Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms

by Robert Baker

May 24, 2011, Comments(5)

Weather Report Number Forty-Seven
Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms
for May - August, 2011
Updated May 15, 2011

(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly
encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2011 first at We have included a great deal of
information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We
will not repeat that information below.)

This is a time of preparation for soul awakening. 2010 has been a time of bringing you into the presence of healed duality, bringing together the pairs of opposites. 2011 will be called a Year of the Revelation of Truth and Integration.

In the Overview of the Year, we have talked about the three quadrants (four-month segments) of the year. This channeling will be about the second four months of the year specifically.

You are continuing to move more fully into a time of soul awakening. This is a time when you will move overall into the reclaiming of the second chakra of the body, the area that is about relationships.

At this time you are in a time of preparing the body, emotional and mental bodies for the consciousness of the soul. So at this time, you are having the upper gateways of the heart awakened into the lower chakras.

There are 7 of these gateways in the heart that prepare the gateways for the soul energy. As you awaken the 2nd chakra more fully, you prepare to activate these gateways.


The 2nd chakra awakens the relationship to the 1st gateway, which allows you to move from judgment, seeing the physical world as the source of your well-being into a time of dis-illusionment. This prepares you for enlightenment of new perspectives and truths.

You are breaking through the duality of the physical and spiritual for the whole time you have been on this planet. You are preparing to break this down, which is profound to your consciousness. And now your relationship to all of life is shifting.

You are breaking down the survival approach and perspective, where you have looked outside yourself for a sense of self. You have wanted the outer things in your lives to give you a sense of purpose and a false sense of self, that is much smaller than the deeper truths you are awakening.

So you are looking at all of the descriptions of the physical that you are relied upon. Your structures and forms, such as governments, families, religions, are needing to grow and stretch.

You will then move beyond structures that hold you into a description or identity that is separate from others. You are this and I am that. You are now beginning to awaken to the deeper truth that you are all unified. This will allow you to connect to the inner essence of one another as the primary way of relating.

Polarity is the set up of having contrast. This is vital in the physical. You must have light and dark, so that you have a spectrum of experience that reflects all that is possible. However, based on your wounded relationship to the emotional body, you have taken the polarity of feelings and learned to oppose one side.

This comes from having experiences of pain, shame and conflict associated with feelings. Whereas, the truth is that no feeling is good or bad. They are simply experiences.

But as children you associate the pain of separation, rejection and shame with feeling experiences. When you experienced a particular feeling and mom/dad did not know how to accept, nurture and reassure you... you didn't know how to see the learned behavior of fear... you personalized this rejection/confusion and associated it with feelings.

I have to avoid this feeling in every way, in an attempt to avoid pain, shame and conflict. This has ruled you and your planet for thousands of years. This is not the truth.

The work that the channel and his friend (Robert and Ron) have learned to do is to heal the layers of the emotional wounding, which allows you to reclaim your wounded self and move out of survival duality into the healed nature of polarity once again.

When you have a sense of self on the outside, you remain narcissistic, looking outside for some sense of reassurance from the environment. However, people have begun to stand up and move away from old structures. They don't know why they are feeling compelled to do this quite yet, but this is beginning to happen.

The outer world can determine nothing. It can only give you a chance to EXPERIENCE. So this month, you will begin to lose that sense of old identity, based on descriptions and associations with groups that are separate. You will begin to lose the sense of false self that has come from playing roles with one another.

This is happening on a physical level and now on an emotional level. You are now beginning to open the first 4 gateways of the heart. You are starting with the first gateway in the month of May, you begin to transform judgment, which separates everything into the duality of right and wrong, good and bad.

This is the process that keeps you in herd consciousness, gathering in separate groups that oppose through who is wrong and who is right. You are now beginning to challenge your attachment to the various herds for a sense of self. It is becoming dis-illusioned.

When you have an eruption in the second chakra, with your relationship to everything... it will shake up how you first relate to the structures in your life through that first gateway.

The higher energy of this first gateway involves the energy of DISCERNMENT and CONSCIENCE. This will begin to awaken you to your own individual value. You are beginning to realize you can be the SOURCE of fulfillment in your own life, from the inside out.

As this takes place, it first causes the loss of identity with that which is outside, through all of the structures. You will begin to see how the lower ego has fought for separation, which is only a limited substitute for INDIVIDUALITY.

Individuality comes not from separating and defending. It comes from self-containment, which can only happen when you get to know yourself on the inside. Then your inner truth of meaning, value and purpose begin to emerge from within.

You are seeing this reflected outside yourselves in the various structures. Look at your governments and how they cannot agree, but grassroots movements are beginning to wake up and say, "No more." They don't know what they want to replace the old system with yet, but the awakening is happening.


This is when the 2nd chakra begins to awaken the 2nd gateway, which is where you have been in attachments, rather than true connections in your lives.

The emotional body with all of life has looked to that outer world, projecting emotions onto people, situations and possessions... as well as ideals. This has created attachment to these things for gratification.

This does not create inner fulfillment. It only makes you addicted to something OUTSIDE yourself, which leaves you feeling disconnected and empty. This is because the focus has been outside you. This does not help you to develop a deeper inner connection.

It is fearful at best, fearful of losing those attachments. You cannot know safety, and peace and power when you are looking outside yourself in this way. You will only know peace and safety and fulfillment when you know YOURSELF from the inside out.

This will create an upheaval with all that has been held in duality, in co-dependence. This is because these attachments are becoming unfulfilling and the letting go will at first bring up deep fears... because you have not learned how to connect to source yet.

It is much like letting go of one trapeze, because you know you need to reach for the next. But it brings up fear to let go, out of a wounded survival threat.

The truth is that you are not threatened at all, because you are seeking to land for the first time in the history of your planet inside yourselves to know true source, safety, connection and peace. But the world must grow up. For the most part, it has never grown up. It has been trapped in the lower three chakras, in survival. It has remained in energetic childhood, learning how to survive.

Attachment and desire is what you have known for the most part. All looking outside to the world for mass consciousness. Now as you begin to move into the heart chakra, you awaken into an awareness of the soul cycles. This causes the narcissistic consciousness to fall away, like you leave childish things when you have more fulfilling options.

The disillusionment that will take place for this to happen are looking at all of the ways that you have looked for gratification through your attachments. As this begins to die away, you will often experience an emotional emptiness, as you let go of the emotional trapeze that no longer serves.

To avoid this emptiness is what has kept you addicted - to food, to sex, to achievements, etc... However, the great news is that when you allow this open space to not be artificially stuffed, you will find a sense of self beginning to emerge.

You would benefit from having tools that encourage an inner focus and exploration, healing the fear and shame and old wounding that has been held inside. When you move beyond the gratification addictions, you will find tremendous freedom.

Whether you have been attached to food or behaviors or relationship addictions to have a sense of self, you will begin to be dissatisfied as you become aware of the fear that has held it in place. The fear of pain has held it all in place... but by holding on to these choices, you keep yourself separate from yourself, which creates the greatest pain. So it can never work!

You have been in the pain of isolation, because you have been disconnected from Self. It has never been possible up to this point. You have been getting ready for this, as you have perfected the ability to live life as a physical being.

Survival, learning how to begin to relate and create. Now you are ready for more. So the emotional body is attempting to transform through connections to the heart gateways of the soul.

This month you will begin to move from attachments that no longer serve into connection... starting with a connection to Self. Depending on where you are in your stage of development, this will be graceful or more upsetting to the lower wounded ego self.

If you have been doing inner work consciously, you will be able to assimilate and allow these shifts with more ease. This may create an emotional sense of panic about having no real sense of self. This can cause an extreme last attempt for gratification and attachment.

You may find yourself reacting in ways that are surprising. You may have thought you were over certain things and have these attachments rear themselves again from the subconscious mind.

The reason you have not been able to access this subconscious is that it has been "covered up" from past conditioning, the learned behavior that you have thought was necessary to be acceptable to the "herd."

Your karmic history has also kept you from being able to be clear. So this will be a focus of clearing up old karmic timelines. Agendas of relationships, whether it be that you are needy for reassurance or needing to dominate and control, you will be facing these wounded ways of relating through defenses.

These things will come to the surface and these ways of relating will simply not feel the same as they used to. Other patterns, such as martyrdom, will begin to resolve if you will allow the new inclinations to be followed, relating to yourself with more value.

You will see shifts in the world, with religions and social structures changing and beginning to see new possibilities... first through breakdown and resistance as the old threatens the survival ego. There may be a lot of confrontation to begin this process.

As attachments break down, you are awakening something deeper. You will have a new reference point, with more sense of connection to the inner core, the inner truth. You may be surprised at what this inspires from within.

Suddenly you are willing to confront and stand in truth in new ways, holding yourself in deeper value. At the end of these four months, you will find more fusion of the first four gateways. In the meantime, you will see a breakdown of old co-dependent relationships, whose patterns are no longer tolerable to the awakening truth.

You may see lots of relationships ending in this old form as well. You may suddenly be drawing in new kinds of connections, through synchronicities. As you resonate more with higher levels of energy and consciousness, you will move into a new resonance.

This will be a time when you begin to move beyond cause and effect into attracting and manifesting from your resonance. This will create more immediate shifts with greater awareness of synchronicity. This was not as possible in separation and duality.

As you connect in this month, beyond attachment, you join the inner and the outer, to manifest more powerfully than ever. This is a sign of unity with life, the reciprocity of connection with life (rather than separation, control and opposition).

Communion becomes possible, with the exchange of giving and receiving in mutual value. Individuals in trust of their own value supporting one another. The feelings that are opposing these alignments will be coming up more powerfully in this time as well.

It will be a time of revealing secrets as well. This is a manifestation of higher light. As this is all taking place, there is a tremendous disruption in the astral body of the Earth, much like the astral body that each one of you have.

The astral body has kept you attached to the physical. The desire body and attachment are now beginning to break down. This has been what has kept your fear of death going as well, the illusion that death is real. It is an illusion based on the release of the physical body after the incarnational cycle.

However, your consciousness continues. As you awaken to your soul body at this time, you will dispel the illusion of death completely. You will awaken to the radiatory force of the soul, which will fill the body at a very high vibration.

This will allow you to renew yourself at unlimited rates. The DNA code has been broken in recent years. They are now playing with the idea that there is a possibility of immortality, held within the potential of the DNA. You have only awakened 20 of the 64 "on sites" that sustain your potential.

Your body has the ability to keep itself in complete health and well-being. Dis-ease is an artificial form of life, based on you defending and separating from life itself. Your survival protection approach to life does not serve any longer.

Scientists are also discovering that the flow of emotion affects your bodies down to the DNA level. You must make peace with your wounded emotion and learn how to flow, express and release this feeling energy. Resistance only serves to break you down. It does not protect you. You will now begin to discover this a bit at a time.


This is when you move into the 3rd gateway of the heart, the higher will and passion for life. This is when you begin to move beyond thought into the truth of your being.

This will be a time when old mental thought form patterns begin to drop away, as you discover that the simply re-description of limitations no longer serve you. You will see an upheaval in the idealism of your various systems, such as your religious systems.

There are many deceptions held in the collective belief systems. These will all begin to break down, in governmental ideals and social ideals, etc. In your own personal lives, you will need to face your ideals that have set mental patterns. Merely repeating mental behaviors so that you have the illusion of control in your lives will no longer serve you.

This will experience an upheaval. There can be many disillusioning experiences, where you let go of your mental attachments and descriptions of what you have believed life to be. However, it will be replaced by a much deeper level of knowing and truth, depending on your willingness to let go of what no longer serves.

These energies are attempting to support you into more of your potential, but this scares the ego defense that you have known as your false identities. This is the place that you must learn to embrace, because it is the place of manifestation and creation... the place of emptiness and stillness.

The penetration of the soul into the mental level will allow a greater relationship to your inner truth. It will only begin to bleed through at the beginning. As you let go of the old, the new pours in.

There is no such thing as a vacuum, but it is much like letting go of the one trapeze to prepare for the next. We ask you to imagine this new emptiness as a safe place.

The reason most people do not manifest what they want is more about resistance and avoidance of what they do not want. However, there is also the need for you to be able to feel things/ to resonate with things as an experiential possibility... with a willingness to let go as well.

This place goes beyond all desire. It is the place called Higher Will, which is what will begin to penetrate in July through an inner truth and knowing. Will is not control, which is what you have understood in the lower will of the 3rd chakra. It wants to feel a false sense of power through control, which is really just a fight of being out of control. This creates greed and manipulation.

Higher will is a place of freedom and emptiness, which is where you will contact the soul. You will see less and less fulfillment, with greater grabbing for things and attachments in those that are not aware of the process that is taking place... as the "survival mentality" is challenged.

More advanced soul levels will typically be more willing. The place of emptiness is the place where you are in complete connection between the personality, spiritual consciousness and the soul uniting the two. This can then guide the personality through a constant source that never is depleted.

This will be a realization that the source is NOT in the physical. You will then move more into the law of synchronicity. The subconscious will become the governing mind of the soul, as you clear it of wounded emotions and mental attachments.

The Law of Synchronicity will open you to telepathy, the higher mental realm of God Consciousness that you can learn to connect to at all times. This requires that you let go of your separation and defense.


This last month of this segment will open you to the 4th gateway and the heart chakra. This will allow you to open to the Law of Compassion, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

This is the place where you will truly begin to experience the end of duality and illusion, if you have prepared yourselves for this potential. If you remain in your control dramas and separation, you will be in for an upset.

As connection through the heart takes place, it will scare the lower ego, which is not used to feeling intimacy and connection. You will be able to create a new kind of communion, with a law of resonance, where like attracts like through wonderful synchronicity.

This is merely you tuning into particular vibration and frequency that is aligned with your commitments and resonance. And within that communion you will finally have an awareness of your freedom of choice. You are the only species on the planet that has that choice as a soul. The animal kingdom all have a common soul...

You are the first collective species with the potential to develop into an awareness of the Godmind. Your free will allows you to choose and move into the creative force of the Godmind, the love force. So the awakening of the soul will be the waking of the freedom of choice to use the creative force in powerful ways... so that you may know all of creation and its infinite nature.

All individuals evolving through incarnational cycles, with the potential to know 12 archetypes of creation.

So in August, you may begin to touch upon this creative force. In order to know it, you must clear the charge of your duality and wounding in the lower self... to be able to move into the neutrality and stillness of the heart.

This is the potential that is now awaking for each one of you. An infinite potential for depth, knowing, inspiration, revelation and creation. That is life, whether you know it or not. This is what your planet is moving into. And she is now clearing and healing all that stands in the way of that Divine Plan.

It requires that you use your free choice to heal within it. So develop your conscious choice, your conscience, your ability to connect, your passion and will for life and communion... so that you can awaken into your compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of all that is.

Life can be a true inspiration from every direction if you allow it to be. And you have the potential of inspiring one another. You will find yourselves moving more and more into service, so that you come together in deeper communion.

That must start with yourselves, committing to seeing deeper truths and then inspiring that awakening in others as well. That is the potential of this time!

This is a bit of what you can expect as you move into 2011.




May 25, 2011, 6:53 am
I read the OVERVIEW of 2011 a few months ago and it seemed so interesting. I remember I printed it and reread it for a several times...and indeed everything mentioned there was so true... all these are unfolding in our lives...all these experiences are taking place right now. Very interesting and as for me it resonates with my whole being.

Thank you for this beautiful and useful information.

Love and Light!


You Are Most Welcome Ewa!!


May 24, 2011, 11:36 pm
You are most welcome Ewa!! :)

Cornocupia Of Goodies Here:)


May 24, 2011, 6:53 pm
Its deliscious in content!
Thank you soo much for posting this .
Ewa xx

Thank You For Your Comment


May 24, 2011, 12:16 pm
Thank you for your comment Jyothi-Saaya, so good to see you here at LWs again!

Namaste, kathy

Oh So Truly How It Is...

The Presence

May 24, 2011, 9:18 am
Thank you Dear ONE...

So profound, so true, so resonating... with who I AM, in the BE-Coming... especially with the birth month of August and the Unique Individual Mission / Purpose... the steps leading to it is just so, as I discover it in my relationship with myself, The SELF and others... the detached curiosity that enables compassion to come alive from within...

What a beautiful design we are... how so wonderful is the inner unfolding without any pressure or information from without at all... and when such a channeling has come about, there is this AAH-Moment... Yes, I see... I hear... I feel... I know...

Mahalo. I AM, The Presence Jyothi-Saaya
In the absence of what-is-not, what-is, is-NOT!


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