What Directions Does The Chakras Really Spin?

What Directions Does The Chakras Really Spin?

by soniah

May 26, 2011, Comments(3)
Meditation, visualisations & energies

I am fairly new to working with my chakras, but i seem to find so diffrent explanations in what way to spin the chakras.
I have contact with a medium whos been helping me a bunch with answering questions, healing, and also removed a blockage in my throatchakra. She tells me to imagine a clock behind my back and spin them all in the direction of that clock.
But online i find pages that says they go every second one in the oposit direction, and the confusion dont stop there, i bought a "handbook about chakras"(just translated the title, dont know the english title for this book) where it says it also depends on if ur male or female what way they should spin.
since i cant really "see" any chakras yet, i dont know what way they would naturally be spinning, and i figure it wouldnt be too good to spin half of them wrong?

So, what is the real deal with them chakras?

(if ive expressed myself unclear just ask me to explain, my english is not always on top and i have a bit of a hard time expressing myself all together in any language these days)


Alot More Sense


May 27, 2011, 5:29 am
thank you both, your answers makes alot more sense, i always found it weird it had to be so complicated.
I can feel all my chakras, and in a way "press" them.
maybe this would be a better practice then visualizing them spinning in ways i feel unsertain of is correct.
i guess that blockage i had in the throat wich i was told to be the reason i have a hard time talking, i didnt feel shy, it was more of a feeling nobody could be botherd hearing what i had to say. I was told i either got my head cut of or got hanged in some previous life, and it really made me wanna make sure no such blockages would appear again.
now i even sing some days ;)

yesterday while focusing on the third eye in the end i think i saw thru my forehead. i placed my fingertips there and moved around and even though it was quite dark id see the fingers!

and for this question im not sure if i should have started a new thread.
ill try.. I can not get compliments about my personality without starting to cry. if people say i look good or such with apperance its fine, but when they lift up sides of my personality to me, especially if they say im strong i just cry. its getting a bit annoying and i do not understand it, i dont get sad, just cry.
Does anyone know how to get by that?

Conflicting Information Can Be Confusing


May 26, 2011, 9:41 pm
There are so many books that contain some truth & alot of opinion or theories. It is very important to cultivate a personal relationship with source of all life. These days it doesn't feel right to call such an omnipresence as God because the word has been so undermined. You know when you pray or meditate, the blissful feeling that you get? This is when You have achieved a true connection with source of all life. It feels like you do when in Love, but a thousand fold more intense. It takes time to get used to the feeling, it is overwhelming, but wonderful. Everything is made of source energy & matter. Our electric field is generated by our electric system, our chakras are electric impulses from our nervous system. We have a concentration of nerves at each chakra location. You don't have to know which way they spin to heal. You don't have to imagine energy flowing in or out unless you just want to. All anyone has to do to open & clear their energy field is be open to Love & gratitude. Its so simple most miss it. When we have intentions & thoughts of unconditional love & gratitude for all life, gifts & blessings (even tragedies & painful experie,nces) as all events & experience are to promote growth. Even the worst of times can be the best of times. Sometimes those who have mastered opening to this infinite energy that I like to refer to as Love, can help you open up & clear blockages. However, if you don't change your thinking & way of living that causes us to Be sick or injured or disfunctional. You will become blocked & closed again, & our electric system becomes weak & vulnerable. This infinite energy is available to everyone & everything. It is the reason for life. Once you learn yo be open on your own, listen to your heart. Your heart center is the link to source. All truth & information is available to you through this center. Have you ever noticed how your heart will speed up & even ache when something is wrong? How wonderful you feel in your heart when you share love? Have you ever been moved to tears because you are so thankful for or witness or do something really nice? Then you have reference for learning to be open & connected consciously all the time. Truism is all you need to be infinitely healthy, happy & fully functional, chakras & all. Like I said, its so simple. Well, learning new train of thought & way of life may seem difficult. Just take one thought, one step at a time & don't forget to BREATHE! We are all connected, we are all one Love. Blazin Love, Sherry

Dont Worry

Be A Champion Of God

May 26, 2011, 7:27 pm
Dont worry about spinning chakras and all that. Meditate and increase ur energy and focus on one chakra area until you feel the concentrated magnetic energy there. Every chakra has a different blissful feeling and different size to it. Message me and Ill explain more if you got any questions. Dont bother too much about visulizing and imagining things. Its a waste of time. Just meditate and focus on chakra area. For example the third eye is located in the forehead a little above the eyebrows. Take a finger and put it near your third eye but dont touch it(its better if someone else does this) You will feel a magnetic sensation. There you go thats your chakra but you must meditate and feel that on your own. Then the further you go, you open it and access other dimensions etc.


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