Karen Doonan

Karen Doonan

by onecalledk

June 7, 2011

Hello, my name is Karen and I run a holistic practice in the far north of Scotland. I have been asked by the High Council of Orion to post channellings for Lightworkers at this time and Channel a Being called Allayah. Allayah is here to work through not only myself but other channellers to spread the information that is desperately needed to move us into the "new" world and allow us to let go of the "old" one.

The messages will be echoed by other channellers across the globe to give a united voice to all those who begin to stir, awaken and those already full awake who may have lost their way. It is vital at this time of increased energy across the planet that this message is taken and digest by ALL.

The channelled material placed on this website is also available on my website www.crystalline-sanctuary.co.uk and also on my facebook page www.facebook.com/crystallinesanctuary.

It is vital that we all begin to work together and to stop the competition that is creeping in. We are moving into ONENESS that means that we are ALL equal.


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