Heavy Chemtrail Spraying In Toronto

Heavy Chemtrail Spraying In Toronto

by EddieFaria

May 24, 2011, Comments(5)
Conspiracy theories and videos

Hey everyone I live in Toronto Canada and we are subject to extreme spraying lately. It's gotten so bad that whenever we have a sunny cloudless day you can be sure there will be heavy spraying, and by the end of the day the sky is a silvery haze with criss crossing lines. We've begun to expirience sme side effects here...almost everyone I talk to complains of itchy burning eyes and noses, headaches, body pain to and other symptoms...we've also noticed our dog seems to be getting very sick with his own scary side effects. This spraying has to stop..it is a very sad thing I just don't know what to do. I know I'm supposed bethinking positive and stay in a high vibration but this is very worrying and more people need to be made aware of this sick crime against the people of earth...what do we do?

Orgonite Can And Will Reduce


July 3, 2011, 12:42 am
Orgonite can and will reduce chemtrails. I highly reccomend everyone to look into orgonite, it is a fairly cheap and simple way to help clean up the enviornment. By placing orgonite near cell towers, (which are interrelated with chemtrails) It will help clear up the sky's and just about anything within 50 yd's (I beleive..depending on the type/size of the unit). Elementals love orgonite..It can help clean up water sources as well. It is an energy transmuter so all the negative (raw) energy in the area is transmuted into positive energy and unlike a crystal alone it doesn't need clearing.
If you can't afford to make too much orgonite I reccomend making LARGE cell towers and water sources your main targets. The large cell towers are the killers, they usually have a triangle type formation at the top. By knocking out the larger cell towers the little ones do not work as well or at all. I still have much to learn on the topic.


What you need:

1.Metal shavings, just about any kind work..for some reason silver doesnt work well but I doubt anyone wants to spend that much money in the first place.

You can get metal shavings from home depot and machine shops for free..I would go for machine shops because some homedepot's I go to have a 'policy' where they can't give metal shavings away. I think their woried about people making bombs.

2. CLEAR Quartz crystals. Simple TB's (towerbusters), which are small orgonite units used mainly for field purpose, only need a piece of a small quartz crystal in them about the size of your pinky nail. I feel points work best though so small quartz points would be ideal. Amythst and Citrine work aswell, just a bit differently.

3. Fiberglass resin. You can get this at home Depot..the brand they carry is called Bondo, its in the plumbing section I beleive but I could be wrong.

4. A muffin pan with molds, you even use a glass if you want, anything that will hold the resin while it drys


Take the muffin pan

put a crystal in each muffin mold

then put as much metal shavings as you can in the mold while leaving mabye half an inch empty near the top

Mix the resin with the hardener it comes with (the box the resin is in will give you instructions on how much hardener per ounce). Do this outside and use gloves, youl thank me later.

Pour the resin over each muffin mold till its filled to the top

Let the molds dry outside preferable in the sun.

Then distribute as needed.

For more detailed info google these keywords 'warrior matrix forum' 'how to make orgonite tower busters' and if you want to see proof orgonite works google: 'orgonite results david icke forum' These are lots of sites out there with lots of info on the topic.

If you want to buy high quality, nice looking orgonite for home use check out 'orgone crystals.com' you wont find orgonite online that is a higher quality than this. I have a pendant from the site and It has made a big difference in my life. They also have powered devices.

ya boy,


Its Worth Looking Into


June 8, 2011, 5:57 am
its worth looking into because it happens everywhere you cant watch a tv show or movie without seeing a chemtrail in the sky anymore.. a normal stream following a plane disapates in the air after 15 min TOPS when the trail lasts for longer then that it is NOT natural its somthing else..

This Makes Me Angry!!


May 26, 2011, 5:48 pm
i used to live in t.o... i remember this happening all the time.. sure you can call it smog and humidity, but that doesnt explain the criss cross in the sky.

i remember the skin rashes, and what not. now that i dont live there, i live somewhere with much less, i have not had these problems.

my question is why so heavy in toronto? why not every city? or maybe it is and im not aware??

what can be done?? how can we change this fundimentally?



May 25, 2011, 12:30 am
I live in Toronto too, but I haven't noticed anything. I'll take a closer look, but then again, I tend not to believe this much anyway, thinking that even if it IS happening, a lot of times people are mistaking normal phenomena for chem-trails and that the real deal is much more seldom than some people may claim.


Be A Champion Of God

May 24, 2011, 3:33 am
i live in toronto as well, yup I see this all the time. Well all I can say is ask help from the highest source of all creation. Ask god to get you out of here to a beautiful place, or protect you from these chemicals. Also prepare things if you wish to leave, and ask universal consciousness to take you wherever u need to be. Another great thing we can do is, tell EVERYBODY that you know about this. Spread the word, and whoever that You know already believes this, tell them to join up with you and tell others that this is happening. So they will TAKE a look at whats going on rather than saying its just contrails and not even bother to pay attention to the skies. Tell people to truly pay attention to the skies. Eat AS healthy as possible, meditate as much as you can, so you can protect your self from these chemtrails. Theres alot of things going on, and I am glad you know about this.


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