocalyptic earth change prophecies of the "angry sun," pole shift variety. Here, he explains what he calls the Expando Planet model. I'm still trying to take that in and consider its viability but I pass it along for the consideration of readers.

And speaking of Atlantis, possibly of interest. And speaking of 2012, if you saw the movie, also possibly of interest: Arks for the oligarchs? Hmmm....

From What I've Read


March 14, 2011, 12:25 am
in mainstream news sources, they're already saying it could be the second worst nuclear incident after Chernobyl; worse than Three Mile Island. One of the things we learned from Chernobyl is that the people who took iodide pills had a far lower incidence of thyroid cancer; among those who didn't thyroid cancer was an epidemic. This is real stuff. I agree with all that being controlled by fear is not a good idea, but there is a healthy, instinctual level of fear that is part of our hardwired, survival apparatus. It's wise to listen to that. Governments and their corporate masters definitely use fear to manipulate people. They also use disinformation to prevent panic; just like stuffing a chicken's head under its wing to make it sleepy.

I Appreciate Your Post Since


March 14, 2011, 12:04 am
I appreciate your post since I live right on the West Coast of Oregon (70 miles inland). Yes, it is very REAL although I am NOT afraid. I don't why people think we cannot be intelligent about these things and be informed. Which is the biggest fear: being AFRAID to learn what's going on or being smart enough to learn what's going on without buying into the hype so much that one is overtaken by fear? I have this weird premonition that the Oregon coastline may change dramatically -- but it is only a premonition. I can say that while I have always loved the Ocean beaches, here, I have always had this weird "feeling" about it. And I have had many dreams of massive earthquakes in Oregon (not right in my vicinity, but close enough to where I will feel them if they happen).

At any rate, there were multiple earthquakes just off the coast of Oregon 4.0 to 5.0 a few days before the Japan earthquake...should people think they are not related, the study of the tectonic plates will show that it is exactly the same huge Pacific plate that was involved in Japan's quake. It also extends to parts of CA. We are all connected -- and so are the tectonic plates (should this be a "natural" disaster or a human caused disaster).

The first numbers are the magnitude of the earthquakes, then date, time, location (lat/long), depth in km.

MAP 4.6 2011/03/08 07:29:53 44.150 -129.470 10.3 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
MAP 4.4 2011/03/08 07:19:33 44.335 -129.250 10.3 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
MAP 5.0 2011/03/08 01:26:59 44.246 -129.391 17.8 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON

MAP 4.1 2011/03/07 15:59:27 44.446 -129.049 10.0 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
MAP 3.9 2011/03/07 02:22:02 44.299 -129.136 10.8 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON

We are long overdue for a major earthquake off the OR coast in looking at it historically.

As far as the fallout from Japan, I see it as a very potential threat. Officials continue to minimize the crisis -- there has been a "partial meltdown." That means it has already gotten out of control -- do they have it under control? They don't even seem to know and now there is a threat of another one going. They minimize the explosion, saying it was "just the outside housing of the reactor" -- well, sure, it is outside the containment dome, but I worked in a nuclear power plant, and the "outside" housed controls for the supporting systems as well as some of the systems themselves....how are they controlling this thing? -- how are they dumping seawater into it? The construction may be different than where I worked, but from reports, the control room has high levels of radiation. Sounds really sketchy. When they hide things, then yes, it is time to dig deeper! They also imply that it is not a Chernobyl, but the amount of radiation would be several times greater than Chernobyl. I am not trying to be "fear mongering" -- what a label people like to put on other people when when they are kind enough to put a little truth out -- I have kept up with this for myself and my family and if other people are reading this from the west coast, they have the right to know, too.

Is it a FAKE SCARE? Readers can decide:

I Know You Mean Well.


March 13, 2011, 10:02 pm
But this has nothing to do with what I wrote. It's soooo not about me. There are real, pragmatic challenges that will impact California. Earthquake? Maybe. Radioactive fall-out? Extremely likely. And also likely that the government will underplay it to reduce panic.

In sum: If you live on the West Coast, you should stock up on iodide.

That's all I'm sayin.'



March 13, 2011, 9:21 pm
Stay in the moment, observe, release, breathe....and repeat.

Set your intention for the greater good for the greater number.

Stay in the moment, observe, release, breathe....and repeat.

Be the change you want to see.

Stay in the moment, observe, release, breathe....and repeat.

Centered and grounded in Love, fear cannot flourish

Stay in the moment, observe, release, breathe....and repeat.

All is according to Divine Order.

Stay in the moment, observe, release, breathe....and repeat.

Blessings Sister ~
And I


March 13, 2011, 9:05 pm
Blessings Sister ~
and I understand well how one might find all of this discombobulating ~ the importance of staying in the PRESENT MOMENT ~ MAINTAINING one's Balance or Soul's Alignment ~ is imperative to one's BEingness!
Each happening is happening by Divine Order and Divine Destiny ~ it is up to each of us ... to Honour our Souls and our Vibrations ... if you "FEEL" or "SENSE" something or somewhere to DO or BE ... then we should heed that beckoning ...
of course, there are going to be MANY MANY theories, suggestions, prophecies, chatter ... the ONLY thing that matters ... is what do YOU FEEL ... where are YOU beckoned to ... what are you SENSING ~
I have long been shared that a mega quake would not be in California (of course, we get them pretty frequently and have had very Intense quakes in the last 2 decades that resulted in trauma and death) ... what I FEEL is that we are CONSTANTLY moving ... at least where I am ... (San Diego County) ... I do mean CONSTANT if you look at the USGS map ... hourly ... what I have long felt is that we are a "SETTLING AREA" where the tectonic plates are in constant SETTLING MOTION ... the PRESSURE is much further NORTH of Southern California ~
we need to remember that even "chatter" is susceptible to PERSONAL INTERPRETATION ~ that is why it is sooo important to TRUST SOUL SELF!! ♥
I am not "judging" the chatter or what is happening in the world ... I KNOW for SOULs Sake that WE ARE IN FULL THROTTLE of SHIFTing .. I am sharing from the space of there are SO MANY VARIABLES at play ... why our own BEingness BRINGS OUR TRUTHS! ♥
Thank you for sharing ~ remembering as a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS we have the EMPOWERMENT to CREATE our REALITIES! ♥ that's a DIVINE thing!! ;o)
♥ Hugs!


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